Vasily Utkin. short biography

Vasily Utkin - commentator, television and radio broadcaster of programs not only about football, but also humorous projects, was a participant in an intellectual television game, played a couple of movie roles.

Childhood and youth

The future sports journalist was born on March 6, 1972 in Balashikha, a small town near Moscow, in an intelligent family, where the mother was a doctor, and the father was a scientist who specialized in physics. For parents, Vasily became the second child, because they still have an older daughter.Vasily Utkin

After graduating from Balashikha secondary school № 2, Vasily Utkin entered the Pedagogical Institute named after VI Lenin in Moscow at the faculty of the Russian language and literature. But the guy could not finish a higher educational institution, he left the institute, without having received the diploma about the higher education, at the same time without having passed the last session.

Getting started on television

The starting point on the career ladder of the future well-known commentator can be considered 1992, when the young man received the post of editor at the independent television company “VID”.In the same year, Vasily worked in the “Politburo” program, which was the author’s project of Alexander Politkovsky, but after the coup d’état, the program was closed.

Young people offered to implement a project of their own program on this channel, but it was not approved. The work in the TV company “VID” gave the future journalist many useful lessons and skills for further development in this area.

In parallel, he held the post of correspondent in the program called "Red Square", worked until October 1993.

Sports journalism

Vasily Utkin changed his place of work, he switched from the TV company “VID” to the NTV channel, where he became one of the editors of the sports field.

In the period from 1994 to 1999, the young man held the position of correspondent and broadcaster of the Football Club, after 1999 the program’s popularity dropped significantly, and in this program Utkin worked periodically from 2000 to 2001, then from 2004 to 2006.Vasily Utkin match

As Vasily once stated, he believes that the “Football Club” program was closed due to the fault of Savik Shuster, who was making targeted intrigues, and then he was able to create his own third-time football program.After these events, Utkin speaks of Schuster as a dishonorable person.

Since 1996, Utkin has been working in parallel on NTV and NTV Plus Sport, commenting on various football matches. These are mainly games of the Champions League, the Spanish Championship and the RFPL.

In addition, the journalist worked on the Ukrainian channels STB and Futbol (2012), where, together with Yuri Rozanov, commented on Euro 2012.

The world championship and Euro 2004 on the channels “Russia” and “Sport” freelancely commented on the same journalist Vasily Utkin. “Match TV” also became a place of work for the commentator for a certain period of time, where he was from October 2015 to February 2016. On this channel he had a conflict with Tina Kandelaki, who took the post of general producer.Vasily Utkin photo

Utkin on the radio

His career on the radio begins for Basil in 2000, when he was invited as a guest on Ekho Moskvy to the Football Club. And eight years later, at the same station, the journalist led an analytical program called “Morning U-turn”, in which issues of economics and politics were discussed.

In July 2016, Utkin took the position of an expert on the radio "Sport FM".

Utkin and humor

This journalist specializes not only in football and politics. In addition to these spheres of life, Utkin is well able to participate in humorically directed programs, such as “The Big Question” and “The History of Russian Humor” on the CTC, “Ankle Show”, which he conducted independently and in the company of humorists such as Dmitry Kozhoma, Alexander Yakushev and Mikhail Schatz.forecasts from Vasily Utkin

In 2005, he was invited several times to the jury team in the Higher League of KVN.

The journalist was also a member of the team of Alexei Blinov in the intellectual program “What? Where? When? ”Is the period from spring 2007 to winter 2010.

Utkin in the newspapers

His career as a journalist for Vasily Utkin began as early as the 90s of the last century, when a young man began to lead a column in the Kommersant newspaper and collaborate with the "Gazeta", in which he has been working as an editor for the Sport department since 2001.

The journalist wrote his first articles for the journal Match by Viktor Gusev, who was replicated in 1996.

After leaving the TV channel “Match TV”, Vasily worked in the newspaper “Soviet Sport” as a columnist.

In addition, Vasily Utkin, whose photo you see in the article, works in the magazine PRO Sport.

Vasily Utkin commentator

Utkin on the big screen

Vasily Utkin has repeatedly shown himself as a versatile personality, in addition to his abilities in the field of journalism, a man proved himself as an actor. He collaborated twice with the Quartet I. The first work saw the world in 2007, it was the on-screen version of the Election Day performance, in which Vasily played a candidate for governor who is absolutely not interested in sports. The second role was quite small in the new film “What Men Talk About” in 2010. Vasily also starred in Birtman’s clip “Man-shit”, where he played a dancing man, and in the work of Roman Zhukov called “First Snow”, where he was in the role of a limousine driver.

In 2004 and 2005 he was the winner of the "Tefi" award as the best sports commentator.

Utkin is famous as a harsh critic of football players and football clubs, most often Utkin insulted the football club of Belarus, as well as the president of this country, Alexander Lukashenko.

Forecasts from Vasily Utkin can be found in his video blogs, they are always full of sharpness, professionalism and leave no doubt about accuracy.

The journalist is still a bachelor, he has no children, but there is a niece.

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