Types of rolls: names, photos, composition

In essence, the rolls are They got accustomed to Russia, although it comes from Japan. The basis most often are sheets of nori, rice and seafood. Although there are options with chicken or meat. Types of roll a huge amount. However, it will be discussed only about the most popular and loved by people options. It is also worth noting that some of them are interesting in their form, and not in their content. Many restaurants come up with very complex fillings, but still classic options are popular.

types of roll

Options for filling. What could be in the rolls?

Why know the name of the main types of rolls, if all the ingredients listed in the menu? First of all, it helps the buyer or the client of the restaurant to navigate in the variety of dishes. Many establishments share rolls on different pages, depending on which variety this or that variant belongs to.

rolls kinds of photos

Presented on the photo types of rolls, the most popular among visitors to Japanese restaurants.Cooking sushi, engaged in their business professionals.

In the menu, images of rolls are not always placed under the dish itself. This is often the fault of medium-sized institutions. Here it is extremely important to imagine what this or that dish will look like in the end, so as not to be disappointed in Japanese cuisine.

Rolls can be any kind of seafood, for example, fish, mussels, eel or squid. You can also use more European options, tongue, chicken, pork or bacon.

main types of rolls

The benefits of rolls. Why do they need to eat?

It is noteworthy that the rolls - wholesome food. If there are them in a good institution where they monitor the quality of products, then this dish will bring the body only benefit. In order to understand what exactly this or that roll contains, it is necessary to disassemble its composition. The main types of sushi contain noria and rice. The rest is subject to change.

Norias are algae. Even in pressed and dried form, in which they are used in the preparation, they contain a decent amount of iodine. It is known to have a beneficial effect on the brain, helps develop memory and has a positive effect on the thyroid gland.

Rice also contains vitamin B.Therefore, this product should be eaten by those who are subject to stress. It is also recommended for women during menopause.

rolls types and names

Analysis of Philadelphia. The composition of the popular dish

What are the most popular roll types? Probably many will choose Philadelphia. The composition of this dish must contain cream cheese and red fish. Therefore, in this product there are fats, and, in large quantities. But do not be afraid of this fact! These fats are necessary for the female body. Their absence or insufficient amount is detrimental, as it leads to problems with menstruation.

However, in order to soften this dish, it is better to choose a variant with a cucumber, and not with avocado. The combination of rice, red fish and fresh vegetables helps rolls become a truly balanced version of lunch or dinner.

rolls types and photo titles

Maki - the usual rolls

Types of rolls with the name Maki are a usual sushi variant for ordinary people. In the translation, the name of the dish, means roll. This is what happens. Maki is a roll, that is, rice rolled in this way, nori and stuffing.

By the way, in this dish, the filling can be located on the elevator, and can be hidden inside. Omelette, crab meat, red and white fish, eel are used as the basis for rolls.Also an open option, when rice wraps each piece, and not hiding under the algae, often decorated with caviar or sesame. For these purposes, chopped greens or cabbage can be used.

Usually immediately roll up one big roll. After that, it is cut into small, approximately equal parts. Types of rolls and their composition may vary, but the method of preparation is usually not changed. On a bamboo mat spread a sheet of noria - this is seaweed. On them put specially processed rice. Now, the actions of the cook vary, depending on what kind of roll is being prepared. When closed, right on the rice lay out the stuffing, for example, cucumber and fish, and the dish itself is rolled up into a dense roll.

If an open version is prepared, then roll the rice over with rice so that the sheet of elevator is on top. It is folded, and the filling is placed on top. The finished roll is divided into pieces, usually six or eight cubes of equal size.

types of roll

Nigiri sushi

A dish with the name, in fact, the easiest type of rolls. It is a lump of rice prepared in a special way.It is noteworthy that the croup, which was boiled properly, using rice vinegar and other spices, is very plastic, but keeps its shape. Due to this, rolls of such a plan are convenient to eat with chopsticks, since they are not laid out.

As a filling, I mainly use red fish. It is put immediately on rice. Sometimes it is attached to it with a strip of a noria, like a rope. Also filling for rolls of such a plan can be squid, oysters, less often - quail eggs.

types of rolls and their composition

Osizushi - new filling position

Rolls with this name are interesting for their structure. In them, rice and filling are arranged in layers. They are placed in special forms. It is noteworthy that this type of dish can be considered one of the most ancient! In Japan, thus stored products so that they do not spoil. For this lay out fish, salt and rice, and then put it under pressure.

In principle, the structure of the preparation of this type of sushi has not changed. Only the options for the filling change. Each cook prepares his meal. Also, before serving, sushi is cut into squares and only then taken to the hall.

Gunkan nigiri

Gunkan Neri is another interesting kind of roll.The name and photos of them are familiar to many. Surely, visitors to Japanese restaurants drew attention to sushi, which sell one at a time. They are a vessel of nori, rice. It put chopped stuffing. One of the most famous is red caviar. Sometimes they also use flying fish eggs, which are smaller in size.

The fillings for this type of rolls are often crushed, as in this form they are convenient to impose. For example, you can find Gunkan with chopped shrimp in cream cheese. You can also arrange traditional sushi, if the filling for them is ground into mashed potatoes.

This group also includes sushi yaks. These are the same gunkanas, but in baked form. Considered a delicacy. To the usual sushi they add a special sauce, which when baked forms a hat, saving the ingredients from boiling up.

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Hosomaki - one ingredient rolls

Hosomaki is the so-called monolor. The product can also be called one-piece. What types and names of rolls can be found here? These are the most classic and favorite options with eel or cucumber. In general, all those in which only one ingredient acts as a filling.It is noteworthy that it is this option that doctors find most useful.

The fact is that many rolls are overloaded with ingredients, sometimes quite heavy. Heavy cheese, mayonnaise, and fatty avocado are put in the same dish. In the monolithic version of the rolls there is no such thing. Here you can find only rice, norias and the main ingredient in the composition.

Prepare these rolls in the same way as the others. Often the filling is tuna, red fish, shrimp, cucumber, less often - Bulgarian pepper, eel or crab meat. You can also select a special group of rolls with one ingredient. These are the sushi in which they add a special sauce - spicy. This designation for the sharp version of the usual dishes.

An interesting fact is that in this group the kappa-maki stand apart. These are rolls with a cucumber. This vegetarian option has gained popularity. He is pleased that his taste is quite fresh and pleasant. For this reason, it was allocated to an independent group of rolls.

types of rolls and their composition

Futomaki - interesting and big

Rolls with the same name appeared from the previous view. They are twice as large as Hosomak. And their composition may include two or even three ingredients.

Appearance, not counting the size, coincides with one-part rolls. Inside they put caviar of flying fish, salmon or crab, shrimp or eel. In this case, there is also a vegetarian option. So, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and cucumber can serve as a filling, the latter can be replaced with avocado.

types of roll

Rolls have become very popular in our country. Each restaurant strives to create its own dishes, which are not heard in Japan. However, you can find those types of rolls that have remained unchanged. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with their classification in order to be able to choose.

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