The wonderful world of nature. Mountain pine

One of the most beautiful conifers has long been considered a pine. People decorated the houses with its “paws” with soft needles, which smelt so thinly of wood, resin, and turpentine, woven into wreaths and hung out on the doors, marking the arrival of holidays.

Life form

mountain pineMountain pine - is a tree or shrub, reaching a height of ten meters. It grows predominantly in the lit areas of acidic stony soil and copes well with long periods of drought. The tree has a strikingly beautiful crown, wide and dense. Sometimes in the mountains of the Alps you can find a creeping form. Interestingly, such specimens are capable of giving roots along the entire length of the trunk. In this way, they get more nutrients from poor soil and ensure their longevity. The trunk of a pine tree can be straight or curved. The color changes with the "growing up" of the tree. In young shoots, the trunk is smooth, ash-gray in color, and as it ages, it becomes dark gray, closer to black.Mountain pine - long-lived among the trees. The ability to perfectly adapt to any weather conditions and long roots allow her to live to a very old age. Mountain pine is suitable for planting in house zones, it tolerates frosts perfectly. The variety of types of this culture has long earned the respect of bonsai lovers. You can see a lot of dwarf trees that feel great in small flower pots.mountain pine pumilio

Popular species

There are several most famous species. The mountain pine Mugus is a shrubby slow-growing form of a tree. The distribution area is quite extensive - from the eastern slopes of the Alps to the Balkan Mountains. Mugus is characterized by excellent ability to survive on any soil. Its needle-shaped paws are not subject to perelamyvaniyu under a thick layer of snow and look great in the form of a hedge. The mountain pine of Pumilio is another kind of a beautiful plant of very compact form. Its slow-growing branches will be a true find for alpine slides in the garden. This pine adapts remarkably in any conditions and on any soils.Its dense crown of bright green color perfectly gives in to a hairstyle and allows to form really beautiful figures to landscape designers.

pine mountain mugusUseful properties and application

In addition to beauty, mountain pine has several unique in its utility qualities. The natural components incorporated in this tree fertilize the soil, reduce its acidity and allow many herbs and plants to grow alongside it. The air in the pine forests has a beneficial effect on the lungs, helping to cope with such illnesses as asthma, reduced immunity, headaches and insomnia. Pine cones laid out in your house will remove negative energy and fill the air with joy. The Japanese have long believed in the healing power of the branches of the tree and hung out small twigs above the entrance doors of the dwelling. It is believed that this drives away evil spirits and negative energy from him. Extracts from pine needles and pine essential oils are successfully used in the treatment of many diseases. Warm compresses with an extract will soothe joint pain and relieve suffering in migraines, and a warm bath with a couple of drops diluted in a spoonful of honey will help with neuralgia and perfectly stimulates impaired blood circulation.Mountain pine is a gift of nature and a symbol of endurance and survival in any conditions.

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