Trampoline for children: and entertains, and physically develops!

A one-year-old child is becoming more and more active every day, his mobility is increasing. He can deftly climb a sofa, an armchair, poke and jump on them. However, the design of the furniture is not adapted for such “barbaric” raids and completely limits the freedom of movement of the baby. Also, the child may be injured.

How to please your tomboy and artlessly inculcate physical skills? To do this, there are many different home sports and sports complexes. But only a small number of caring parents attended the idea to buy a trampoline for children.

trampoline for children

Advantages of children's jump simulators

A simple trampoline gives children not only joy, a lot of pleasure and positive, but also stands guard over their health, helping:

  • harmonious development of various muscle groups;
  • improve coordination of movements;
  • proper development of the musculoskeletal system and the formation of the child’s posture;
  • strengthen endurance;
  • improve the functions of the circulatory system;
  • normalize the respiratory system;
  • getting rid of excess weight.

What are good trampolines for children?

A unique children's simulator is able to charge with cheerfulness, provide the kids with a good mood and give a lot of impressions. Today's trampolines can not be called stationary inventory. And the time passed when they were gathering dust, standing in the corner of the gym. Now their field of application has been very diverse:

  1. At the cottage or for family trips you can use the folding trampoline for children.
  2. Jumping simulators will be a great entertainment projectile for the birthday boy and his little friends on a big holiday.
  3. Trampolines have proven themselves during rehabilitation periods after various injuries and posture correction operations. Classes are held under the supervision of a physiotherapist.
  4. For the youngest children, a trampoline will be an excellent playground.

Choosing the right kids jump trainer

There are trampolines for children, which are mainly focused on entertainment. There are simulators that are “tuned” to the sport, requiring a specially developed methodology for practicing them.

trampolines for childrenThe youngest family members who have not yet taken the first steps will be delighted by the trampoline in the form of a usual playpen. They can start walking, clinging handles to the trampoline net. It will entertain everyone while camping in the nature of the so-called trampoline simulator.

Its standard size is 3 to 4 meters in diameter. By the way, its use is provided in the room. The design of such a simulator, though simple, but at the same time very strong, can withstand up to 120 kilograms of weight.

A special place among the many varieties of trampolines is occupied by inflatable trampolines for children. Such models can be with a family "character" (that is, designed for the whole family). The most popular among them are trampolines, slides and today - trampolines-pools.

The latter can be connected to a simple water outlet, which is very convenient. They are not equipped with a classic metal frame. It is replaced by a kind of inflatable circle, on which the jumping web is tensioned. Also specially designed suburban models that do not have a "binding" to the "fruits of a developed civilization."

If the family likes to travel, then for such cases there is a folding exercise machine for jumping.With such a diversity, it is necessary to think carefully and decide for what purpose a trampoline is acquired, where its placement is planned, and by all means take into account its durability.

Qualitative characteristics of trampolines

In addition to your wishes when choosing a trampoline, you must also take into account its strength, endurance and reliability.

If the jumping projectile has a steel frame with a thickness of 2 mm, then it is intended for large (120 kilograms) loads. One and a half millimeter frame has a trampoline for children and teenagers. It is able to withstand less weight - up to 70 kg.

It is worth paying attention to the frame coverage. Galvanized on both sides of the frame is not afraid of any weather conditions. Designed such a trampoline for children to give and can easily be used on the street. But there is one drawback - it has a fairly high price.

inflatable trampolines for children

The cheapest models of jumps have a galvanized frame, which is susceptible to corrosion, and excludes the use of a trampoline on the street. It is good for home use.

No questions arise if you plan to use the trampoline for children only in the fresh air. You can safely take a simulator with a diameter of 5 meters.But for the house should pick up a trampoline in accordance with the area of ​​the room where you want to arrange it. An excellent option would be a trampoline with a diameter of 1.5 to 3 meters.

The hopping surface should be made of super strong material (for example, polypropylene of the permatron type). Trampolines are very good, in which the mats are made of water-repellent polyester layers according to the pie principle, in which the foam layer is made of laminated polypropylene fabric.

inflatable trampolines for children

Complete set of trampolines

Manage jumping shells with all sorts of accessories and accessories. Among them may be protective coatings that combat weather effects (sunlight, rain). As a kind of insurance barrier, protective nets are offered. They do not allow to “fly out” beyond the trampoline area.

Jumping simulators installed in open space are equipped with latches. They keep the trampoline from gusts of wind. A large trampoline is also included in the kit. Foldable exercise equipment provide bag. Trampolines for kids can have a special handrail for which the kid can hold while jumping.

When buying a jumping projectile do not forget about the quality certificate and uppercase safety rules.This information will help you choose a trampoline for games, sports, entertainment of the whole family. The correct choice of the simulator will allow everyone to develop their physical data and will become a means to relieve fatigue and tension.

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