Vasily Lykshin: a short way for a talented kid

Russian actor Vasily Lykshin, who became popular after the release of the movie "Gromov" and the TV series "Ranetki", passed away very young. He was only twenty-two years old. How he lived this short life, what happened to him during this time and how he became an actor is about everything in this article.

From home to children

Vasily Lykshin was born into a dysfunctional family in January 87th in the village of Gorki-2 (Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region). His parents were simple hard workers who did not consider it shameful to drink a glass or two after a busy day. Because of their drinking and deprived of parental rights. Vasya was sent to the orphanage where he lived and studied. They took from parents and his younger brother Pavlik and sister Nastya. Already in the orphanage, Vasya learned that he had another brother, Valera.

After some time, the father passes away. Mom is getting married again. She wants to start a new life, so she takes the children home.The second husband drank less than his own father's children, but there was still not enough money in the house. Perhaps this is what prompted Vasya to steal. Yes, he (as he once said in an interview) smoked and drank vodka, being a seven-year-old child. And at twelve, the boy was already registered with the police because of minor offenses. But then he just wanted to eat.

That day, Vasily Lykshin and his friends climbed to the cottage with the general. The boys did not even admit the idea that there was installed a video surveillance system. All were detained immediately. Vasya was sent to a colony for minors.

How did the angel get to the screen from the colony?

And at this time, it seemed, in a completely different, happier life, the director Svetlana Stasenko was gradually preparing for the shooting of the film “Angel on the side of the road”. She was looking for a little actor for the main role of the boy Misha. After reviewing nearly four hundred children, she realized that no one was suitable for the time being. Quite by chance, she came across a cassette that she had recently recorded in one of the orphanages. Vasya was on it. Svetlana from the first frame realized that the hero was found. As she later said, the boy had the true charisma of the artist.

The boy was in the colony. With great difficulty, the creators of the picture asked the administration to release Lykshin for a short while - during the shooting. The future artist himself gave his consent, but only if the time of the shooting process will be counted in his time.

Vasily Lykshin on the set of "Ranetok"

In his debut tape, Vasily Lykshin (actor, beginner) played as if himself. His character was the same boy from a dysfunctional family, like himself, and in the same way, very early in the colony. It was easy for Vasya to embody his hero; he demonstrated outstanding acting qualities. The film crew loved him. And Vasya was very hardworking, disciplined, very charming.

The film was highly appreciated not only by the audience, but also by critics. And the young actor received his first award - a kind of children's Oscar.

His way

After the shooting, I had to think about what to do with Vasya. The film’s film group submitted a petition for his early release, which is what happened. Svetlana managed to get custody over him. So the guy was in a normal family. It was difficult for him to adapt to the new conditions, but in the three years that he lived there, everything worked out. He has prospects in a career that has just begun.

Vasily Lykshin in the TV series "Gromov"

In 2005, he appeared in the role of Lavrik in the film “Bastards”, and a year later he appears on the screens in the series about the Gromovs family. He played the second oldest child - Alexander. It was a very good, but sad story about how grief came to a strong family because of a ridiculous accident and how after the death of their parents children were forced to learn to live independently.

In the 2009th two more pictures were added to his filmography - “The House on Ozernaya” and “Ranetki”.

His quiet care ...

Vasily Lykshin, whose cause of death is still suspicious to many, died in October 2009. He was only twenty-two years old.

The year before that, the guy married his beloved girl Lena, and in the beginning of 2009 they had a daughter, Kira. Vasya tried to do everything for his family. He did not want the childhood of his child to be the same as his own.

Vasily Lykshin with his wife

He had to constantly work. Most of the earnings he gave to his mother. It is said that Vasya worked simply for wear, because that family needed more and more money. And he already had his own family. Therefore, between filming, he also worked as a manager.

On his last day, Vasily Lykshin was on the set of “Ranetok”.After work, he came home and went to bed.

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