Drama Theater "Vernadsky 13": address, repertoire, photos and reviews

Theater "Vernadsky 13" opened its doors in the late 20th century. It was not the easiest time in the life of our country, but the theater managed to survive, and to this day it continues to bring joy to its audience. His repertoire includes interesting and exciting performances for viewers of all age groups.


Vernadsky Theater 13

Theater "Vernadsky 13" was opened in 1987. The troupe was assembled from talented youth. At first it was a creative center, over time it grew to a theater studio.

In the difficult for the country of the 90s the team had to be tight, there was no platform. Some artists left the profession and found more practical activities that allowed them to feed their families. But the head of the theater Elena Gromova stubbornly went to the goal. She graduated from the school named after Shchukin, after studying continued to develop their offspring.

In 2000, there was a philanthropist, who was ready to invest a lot in the theater.Thanks to him, the troupe had its premises on Vernadsky Avenue at number 13, which they got in the killed state. But the funds of the same patron of the building managed to put in order. After finding its home, the studio received a new status and became known as the Vernadsky 13 theater. The address of the building gave the name to the team.

Theater today

Theater "Vernadsky 13" became popular and loved by the public, not only because the actors play their roles remarkably. There is a merit in this and several more people. In the first place - this is Elena Gromova. She is not only the artistic director of the theater, but also a talented director.

Music for productions is written by contemporary composer Varvara Kalganova. She creates musicals, operas, and musical accompaniment for dramatic performances. Her most famous work in conjunction with the theater "Vernadsky 13" - "The Little Mermaid" and "Hamlet". In addition, Varvara Evgenievna writes music for cartoons and motion pictures.

The choreographer of the theater is Tamila Bulgakova. She came to the team in 2003. Tamila Vladimirovna is not only the director of all dance performances in performances, she teaches choreography in the children's studio "Wings", which works at the theater.

Most of the scenarios for the performances are created by the actress and playwright Eugenia Wojciechowska.In addition, she writes lyrics to songs that sound in theater productions. Evgenia Alexandrovna also teaches in the studio "Wings", and a few years ago released her own book for children.

The theater regularly holds exhibitions of photographers, artists, as well as drawing competitions for its young viewers.


Theater Vernadsky Avenue 13

The Drama Theater (Vernadsky Avenue, 13) today builds its repertoire in such a way as to cover all age categories of spectators: children, adolescents, young people and adult audiences. This season, the troupe offers to watch more than twenty performances. Among them, 15 productions are intended for young viewers, and the rest - for young people and adults.

Theater performances in the season 2016-2017:

  • "Cinderella";
  • "The Snow Queen";
  • "Hamlet";
  • "Monsieur Amilcar pays";
  • "Over the green hills of the ocean";
  • "The secret of rose-colored glasses";
  • "Glass Menagerie";
  • "The Wizard of Oz";
  • “The witness must be finished off”;
  • "Aladdin's Magic Lamp";
  • "How you want happiness";
  • "The Tale of a wandering prince" and others.

Holidays for children

theater Vernadsky prospect 13 reviews

In addition to showing performances, the theater organizes various holidays for children.Entertainment programs on various topics are offered by the theater (Vernadsky Avenue, 13). A phone number to call to ask questions and book a holiday is listed on the official website.

The program includes games and entertainment. Each is designed for a certain age. A holiday can last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Festive programs of the theater:

  • "Island of pirate treasure" (Captain Jack invites children to go in search of treasure).
  • "Tales, fairy tales, fairy tales ..." (The storyteller will offer the boys and girls a lot of game related to all of us familiar characters).
  • "School of exquisite manners" (Marquis a la Surprise will offer children to become fashion designers).
  • “O theater, you are the world!” (Actors from the troupe will conduct trainings with boys and girls in the form of a game, and even put on a mini-performance).
  • “Journey along the Indian trail” (there will be competitions in agility, accuracy, ingenuity, and even children will have to solve the real mystery of the Ancestral Spirits).
  • "Buffoil fun" (the guys will be offered to play very interesting and fascinating Russian folk games).
  • “Journey to Hogwarts” (heroes of the same film known to all children will help children become real wizards).
  • “The secret of rose-colored glasses” (the program includes a funny fairy tale with the participation of dolls and games).


theater Prospekt Vernadskogo 13 how to get there

The theater (Vernadsky Avenue, 13) has, although not very large, but its own permanent troupe. Here are only professional artists. Many of them have a great experience of stage activity. Some came here recently, just after graduating.


  • Alice Zamyatina;
  • Anna Filiptseva;
  • Yuri Kupriyanov;
  • Vladimir Razmanov;
  • Valery Fisher;
  • Evgenia Voitsekhovskaya;
  • Sergey Neudachin;
  • Danila Alekseev;
  • Galina Tsygankova;
  • Victor Kuzin;
  • Konstantin Kurochkin;
  • Alexandra Shevchenko and other artists.

theatre studio

Theater Prospekt Vernadskogo 13 telephone

Theater "Vernadsky 13" in 2001 founded its school of additional education. This is the children's studio "Wings". Boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 18 are visiting her, there is also a separate group for kids. Here take children from 3 to 6 years.

Classes in the studio are 3 (and the older group 4) times a week. Children study acting, acrobatics, artistic word, stage movement, vocal, choreography, the foundations of fine arts, makeup, stage combat, plastic, set design.

Studios have the opportunity to take artistic practice, taking part in the performances of the theater.


Many viewers love to go to the theater (Vernadsky Avenue, 13). Reviews are proof of that. Some viewers write that they have reviewed all the performances of this theater. Both adults and children always come here with pleasure. Many performances of the audience come to watch, not even once. The performances here are interesting. Game programs are fun and fun. Interactive always delights children. According to most viewers, this theater is always at a high level. All the actors play beautifully and demonstrate incredible dedication. Not every theater boasts such a wonderful troupe.

The room here is very cozy, the atmosphere is very good, pleasant, there is everything you need: a hall, a wardrobe, toilets, a buffet, a lobby. People who work in this theater love their profession and the audience.

The hall here is small, which, according to the audience, is a plus, since you can sit at any place, and everything will be fine and audible and visible.

Where is and how to get

Drama Theater Vernadsky Avenue 13

The address where the theater is located is Vernadsky Avenue, 13. How to get to it is a question that interests many viewers. You can get to the theater by metro. The closest station to it is the "University". Near the theater there are several schools and gymnasiums. Nearby is the legendary Stroiteley Street, which is featured in E. Ryazanov’s famous film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”. Also, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Theater is located within walking distance.

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