VAZ 2106, fuses: what is responsible for what?

Protection of electrical equipment of any car at the expense of fuses (fuse-links). They are designed to take over the load arising in the on-board network of the machine, and at the cost of their own integrity to save one or another of its elements. Maybe someone will be surprised, but in carsVAZ-2106 fusesalso have. Their appearance and design, of course, differ from those that we used to see in modern cars, but they perform similar functions.

In this article we will talk about what constitutesfuses VAZ-2106, what for whatof these, it answers where the installation block is located and how to replace it with a more modern one.VAZ 2106 fuses

How does the standard fuse "six"

Consider the design and principle of operation of the standard "six" fuse link. In contrast to the modern knife guard, it consists of only two parts: a ribbed plastic cylinder that serves as a housing, and the insert itself from a low-melting metal located outside it.The contacts of the assembly unit VAZ-2106 are made of copper (brass) and also have an open location. From the point of view of electrical engineering, such a construction cannot be called either reliable or safe, since all the conductive elements, in fact, are not protected at all.

Operating principle

As for the principle of action, thenVAZ-2106 fuseswork the same as all other cars. When the current value in the circuit of an electrical device that “guards” the insert exceeds the permissible value, it melts and breaks the circuit. Thus, the equipment is switched off in a timely manner and is not subject to overload.Fuse box VAZ 2106

Where is the "six" assembly unit

Fuse box VAZ-2106located on the left side of the torpedo, under the dashboard. Given that all the “sixs” were equipped with carburetor engines, there are no additional blocks with power inserts in them. All of them are in one place. The mounting block consists of two boxes: upper and lower. For the purpose of protection and insulation, they are covered with a plastic cover. From the inside there is a scheme on it, having studied which it will be easy to understand how are located inVAZ-2106 fuses, what is responsible for whatand what is the value of each.

Circuit fuses "six"

The mounting block "six" has only 16 fuse-links. Each of them has a special designation and protects one or more electrical circuits.


Rated current, A




Cigarette lighter, signal, connector for portable lamp, brake light lamp, interior lighting lamp, clock



Electric motors and relays for interior heater, windshield washer, wiper



Headlamp High Beam Indicator, Left High Beam Lamp



High-beam headlamp bulb



Bulb left dipped beam



Dipped beam right headlight, rear fog light



Dimension lights (rear right lamp, left sidelight), luggage compartment light, right license plate light, cigarette lighter light, dashboard lighting



Lights of dimensions (rear left lamp, right sidelight), left license plate illumination lamp, engine compartment illumination lamp, tail light indicator



Oil pressure indicator lamp, refrigerant temperature indicator,fuel gauge, alarm lamp no battery charging, open flap indicator, rear window heating relay



Winding generator, relay-voltage regulator



Not used (backup)

F-12, F-13





Rear window heater



Electric radiator fan




What fuses in the "six" burn out most often

If you happened to be the owner of the VAZ-2106, then you probably know that those fuses that “pull” energy-consuming devices are most likely to fail. These are, for example, fuses that protect the cigarette lighter, rear window heater, and electric motors.

What do the fuses VAZ 2106

In this sense, the cigarette lighter is in the lead, since recently it has been used not only to light a cigarette, but also to connect various additional electrical consumers to the vehicle’s on-board network. These are electronic devices (recorders, navigators, anti-radar), and compressors, and vacuum cleaners. It is because of them that the cigarette lighter fuse suffers, because in most cases none of us pays attention to the current consumed by the devices used.If it exceeds the rating of the protective device, naturally, it withstands the load and melts, saving other elements of the circuit.

How to understand that the fuse has blown

Knowingwhat fuses VAZ-2106 are responsible for, you can easily determine which of them failed when one of the devices refused to work. If, for example, the light in the luggage compartment stops working, check whether the license plate lamp or the dipped beam indicator light is on. Off - we are looking for a fuse box with the designation F-7 in the mounting block and diagnose it for serviceability.Fuses VAZ 2106 what for what

Maybe the beep does not work, then check if the interior lighting is functioning. If not, look for the F-1 fuse and change it.

Problems with the mounting block and their solution

Many owners of the Sixes are faced with the problem of frequent power surges. It can be caused either by a malfunction of the generator or voltage regulator, or by faults in the mounting block. If you have determined that it is he who is causing the problems, do not rush to change it to the same, only new. Better take a look at the mounting block of the GAZ-3110.How is he better? By allowing it to be installed onVAZ-2106 fusesthat are equipped with "installers" of modern cars. They are easier to buy and more reliable. In addition, the assembly unit from the "Volga" is much more compact than the "six". It is made in the form of a single strap with a total of 12 fuse-links.VAZ 2106 which fuses what is responsible for

Independent replacement of the mounting block

It is possible to buy the assembly GAZ-3110 block in any autoshop. Its price is about 300 rubles, and the set includes fusible inserts. But, given that their ratings for the Volga and the Six are different, it will be necessary to separately purchasefuses VAZ-2106 new sample.

In addition, you will need:

  • a piece of insulated wire (length 60-80 cm) with a core thickness of 2.5 mm;
  • 10-12 pieces of copper connectors such as "mother";
  • pliers;
  • heat-shrink tubing;
  • screwdriver;
  • wiring diagram fuses.

First of all, it is necessary to disconnect the "negative" terminal from the battery, dismantle the old mounting block, disconnect from it the connectors of wires coming from consumers. Next we make jumpers. They are necessary in order to be able to connect the inserts according to the scheme.The wire is divided into segments of 8-10 cm. In total there should be five jumpers. If your car is equipped with a rear window heater, then six.Fuses VAZ 2106 new sample

At the ends of the resulting pieces of wire we put on the connectors of the type "mother", crimped with pliers. Insulate them with heat shrink tubing.

For the schemeVAZ-2106 fusesmust be interconnected in the following order:

  • third with fourth;
  • fifth with sixth;
  • seventh with eighth;
  • ninth with tenth;
  • eleventh from twelfth (if there is a rear window heater);
  • the twelfth with the thirteenth.

Install fuses in the mounting block in accordance with the scheme provided above. Connect the wires. We fasten the block to the old place. Connect the "minus" to the appropriate terminal of the battery and forget about the problems with the mounting block.

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