Verhoglyad (fish): description, ways of catching

Verkhoglyad - a freshwater fish, a predatorfamily carp. It somehow resembles a large herring or Korean tarpon. This gluttonous vertebrate is the inhabitant of the reservoirs of the Amur basin and eastern Asia. Also this type of fish is found in rivers in the west of Sakhalin.

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How does it look?

Verkhoglyad is a descendant of tropical fish. He perfectly adapted to cold temperatures and feels great in the winter. As already mentioned above, the top-eagle is a large predator living in freshwater reservoirs. Adult individuals of this species grow up to 100 cm in length and have a weight of more than 10 kg.

A long body that has a top (fish),flattened laterally. It is all covered with small scales with rims of black dots. Back - green-gray, almost even, without a hump. The sides and abdomen of the fish have a silver hue. The fin is darker than the back. And he has in his structure a thick bone thorn. The fins of the abdominal cavity are yellowish, sometimes with a pink tinge. Behind there is a keel. Anal fin long enough and almost touching tail. It is painted as well as the ventral fins.

Very interesting structure of the head and eyes hassuperior. The description is as follows: silver-golden eyes are located very high, it seems that the fish only looks up (hence its name); head compared with the body is very small, the mouth is also pointed upward.

This type of fish prefers the middle and upperlayers of water. In lakes, the vertebrate seldom approaches the shores, as it loves open spaces. Verkhoglyad is a schooling fish. The smaller the specimen, the bigger the joint. Big fish prefer to be alone. Also, the large peacock rarely rises to the surface of the water, he is a lover of depth.

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This species of fish lives in the water column. The main food of the predator-superior is small fish, here are the main ones:

  1. Gudgeon.
  2. Carp.
  3. Vostrobrushka.
  4. Killer whale.
  5. Chebak.
  6. Smelt.
  7. Podust and others.

Young growths first feed on plankton and larvaeinsects, and then in the process of growth moves to feeding small vertebrates. In addition, the top (fish) eats flying insects, which during the flight over the water surface massively fall into the water and become very easy prey.

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Sexual maturity occurs quite late - infive-year-old age with an increase of 30-40 cm. This characterizes all large fish species. Verkhoglyad begins to spawn in June-July. With the advent of summer high water in the reservoirs heats up to an average of 20 degrees. Propagation in the Amur basin occurs in the riverbeds of sandy braids.

On average, the female superior looks more500,000 eggs. Caviar floats freely in the depths of the water and does not stick to the stones. The males become more vivid during the spawning period. The upper part of the fish - the back, fin and tail - becomes black.

After spawning, the individuals migrate to the river channels andlakes for foraging, and the young are recorded by the current in the backwaters. Fry after feeding, they feed on small invertebrates, reaching 7 cm, moving to a predatory life.

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Catching the Faithful

What is the taste of the top? The fish is very appetizing, albeit with bony meat. It has a relatively high fat content - up to 18%. Especially a lot of fat on the inside of the abdominal surface. Used fish in both fresh and frozen form for the production of dried, smoked or any other products.

The best time of day for catching is evening ormorning dawn, and also night. The verkhoglyad does not fall into winter hibernation, and therefore it can be caught all year round. The best period for this is summer flood. The beginning of September is the time when the top is caught too. How to catch fish? It is best to catch on spinning or bait. In the second case it is necessary to use a float. The livestock is allowed to a depth of 40-50 cm. The locals also use seines and net nets for catching this fish.

Lure for the top-notch can be:

  1. Wobblers with a slight penetration.
  2. Rotating and wobbling baubles.
  3. Poppers.

In winter, the top (fish) is caught by winter fishing rods, preferably on fry. Hold while fishing requires a moderate current.

It is very important to remember that the top is a strongfish, and without resistance he does not give up. The larger the individual, the more deeply it lives. When the fish is on the hook, it can easily break. Therefore, you must take it slowly.

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