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"Lada-Grant-Liftback" appeared on the Russian car market not so long ago. Currently, this car is produced in a wide range. This model has a pretty good equipment, especially since the new and upgraded car received a high-quality transmission, good suspension and a reliable engine.

tuning grants liftback

Basically tuning "Lada-Grants-Liftback" performed externally. And to improve the design of the machine, there are many options. Each owner of such a car with his own hands will be able to make it unique and unique.

Motor enhancement

Tuning "Grants-liftback" if desired, will be able to perform every motorist. But first of all you need to do the improvement of the engine. To do this, you first need to install a filter of zero resistance to improve the power by 3-6%. Then it is possible to replace the exhaust system with a more overall one in order to improve the ventilation of the cylinders and reduce the resistance at the exhaust.

With the improvement of this car will have to reflash the software to increase the power, speed and dynamics of such a car, like "Lada-Grant-Liftback." Tuning, photos of which are presented in the article, will help reduce fuel consumption. Another common during the revision of this car is the installation of electronic gas pedals.

tuning frets grants liftback

For a thorough improvement of the engine will have to do the following:

  • bore the internal cavity of the cylinders;
  • install the turbocharger;
  • install the forged elements of the cylinder-piston group.

But such improvements require huge financial investments, so only real fans of non-standard machines are decided on them.

Car painting

Still popular car painting in a matte color. This option not only looks unusual, but also highlights the vehicle on the road. More excellent will look like airbrushing throughout the body. You can apply temporary images that quickly wash off, or permanent. True, it is unlikely that it will be possible to paint a car yourself, since such work is only a professional artist.But you can try to put on the hood your autograph in the form of a picture.

tuning bumper grant liftbek

Tuning "Grants-liftback" do it yourself with the help of a material such as liquid rubber. It is applied to the car in several layers to create a textured rubber coating on the body that protects the original car paint from small particles of sand, stones and ultraviolet radiation. The uniqueness of this coating is that it can be quickly and completely removed at any time.

External tuning "Grants-liftback" will help make the film. It is used for pasting car body parts. This material has a large range of textures and colors, moreover, if you wish, you can choose a film of any shade.

The design of the wheels affects in many respects the appearance of "Lada-Grants". To improve the appearance of the car, it is enough to treat the discs with temporary or permanent paint. For such purposes, often used texture coating, which is applied using immersion printing.

Interior tuning

"Grant-liftback" - a great car with good performance, which will be improved with a high-quality audio system. To achieve the best effect, you need the appropriate dynamics. Mount them in the appropriate places of the machine.However, not everyone will be able to perform such tuning "Grants-Liftback" with their own hands, it is better to turn to professionals.

Lovers of dynamic driving style should equip vehicles with special sport seats. In addition, it is recommended to install the steering wheel in the same style and multipoint seat belts.Grant liftback tuning photo

The front panel of the machine can also be improved. Many motorists carry out hauling salon. In this case, tuning "Lada-Grants-Liftback", a photo of which is presented above, involves choosing the right shade of finishing materials. Of course, it is advisable to look for a good designer, because, without understanding the basics of color combinations, you can spoil everything. Some owners "Lada-Grants" make noise insulation.

Change the bumper

What else may include tuning? Bumper. "Grant-liftback" with such a modernized detail can look stylish and original. The factory bumper does not impress motorists, so they change it to a more functional one.

Bumper Types

  • Very popular among fans of tuning bumper "Robot". Its only drawback is too high a price.For this reason, the majority of Lada-Grants owners prefer cheaper products.
  • Bumper "Sniper" combines great power and sharpness. Cut-outs of the air intake in the form of a trapezoid make the car more "alive", in addition, they allow more efficient cooling of the engine and front brakes.

tuning frets grants liftback photo

  • The STM bumper is a very common product. It can trap air, directing it to the brake pads, thereby cooling them. This model of the bumper has additional thresholds that prevent the occurrence of chips on the grille and pollution. Owners of cars will be pleased with the original holes of the fog lights and air intake.
  • Car enthusiasts who want to give Grant a predatory look should pay attention to the GTS bumper. This product is different from other aggressive cutouts under the fog, a wide hole for air intake and sharp lines.

Installation of rails

After replacing the bumper is recommended to install stylish rails. Such elements will give the vehicle an original look and demonstrate the good taste of the owner. For their fastening it is not necessary to drill the body, because they fix the rails on the trunk, located on the roof of the car. They produce similar products in black or silver color.These shades will suit any color of the body. You can buy them reliable cross and screw them yourself. Such a trunk can withstand cargo weighing more than 50 kilograms.

Finishing wheels

Having decided on tuning "Grants-Liftback", it is necessary to replace the base wheels with 15-inch ones, since they look more neat and do not make the car look heavier. In addition, with the new wheels, the process of moving along uneven roads will become more comfortable.

tuning salon grantback liftback

Some car enthusiasts use discs measuring 16-17 inches. But in this case, you still have to spend money on low profile tires. In addition, this tuning option is suitable only for residents of large cities with good roads.

Other auto improvements

Exterior mirrors can be equipped with turn signals, heated and electrically adjustable. With the improvement of "Grants-Liftback" we can not forget about toning. True, the film is not recommended for use on headlamps, as this will affect the safety of the machine.

Motor "Grants" will not interfere with a solid bottom protection. The car comes with a standard steel protection, which is replaced by a tuning version.Often used for this brand of car engine protection from "Kalina".

To make the lower edge of the trunk on the Grant-liftback look more modern and stylish, it is advisable to install a small-sized spoiler on it. Should choose products painted in body color. This element does not greatly increase the dimensions of the machine, but it will positively affect the aerodynamic performance.

tuning grants liftback do it yourself

In addition, the spoiler will protect the glass from contamination. If you think that in the Lada-Granta-Liftback car the external tuning with the help of such a detail will spoil the look, then you shouldn’t worry. After all, a small spoiler is perfectly combined with the overall design of this car.

If you want to make a racing car out of Lada-Grants, you will have to think about fenders. Polymer lockers will help protect the car from splashes of dirt, impacts from pebbles and other road debris.

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