Trigger - what is it?

This term can be interpreted in different ways, depending on its scope. It is used in marketing, and psychology, and in medicine, and in everyday life. In the article, this concept will be considered in each of these areas separately.

Marketing techniques to influence the audience

Today, experts in this field have developed many so-called tricks that can provoke a client to make a purchase, call, leave an e-mail address, clarify the terms of the promotion, and so on. It is these tricks that underlie the concept under consideration. In other words, a trigger is a combination of audience management techniques. Translated from English, this term means "trigger". Thus, a trigger is what provokes a person to the appropriate action.

These techniques affect people at an unconscious subconscious level and force them to take the necessary actions: fill out the proposed registration form, pay, make a call, etc. The goal of the triggers is to buy,but sometimes it is worthwhile to seek from the client only a simple reciprocal action, for example, registration (the simplest way of forming a client base).

Many customers have long been aware of what tricks they are trying to lure. However, the advantage of these tricks is that, despite this, they continue to work, to bring results.

Triggers are a kind of emotional leverage on the client, based on fear, pride, trust, greed. It is worth more to consider their variety in this area.

Thus, it can be said that a trigger is a powerful tool for attracting customers. Their competent application will significantly reduce advertising costs, improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.trigger this

Trust method

These include diplomas, regalia, merit, awards - all that you can be proud of. Also triggers can be feedback, which often act as determining factors in the course of making decisions regarding the performance of the corresponding action. They affect the rating.

Most site owners successfully apply online consultations, chat rooms in order to locate future clients.To do this, you will need to set a feedback form, when clicked, the user instantly contacts the specialist and can ask questions of interest.

In this process, many of the nuances are productive. For example, if you place on the avatar of an online specialist a photo of an attractive girl with a phone, then the number of hits will increase significantly. Also very important point - the speed of feedback (delayed response is not allowed). Otherwise, it can lead to negative reviews, mistrust.d trigger this

Trigger- "alarm"

Creating the effect of demand, excitement. The client must be aware that the time is running out, so we must act immediately. The point is to wake the visitor with an unexpected offer, using a loud call, bright design, and more.door trigger what is it

Temporary reception

Offer of discount, gift, bonus until the end of the specified period. For example, many firms place a time counter on the site that shows how many hours and minutes are left before the promotion is completed.

There is another way to use this technique. When the user is a regular customer,who regularly pays for the services provided once a month (weekly), it is possible to create a guarantor of his long-term subscription by offering the client a discount, subject to payment immediately for the half year (year). This principle lies in the work of most educational centers (there is a system of discounts, subscriptions for prepayment).

Optional trigger

In addition to the basic features, the user is invited to purchase advanced functionality. For example, an additional place to store information when inviting a friend. Offer discounts, gifts in exchange for accumulated bonuses.

The latter may be charged, for example, for attending seminars, joining different groups in social networks, likes. These are fairly simple actions that do not require excessive effort from a person, for the commission of which a prize is due. In fact, this is a veiled entanglement of user attractive features. As a rule, it leads to the fact that the latter becomes a regular customer.


The pre-sale trigger allows the user to sell more goods than he originally intended to purchase. For example, the action "1 + 1 = 3".

Socialization as a marketing gimmick

In all sorts of social services, the vanity trigger works quite well. For this, it will be sufficient to introduce titles and ratings for all users. It triggers a subconscious desire to raise the status. Most even pay for it.

For example, on forums, titles are presented depending on the number of useful messages (of a different kind of merit). The result - users are active, which has a positive effect on the activity of the owner of the resource.

The trigger in terms of psychology

The term in question is combined in psychology with the concept of an anchor. These are the so-called buttons on the body, in the minds of people. When you click on them, you can cause a specific behavioral reaction.the trigger in psychology is

Mandatory moments is the use of existing perception channels:

  • visual (creating in the patient's imagination an allegorical picture, for example, an incipient disease — a stranger patting the shoulder);
  • audible (loud, vigorous, 3-fold pronunciation of the audible anchor, for example, the greeting “Great!”);
  • kinesthetic (tactile contact during the pronunciation of an audible anchor, for example, shoulder compression with the word “Great!”).

In essence, triggers and anchors are complementary parts.The anchor is the human perception of an event in its environment, and the trigger in psychology is the event itself.

Thus, in the considered example, the greeting “Great!” Together with the pressure on the shoulder - triggers, and the kinesthetic, audible perception with the same action - anchors. As a result, a person who becomes ill after this technique may feel healthy.

Triggers as asthma triggers

For a significant number of people, allergy is the most important trigger for the symptoms of asthma attacks. The main allergen in most countries is the house dust mite substance (it dwells on the scales of human dead skin, visually imperceptible). Also important allergic triggers are: feathers, animal hair (cats, horses, dogs), spores of fungi, pollen of trees, herbs. Thus, we can say that triggers are allergic pathogens in medicine that can lead to asthma. However, they are not always treated as an allergic reaction.

Triggers can be:

  • viral infections of the VDP;
  • environment (exhaust fumes, smoking);
  • professional harmful substances (latex, flour);
  • hormones of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy;
  • emotional reactions (laughter, stress, arousal).triggers are in medicine

Ovulation trigger: what is it?

So called the process of release of the egg. To start the mechanism of ovulation trigger, you must take medication. At the same time, a specific point in time is selected: artificial insemination together with the process of stimulation of IVF (natural sexual intercourse) should take place during the period favorable for conception.

In a situation where the stimulation is carried out before IVF, it is possible to find out the best time for puncture of the ovaries.ovulation trigger what is it

Trigger trigger

Increasingly, you can hear such a term as a trigger bot. What is it and what is it for? Despite the mysterious name, it is a completely ordinary macro. It tracks the color of the screen pixels (in the center), and then performs a specific action when the specified color falls there.

For example, when aiming weapons at the enemy in the RV - the sight immediately turns red. Further, the action previously set in the settings is immediately performed.

Flasks equipped with triggers

They are ideal for packaging different household chemicals for the following reasons:

  • spetsnasadka easily screwed on a plastic container, which helps prevent accidental spilling of the product in the fall;
  • direct contact with alkalis, acids is completely excluded;
  • Triggers provide an accurate dosage of aggressive chemicals, which allows them to be economical.

So, the washing trigger is a dispenser that allows you to evenly distribute the tool on the surface.


Differently - Delay-delay, which has inputs typical for all triggers:

  • R (reset).
  • S (installation).
  • C (sync input).
  • D (entry).

It is also commonly accepted that the D-trigger is a trigger with special dynamic control. His work is similar to the JK-trigger, but there are still minor differences. So, the specifics of the D-flip-flop are dropping to the 0th state, when a low-level input to input D occurs, by a drop of the pulse to C and a unit is set if the high level is to D when the drop of the pulse is also C.

What is a trigger in computer science?

It is an important structural unit of the computer OP, the internal registers of the processor. This device allows you to memorize, read, store information (in the amount of 1 bit).

The trigger is (MIT - test) electronic circuit, which is widely used in computer registers in order to reliably memorize the 1st binary code. This device is equipped with 2 stable states: binary one, binary zero.trigger is mti

Trigger door: what is it?

In practice, such electronic circuits are used in combination locks (car alarms). For example, in a car alarm system with a remote control method, there is a brown wire (door trigger with negative polarity) and purple (door trigger with positive polarity).

A short to brown ground (to +12 V violet) when opening the doorway will immediately trigger the system.

The connection of the device in question is necessary in order to ensure the operation of a function such as passive arming. In a situation where the standard switch (limit) door when opening closes on the "ground", which is typical for many cars, the brown wire must be connected to the 1st of the limit switches. If the light switch (internal) at the exit when opening the car door has +12 V, then the purple wire must also be connected to one of the limit switches.

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