Tonal cream "Vichy" (Vichy): reviews, prices

Foundation Vichy, as a rule, in addition to the masking function, has a number of properties that allow a woman to look perfect. For example, the brand “Flexilift Thene” is a product for women aged 35 to 40 years, which not only evens the complexion, but also provides a certain tightening effect, changes the visual perception of wrinkles. It comes in three colors - Opal, Nud and Sand, where Opal is the brightest tone. In Russian women, this cream received an average rating - below four out of five possible. In this case, fans of this line is not very much, since the cosmetic product does not belong to the category of consumer goods and is quite expensive.

foundation Vichy

Blondes choose the brightest tone

The above-mentioned foundation "Vichy", reviews of which are very different, of course, does not completely eliminate wrinkles and is intended, rather, for day makeup. For many girls, he easily laid down on the skin, looked naturally, did not create the effect of a mask.Others, on the contrary, had the impression of a dense structure, so someone began to apply the product with a moisturized sponge, someone mixed with transparent nourishing creams. The tone of number 25 turned out to be too dark for many (in Russia, light skin pigmentation prevails), so it was suitable only for summer, when the skin is slightly tanned. Therefore, it is recommended to take tone No. 15 for winter, and only the most light No. 5, the lightest, is suitable for completely white girls.

vichy cream foundation Price

The cream does not remove wrinkles

In general, “Flexilift Theine” from “Vichy” (foundation), the price of which has increased recently, was liked by the Russian ladies for their good product quality and a rather large volume of a bottle with a dispenser that allows using the product in small portions. Some women used the same bottle for a whole year. Negative reviews are mainly due to the lack of properties of the cream for the complete removal of wrinkles (the manufacturer claims only a visual correction) and the emerging mask effect (not every lady knows how to properly apply a tonal tool, but at the same time puts a two on reviews to quite a quality tool).

What other masking means does the Vichy company produce? Cream foundation "Normaderm" is intended rather for problem skin, as it does not clog pores, while maintaining the matting effect for a third day (8 hours). It includes zincadon-ATM, an active ingredient that has a healing effect. Cosmetic product does not enhance acne due to the texture of "Sebum-proof", can be applied to the neck, protects against ultraviolet within 20 units. The color palette of the tool is also represented by a light, medium tone and tan.

foundation vichy reviews

He would like to buy high school students

"Normaderm" from the company "Vichy" - foundation, the price of which is quite impressive. He is not affordable today for many young women of the fair sex because of the currency jump, but is very popular. Some girls would like to use it already in high school. Young ladies say that light tone is very well suited for many year-round use. The cream is very light in texture, someone even seems too liquid, has a pleasant aroma. When absorbed, the brightest tone does not give yellowness, blends well with the skin, hiding dark spots, enlarged pores, etc.The average score for a cream is less than four out of five possible, since many indicate that at such a price the volume of the tube could be even larger (standard packaging is 30 ml). Customers should take into account that the product contains medical alcohol (6.7%), which, however, does not dry the problem skin, but only disinfects. As well as thermal water, which effectively moisturizes. Perhaps the tool is not suitable for those who have thin dry skin.

Vichy cream tonal norderm

Maximum light reflection

The “Vichy Teint ideal” foundation is based on the “liquid light” technology, which makes it possible to most effectively reflect the light fluxes from the face. It is presented in four shades from ivory to honey (when choosing a tone, it is recommended to apply the cream on the outer side of the chin), contains a sun protection factor of 20, is easy to apply and improves the condition of the skin after two weeks of application. This tool is made by separate rulers for dry / normal and dry / combination skin, complemented by compact powder.

The foundation “Vichy” of this series is distinguished by flacons for one or another skin type and has, respectively, different ratings of customers. Designed for dry skin version scored four points out of five.The girls found that this tool has a pleasant aroma, creamy light structure (does not flow), well covers the redness and bruises under the eyes in one layer, does not dry the skin, but does not hide the peeling. Cosmetic probes of this type were presented in Cosmopolitan magazine, after which many women bought the full version.

foundation vichy dermabland

The product should be suitable for skin type.

Teint ideal cream of the lightest shade has a beige undertone and does not include red, pink or gray shades. It looks good on light skin, but not “porcelain”. The tool itself does not darken with time, which distinguishes it from similar tonal products. Negative reviews about the product were obtained mainly from owners of oily skin, which the cream, by definition, is not suitable.

One drop may be enough for a large surface.

Foundation Vichy for the combination skin of this series has earned less appreciation for girls - just below four points out of five possible. On the positive side, many people considered that the product fits well and masks small skin defects, it “adapts” to the user's own shade (if it is properly chosen), many women do not emphasize desquamation.The full version of the cream is represented by a large bottle with a dispenser, a droplet of which can be enough for half of the face, which makes the product quite economical. Among the negative reviews indicated the instability and the ability of the cream to concentrate unevenly in certain parts of the face a few hours after application. It should be borne in mind that Vichy products are officially offered through pharmacies, while purchases at online stores can lead to the acquisition of fakes.

foundation vichy teint ideal

On a quarter consists of pigments

Foundation Vichy "Dermablend" is a tool that, according to the manufacturer, without the effect of a mask will help to correct an uneven complexion, pigmentation, diffuse redness and hold on for 16 hours. It has three shades - from light to tan, a high concentration of coloring pigments (up to a quarter of the volume) and a protective factor against solar radiation in the amount of 35 units. The preparation does not contain cosmetic fragrances, therefore, it is suitable for allergy sufferers sensitive to the perfumery component.

The correction is almost like a photoshop

For this series, the Vichy foundation, the reviews of which are quite numerous, scored above four out of five possible.Many young girls said that he hides well the flaws, gives the face a perfect, fresh color, is economically spent. Some even compare the effect of its use with the processing of photos by photoshop. For others, the advantages of a cosmetic product turn into disadvantages. For example, its high density and ability to quickly be absorbed into the skin for some of the fair sex creates the problem of uniform and quick application. Ladies point out that sometimes the tool emphasizes peeling of the skin and clogs up in folds and wrinkles, which makes it noticeable, although it recognizes an excellent masking ability.

Vichy Liftaktiv Foundation

You can make a mix of different tones of the cream

"Vichy", the Foundation "Liftaktiv" which scored the highest rating, offers this tool in the line "Flexilift Thein". Many Russian ladies liked this cosmetic product, thanks to a good covering ability - for a number of girls, the use of the cream hides pimples, black spots, peeling, suitable for problematic youthful skin and for women in age. The product is offered in standard three tones - from “Sand” to “Opal”, which sometimes does not allow choosing the appropriate shade.Therefore, some beauties buy two or even three tubes and create a mix that suits them individually, the benefit is that the creams mix well.

The foundation Vichy in this series, as well as a number of others, can be tried to find in miniature (10 ml) or probes, which are often offered in fashion magazines. Based on them, a girl can get an idea about the quality and texture of a cosmetic product, using it several times. After that, to make a decision about the purchase, as the cream of the Vichy series costs about $ 15-20 per bottle, which is not cheap by Russian standards.

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