Tips how to teach a puppy to the tray

With the arrival of a small pet in the house, the owners have a lot of problems and issues related to the life of the baby. How to teach a puppy to the tray - one of the main tasks of the owner of the dog. It is easy to solve it, knowing the secrets and subtleties of this case.


A newborn puppy is unable to self empty. Mother licks his tummy, stimulating emptying. Baby grows up and instinctively moves away from the litter to to teach a puppy to the trayNature has laid down that the puppy wants to defecate on the absorbent surface (grass, diaper, carpet). Some breeders know how to teach a puppy to the tray, using his instincts. Already from an early age, they teach the baby to order, laying the floor in the aviary. Growing up, the puppy is looking for a place to ease farther from the bedding. By the age of 3-4 months, he is already able to learn how to walk in a dog toilet.

Tray selection

Dog toilet in the room and walking on the street whenever possible - a great option for a busy owner of a small pet.However, before deciding how to teach a puppy "to the pot", you must decide on its appearance. You can ask the seller what kind he used. In any case, you can take the initiative and start training yourself. A pet for a pet can be a diaper or a special tray. It can be of two types: simply with a grate or with a disposable diaper that absorbs moisture. A standard tray is a pallet with a grille and a place to install a pole for dogs. It is better to choose a design with a low side and a grid, which will allow the paws of the dog to stay dry and clean. In the space under the net you can fill the filler so that the pet does not eat it. The model with diaper has a clamping frame for fixing the diaper to the tray. A disposable diaper can be purchased at a pet store or a regular pharmacy. For a dog it is wiser to buy a tray with a pole. It is useful for many years. When the pet grows up, it will reflex urinate on objects, raising its paw. To do this, and you need a tray with a column.

How to start training

Some owners, wondering how to teach a puppy to the tray, do not really believe that everything will work out.It is in vain, because cleanliness is incorporated genetically in dogs, so it is not so difficult to teach her to use the toilet. You just need to have patience, and also show a little observation and cunning. In order for a pet to associate a tray with a place for emptying, it is necessary to “tag” it. When buying a puppy, you can ask for a piece of diaper with a "smell" from the breeder.

how to teach a dog to the tray

Going home for the first time, immediately put the crumbs on a tray with a piece of diaper and do not leave until he does his job. If the baby sniffs and is interested in the pallet, then do not bother him. Let him quietly explore a new place. A small pupil suffered on the way, so the result should appear quickly. If the moment is missed, and the first puddles appeared, you can blot them with a diaper and place it in a tray.

What is a dog toilet in the house for?

Being engaged in solving the problem, how to teach a dog to the tray, you need to decide why you need a toilet in the house, and not on the street.

For a pet of a large breed, the answer is unequivocal - walking should be only on the street. His toilet in the room can only be temporary, if for some reason walking is impossible (vaccination, illness, bitter frost) or until schooling to defecate on the street.

Decorative and small breeds of dogs, whose owners do not have time for daily walks, rather successfully use a home toilet. Of course, this should not cancel walk. Keep a dog in four walls is unacceptable. Pet needs to get acquainted with nature and relatives.

Useful tips

Further solution of the problem, how to teach a dog to the tray, requires constant attention to it and a prompt reaction. It is necessary to learn to recognize the moments when a small pupil wants to go to the toilet. A baby under 6 months should be emptied approximately once every two hours. He necessarily does it right after waking up, so you need to not miss the moment after sleep. As soon as the puppy eats, you must take it to the dog toilet. When a desire arises to be emptied while awake, the pet begins to fuss, circle, sniff, whine, or sit down. You need to quickly pick it up and land on the tray. Every positive result should be encouraged with tasty treats and praise. The dog will have positive associations to use its toilet to meet natural needs.Receiving a repeatedly positive result, the pet will quickly understand the desire of the owner and will fulfill it.haul puppy to the trayIf the puddles are repeated, then the puppy cannot be beaten or strongly scolded;

Where it is better to keep a dog

Work on the goal, how to teach a puppy to the tray, requires prior preparation. Before the arrival of a small pupil in the house you need to prepare a habitat for him. At first, it is simply necessary to limit its movement zone. Cleaning the whole house is more difficult than a small area, and at first, until the baby learns the procedure, you will often have to wash the floor. A small housing area will help him quickly determine the place to sleep, eat and use the toilet. For a pet, you can select a small room, such as a kitchen, a to teach a dog to the trayA good option is to buy an aviary or a special fence in the pet store. In the space provided, you need to put the tray. To him must be accessible passage. The toilet should not be located on the aisle. In the room of a small pupil there should not be carpets, as they are attractive as a “toilet” place.


Not always everything goes smoothly.How to teach a dog to the tray, if she persistently refuses to use it and goes to the wrong place? You can use the recommendations based on the experience of other owners and breeders:

  1. It is necessary to carry the pet to the dog toilet immediately after sleeping and eating, do not leave until there is a result.
  2. If he leaves the tray, then return and stroke affectionately.
  3. It happens that the animal has already chosen a place for its affairs, then just put the pallet there and, if the desired happened, then gradually 5 cm a day to move it to the right place.
  4. You can use the help of "repellent" sprays, spraying them in the wrong place for feces and "habituating" means, treating them to the toilet. You can buy everything at the pet store. Vinegar or a weak solution of potassium permanganate will also help to remove the smell. For training, you can use a piece of rag or newspaper dipped in the urine of a dog.
  5. In extreme cases, when the pet stubbornly goes to the wrong place, it makes sense to put bowls of food in this area. The dog will not "spoil" near the place for eating.
  6. The behavior of the owner must be patient and benevolent.A positive result should always be encouraged. To beat the dog can not in any case.

Effective schooling scheme

If the puppy does not go to the tray, puddles stubbornly appear on the floor, despite all the tricks and bans, then the main thing - do not be nervous and do not despair.puppy does not go to the tray

You can use the following training scheme, which, as a rule, always works. Temporarily you need to keep the crumb in a small fenced-off area, the floor of which is completely covered with diapers, with the exception of food and sleep. He will have nothing left to do but defecate not on the bare floor, but on the laid floor. A few days later, when the skill to walk on the diaper is fixed, remove one of them. The pupil does his work on the spreading area, and not on the floor? Remarkably, every few days you can still remove the diaper until you are left alone in the right place, where you can then put a special tray. Having fixed the achieved success, you can try to expand the possession of the puppy, for example, by limiting it to one room. If everything worked out, you can try to open access, for example, to the corridor, then to the kitchen, and so on.

How to chihuahua accustom to the tray

Chihuahua baby is the same dog as other breeds. It differs only in its size, so it needs a special approach. At an early puppy age, the size of the crumbs is still very small, and he will not immediately be able to find a place in the large room for the toilet. It is more reasonable in the first months to keep this breed in a special aviary until the skill to use the tray is fixed. In the future, as the baby grows up and becomes more mature, the dog’s toilet can be gradually moved in the right direction. Owners who, buying a puppy, are experiencing how to train a chihuahua to a tray, can be reassured by the fact that this breed is one of the cleanest. They get used to the dog toilet more quickly than others and usually empty out to a prepared place without any to chihuahua accustom to the trayThe initial skill is instilled by the baby’s mother, who by her example demonstrates walking on a tray or diaper. In 3-4 months, the baby Chihuahua is already getting used to walking on his toilet. The only point concerning this breed: if the area of ​​the apartment is large enough and a small pet walks over it, then even a puppy, accustomed to the tray, may need 2-3 places for defecation.As you grow up you can leave one toilet.

Training a toy terrier

One of the most popular and common among the decorative breeds of dogs - this is a toy terrier. Teaching this baby to the tray, like a chihuahua, is easy. They, too, the initial skill instilled in his mother by his example to defecate in a dog toilet and, as a rule, secured the responsible breeder. In many ways, these breeds are similar, so all the moments of training, described in the section about chihuahuas, should be used in the education of toy terriers. Toya puppies quickly get used to walking in a tray or diaper, so you need to walk with them whenever possible under suitable weather conditions. They are the same full-fledged dogs, like other breeds, but just small in size. Therefore, tips on grafting on the tray and solving the problems of schooling described above can also be applied to toy terrier.

Schooling Dachshund

There are breeds of dogs that go to the toilet on the street and require walking. These include dachshund. But when the baby is still just a crumb and cannot tolerate a cold frost before the walk, or he has a period of vaccination, the house toilet is simply necessary.Then the pet owner has a question about how to accustom the dachshund to the tray in order to avoid unpleasant smell in the house. Dachshund is no different from other dogs, its training requires perseverance, cunning and to teach a dachshund to the trayUsing the information provided in this article, you can achieve the desired - the puppy will acquire the skill of walking in a dog tray. As he grows up, he will have to be taught to use the toilet outside.


Teaching a puppy to a tray or diaper is a necessary step in education for many breeds of dogs. As you know, they are clean and clever creation. Having developed a line of conduct and listening to the simple tips described in the article, you can find an approach to any puppy and teach him how to walk on a tray or diaper. Patiently, persistently and benevolently repeating the method of schooling many times and every day, the owner of each pet will receive a positive result and forever forget about the problems associated with the dog toilet.

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