Top PC Strategy Games: Overview, Description and Reviews

Strategies for the PC are in the collection of any gamer. After all, each at times there is a desire to control not one character, but an entire army. And even the country. Raid, conquer, subdue territories and seize new resources.

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Strategies on the PC: the best

The list of those should begin with the creation of the company EA Los Angeles (third part) and Westwood Studios (the first two) with the publisher Electronic Arts. This is a series of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

The events of all three parts take place in an alternate reality (which is often characterized by PC strategy games) and narrate the war between the forces of the Alliance led by the United States and the Soviet Union. The game came to the liking of lovers not only to take part in military operations using outlandish futuristic technology, but also dreaming of kicking Americans under the brave "Hooray!" Soviet soldiers.

Also noteworthy are the strategy games on the Disciples PC series. They tell about the struggle of several fantasy races, either for the sake of ordinary confrontation, or driven by any goal.

Announcing the list of top strategies on the PC, you can not forget about games such as Warcraft, which for many evenings still chain players to the screens of monitors. This is not about WOW, but about strategies that came out before the online game.

But if you ask a question to the inveterate gamer, which game will be your first thought, if you remember the strategies on the PC, you will first remember the “heroes” This is a turn-based strategy for Heroes of Might and Magic. Especially liked the third part. The fourth was already a kind of deviation from the usual canons, but the fifth (with the new graphics and battle system) was a clear step forward for the whole series.

All of these strategies for the PC are unique, each of the parts should be stopped separately.

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Red alert

The plot of the part starts after World War II and revolves around the personality of Albert Einstein. Or rather, around the time machine that he invented (in the game, of course, and not in reality). Taking advantage of the creation of a genius, the Alliance command decides to prevent the Second World War and changes the course of history - kills Adolf Hitler. And eliminates him personally Einstein. Everything goes according to plan, Germany does not start a war, but the unstoppable might of the Soviet Union makes itself felt - Joseph Stalin begins the war.

Accordingly, as in any strategy for the PC, the player can choose the side for which to play. The ending for each version is appropriate, it is gamers noted as a definite plus.

Red Alert 2

The success and wide acceptance of the first part led to the creation of a full-fledged series of games. The second part continues to tell about the development of events. According to the plot, it is assumed that after the victory of the Alliance forces, Prime Minister Romanov became the head of the Soviet Union. At the initiative of the latter, Soviet troops support the rebels in Mexico in their resistance to the pro-American government. These events are the beginning of a new war between the USA and the USSR. Nuclear attack on the Union prevents one Yuri. Counselor (and also a telepath in combination) Prime Minister Romanov. He is hypnotizing launcher operators, which is why rockets explode right in the US mines.

The addon to the second part is called “Revenge of Yuri”. It already tells about the struggle of the USA and the USSR against the army of the psychonauts of the mentioned telepath, who apparently has a strange resemblance to Vladimir Ilich Lenin.

For some reason, gamers, listing strategies on the PC about the war, particularly highlight this addition of all the most memorable.

Events unfold around the world.Yuri activates mental attitudes that subordinate people to his will. Battles take place on all continents. And when playing for the Soviet Union also on the moon. Many fans remember the second part because of the sexual agent Tanya, occasionally flashing in the videos, the role of which was played by the Hollywood star Carey Wührer.

Of course, the rollers are not without kinolyaps: it does not insert the clip, it will come out of the tent with a gun without a horn, but with a large-caliber machine-gun belt through the entire torso. These errors were noticed by many users. What to do, the game is for the eyes, not for the brain.

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Red Alert 3

Strategies on the PC appear almost every year. In 2008, the list of those added to the new blockbuster. Events tell all about the same confrontation between two ideologies. Only this time, the Soviet Union decides to use the time machine. But not leadership, but specifically Colonel Cherdenko and General Kryukov. They penetrate the past and eliminate Einstein himself, thereby depriving the Alliance of technological superiority.

Upon his return, Cherdenko turns out to be the prime minister. Alliance forces are defeated all over Europe and retreat.But suddenly a third party appears, with the development of the potential of which nothing else interferes - Japan. Covering samurai honor and bushido code into nanotechnology armor, armed with the most advanced technology, the Empire declares war on both the weakened Alliance and the expanded Union.

The game has the ability to pass the company for any of the three parties. In addition, for shooting in videos, as well as in briefing sets, a whole galaxy of Hollywood stars were involved.

For example, the Soviet commander (a unique unit in a game like Boris from Red Alert 2), Natalia Volkova, is played by Gina Carrano - an American actress and a fighter in mixed style. The role of agent Tanya went to actress Jenny McCarthy, and the assistant commander (when playing for the Soviet Union) Darya Fedorovich - Croatian Ivan Milicevic.

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Step-by-step strategies on PCs also come with RPG elements. This is what the whole series of Disciples is remembered. The first part has a storyline, which you can look at from the point of view of each of the races in the game.

You can play for:

  • An empire- A race of people who seek to resist the invading demonic legions and seal the Hellgate.
  • Legions of the Damned- demons.They are trying to return their damned deity - Betrezena. The company's goal is to defeat the forces of the Empire and the conclusion of the soul of their black god into the body of a human heir.
  • Mountain Clans- Dwarfs, the campaign for which is built entirely on Norse mythology. The goal of the game for them is to penetrate the kingdom of Hel and steal the Runes. According to the myth, God One hung nine days and nights on a tree, pierced with a spear sacrificed to himself, and on the ninth day fell to the ground. Standing with one foot in the kingdom of Hel, he took out the runes from there and bestowed them on people. In the game, Wotan himself comes to the aid of the dwarves in their difficult craft.
  • The undead- The army of the dead, who was raised from the ashes by the silent goddess Mortis, in order to avenge the mountain clans for the murder of her husband, Galean.

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Disciples 2 and 3

Strategies for PCs with RPG elements have stepped forward with the release of the second part of the series. Significantly improved graphics, the plot continued: The Empire is experiencing a crisis due to the loss of the heir to the throne of Uther, the Legions of the Damned are losing strength, as Betrezen gradually dies, the Mountain Clans solve the mystery of the Ragnarok prophecy and seek to resist the appearance of the serpent Niddhögg, and the goddess Mortis is looking for the goddess Mortis Galeana.

The third part is united by a single plot, which rushes like a whirlwind through all the races for which you can only play in the game. Accompanied by a number of colorful screensavers, as well as narrative in a poetic form, which makes the game stand out from the whole series, putting it in the deserved first place.

Games are also localized on game consoles such as XboX and PlayStation. But due to the peculiarities of the configuration (it’s more convenient to play with the mouse), the PC versions received recognition. They used to say that it is the strategies on the PC that are the best.

The list is not over ...

The mentioned games make not a complete list of worthy ones. Only those were named that unfairly slip into the abyss of oblivion.

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Recalling strategies on PCs, one should also mention such masterpieces as Civilization, Cossacks, Tycoon's economic strategy, which allows to build cities, and a great many more projects that require attention. Every year there are new games, among them are strategies on the PC. The list of those can be kept to infinity.

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