Car UAZ-452 ("Loaf"): photo and description, specifications, dimensions

UAZ-452 - this is perhaps the most famous and massive car from the history of this car originates in the distant 60s of the last century. This will seem strange to many, but it has been serially produced by the UAZ-452 so far, and its design has remained virtually unchanged since those years. This model is a cargo-powered all-wheel drive van of all-terrain.


The design of this car can be called already rare. Such machines are hardly anyone else produces now. Thus, the front of the car has simple round headlights and individual turn signals with integrated side lights. The same optics scheme was practiced on the rest of the Soviet trucks. For such a specific body shape, this car was nicknamed "Loaf". What do the reviews say about this car? Of course, its design is not the main thing. This car looks too old.Perhaps the model has a good quality metal? But here the owners are disappointed. The metal rusts very quickly, and in all places. In order to somehow keep the car in its original state, the owners have to repeat the anticorrosion treatment procedure annually.

sizes 452

Used this machine in all industries. These are agriculture, the army (by the way, the military UAZ-452 was distinguished by higher bridges) and medicine. In the latter case, the van was used as an ambulance.

UAZ-452: dimensions, clearance

Body dimensions have not changed over the years of production. So, the machine has a length of 4.36 meters, a width of 1.94 and a height of 2.09 meters. The size of the wheelbase is exactly 2.3 meters. Not bad at this machine ground clearance - 22 centimeters. According to reviews, the car UAZ-452 has a good cross. But still on the roads “Loaf” is less strong than the 469th UAZ or “Hunter”. Note also that the curb weight of the van is 1.76 meters. The gross weight reaches three tons.


The interior in the car has not changed since the days of the Soviet Union. So, here there is a familiar steel panel with simple dials of the speedometer and tachometer.Janitors work in different directions. The driver's seat has a minimum of lateral support and adjustments. Remarkably, the engine here is on the right side of the driver. In view of this, there are always sounds and vibrations inside. The cover that closes the engine is not notable for good noise insulation. Yes, and the salon itself is made mainly of metal, rattling on the bumps.

UAZ loaf

Among the significant changes worth noting the presence of seat belts and safety steering. This can be seen on versions younger than 2011. Also, the steering wheel was equipped with power steering. Before that was a simple, mechanical drive. Five years later, the plant made a couple more changes. So, all devices began to be placed in a single dial of the speedometer with a display. Appeared in the cabin and a niche for the audio system. However, the radio and the speakers here never met - installing the acoustics were already engaged in the owners themselves. Also, as the manufacturer claims, in 2016, the cabin insulation has improved. But as the owners note, the changes are only minimal - the salon still has to be refined and improved.

UAZ 452 loaf

For passengers here are provided flat leatherette benches.Total car can accommodate up to nine people, including the driver. By the way, the passenger part is separated by a steel partition from the driver. There is a table in this car - perhaps the only element of comfort. After all, the air conditioner, electric heating and power windows have never been here. Of course, on this machine it is difficult to travel more distances. However, many acquire it for going off-road and for fishing trips. After all, enough space in the cabin.


Initially, this car was put carburetor engine. UAZ-452 was equipped with a motor UMZ-451. This is an atmospheric eight-valve petrol unit with a chain drive timing. This engine was not very different from the GAZ-21A engine, with the exception of the presence of a more “modern” oil filter from the Zhiguli. With a volume of 2.5 liters, this engine develops 72 horsepower. Torque - 167 Nm in the range from 2.2 to 2.5 thousand revolutions per minute. According to the manual, this engine is suitable for use in countries with tropical and temperate climates. Although, as practice has shown, UAZ-452 & nbsp; survives in the northern regions.

The compression ratio of the UMZ-451 unit is only 6.7. The diameter of the cylinder and piston stroke are the same - 92 millimeters. Note that this engine has a high fuel consumption. The unit consumes 18 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, according to passport data (subject to movement at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour).


In 1997, the Ulyanovsk plant made small changes to the technical part. Thus, the UAZ-452 received a new UMZ-4218 engine. It was also an atmospheric four-cylinder unit, but with an increased compression ratio of up to 8.2. Also, this motor has a more volumetric combustion chamber. With a working volume of 2.9 liters, this engine develops 98 horsepower. Torque also increased to 220 Nm and is available at 2.5 thousand revolutions per minute. According to the manual, the UAZ-452 (“Loaf”) is designed only for 92nd gasoline. When using lower octane fuel there is a risk of detonation.

car 452

Also note that in 2011 this engine began to comply with the environmental standards "Euro-4". Fuel consumption, according to the passport data, is 11 liters in the combined cycle. But as practice has shown, the real consumption of this machine is nearing the mark of 16 liters.


Among the drawbacks of UAZ engines, reviews point out the need to adjust the valves. There are no hydraulic compensators, and gaps should be set every 10 thousand kilometers. Among other problems, owners note the tendency of engines to overheat and frequent extraneous knocks. And, of course, there can be no talk of any acceleration dynamics - engine designs are over 60 years old.


Initially, this car was equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox.

car vas

But later, this transmission was replaced by a more modern, five-speed mechanics. What do they say about the UAZ box reviews? The transmission is quite noisy, and the transmission is not always included clearly. Also PPC does not have a long resource. If the machine is prepared for offroad, the box may not overpower the torque that the engine transmits to it. As a result, the clutch fails, as well as the primary and secondary shafts together with the bearings.


The suspension design has not been changed during all years of production. So, a dependent design is installed in front and behindrepresenting bridges and springs of 13 sheets. The suspension is very tough - say reviews. In addition, the car is difficult to turn because of the high center of gravity. By the way, to connect a full drive, you have to get out of the car and scroll through the so-called “hubs”, which is not always convenient when the car is knee-deep in a swamp. It is impossible to turn on the lock from the salon.

Brake system

The brakes on this car are the simplest. First, the drum mechanisms were fully installed on the “Loaf”, but recently the front axle acquired disc “pancakes”. This slightly improved the responsiveness to the pedal, but still the brakes on this car are weak - say reviews.


If we talk about the new car, it can be purchased at a price of 650 thousand rubles. The option with a ten-seater cabin will cost 10 thousand rubles more. In the configuration there is only power steering and seat belts. Pillows and any elektroregulirovok there.

If we talk about the secondary market, here prices are significantly different. The cheapest copies can be purchased for 35 thousand rubles. However, tuning is popular among owners of UAZ-452 “Loaf” cars.Many install additional locks, other rubber with wider discs and various attachments.

car uas 452

As a result, the cost of such an instance can increase to 300 and above thousand rubles. Note that often in the market you can find models with a rotten body. Typically, these machines are cheap, but after the purchase must be carried out necessarily welding.

Summing up

So, we found out what characteristics and features the UAZ-452 has. Among the positive aspects of this van is worth noting:

  • Simplicity of design and maintainability.
  • Low cost parts.
  • Inexpensive service.
  • Good cross.

But the disadvantages are much greater. It:

  • Non-corrosion resistant body. UAZ-452 has to be constantly processed with Movile or Mastic.
  • Low reliability of components and assemblies. You should not be surprised if something breaks in your way.
  • Uncomfortable interior.
  • Lack of any security.
  • Excessive valkost.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Outdated design in general.
dimensions uaz 452

Thus, the main audience of fans of these cars are fishermen and hunters, as well as those who build a car for off-road trips.In everyday use, this machine delivers a lot of trouble and does not meet modern standards of comfort and efficiency. Therefore, you should carefully think before you decide to buy such a Russian van.

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