The story of Alexander Kuprin "Pit": a summary, criticism

In 1915 the book "The Pit" was published. Chukovsky called the story "a slap in the face of society." One of the critics - the best work Kuprin. However, it caused outrage in certain sections of society. Many, even without knowing the brief content of “The Pit” by Kuprin, but having a superficial understanding of the subject matter of the story, refused to read the work.

pit kuprin summary

The writer understood that scrupulous readers would find his work indecent, immoral. Nevertheless, he dedicated the story "The Pit" to mothers and young people. What is the book that caused negative reviews from critics? Summary "Pit" Kuprin will answer this question.

This is the most voluminous work of the Russian writer. It consists of three parts. The summary of the “Pit” of Kuprin in this article is set out according to the following plan:

  • Big Yamskaya.
  • Platonov.
  • What is the tragedy?
  • Girls
  • Lichonin.
  • Zhenya's illness.
  • The end of the institution of Anna Markovna.

Big Yamskaya

Once upon a time, on the outskirts of a certain southern city, only coachmen lived. And because this area was called Yamskoy settlement. But steam locomotives appeared, and the work of the residents of the district lost its meaning. Coachers wander who where, but the name is preserved. True, over time, the district began to be called simply - Yama. This had some social and even philosophical meaning.

On Bolshaya Yamskoy (as one of the streets of the district was officially named), expensive, cheap and medium brothels were located. The heroines of the story Kuprin - prostitutes who work in the institution of Anna Markovna Shoibes. There are more chic at home. For example, institution Treppel. But there are on Bolshaya Yamskoy and very cheap, ruble, where every inhabitant of the house of Anna Markovna is afraid to go.


This is the main character of the "Pit" Kuprin. Platonov is a rather strange person. He spent many evenings in the institution of Anna Markovna, he knows everything about the dull, forced fun that reigns here every night. He knows the secrets of the inhabitants of the institution. But none of the girls Platonov did not happen.

Great artists avoid the topic of prostitution.Probably, they lack selflessness, time, self-control to penetrate into the life of a fallen woman. But if someone created a book on prostitution, sincere and truthful, it would become a great work. Approximately such words utters Platonov. The prototype of this hero is the writer A. I. Kuprin.

The name of the story symbolizes the social bottom. But can you call the heroines fallen? Kuprin does not condemn them. He is an outside observer. The author condemns, rather, those who change the lives of girls for the worse. So, one of the heroines was brought to the brothel by none other than her husband. Later it turned out that he was a professional swindler who does so for him: he falls in love with a young lady, marries her, then sends him to Anna Markovna for a decent fee.

a and cuprin

What is the tragedy?

The work caused a mixed reaction of critics not only because of the scandalous topic. Summary “The Pit” Kuprin is difficult to state. After all, the problematics can be understood from the dialogues of the characters, the arguments of Platonov, the terrible details of the life of the heroines.

In the house of Anna Markovna horror is created. But he is perceived as something ordinary.Girls sell themselves, but few of them realize how pathetic, dirty their existence is. By the way, Leo Tolstoy, did not appreciate the deep theme of the story "The Pit". After reading only a few of the first chapters, he noted: “It is a pleasure for the author to delve into unsightly details.”

institution Anna Markovna Shoibes


Zhenya is one of the heroines of the story of A. I. Kuprin. This is a self-confident, beautiful, cheeky girl. Tamara - a rather mysterious person. It is known that before she was a nun. Pasha - the most sought-after prostitute in the institution of Anna Markovna. She is the only one who came here voluntarily. This girl is sick. The main symptom of her illness is that she likes her work.

Lyuba - a simple girl, not far. A story will happen to her, which will become one of the leading plotlines of the story “The Pit”. There is also a prostitute Sonya Rul. Received nickname because of a large nose.

The life of the inhabitants of the brothel

The institution of Anna Markovna is a two-story house. On the second floor, the girls both work and rest. The inhabitants of this den are as motley as their clientele. Each has its own story.In this place they lost their names, relatives, loved ones, rights, principles and, finally, their "I". Their life is gray and ugly, static and has no development, is devoid of any meaning. Rather, it is not life, but a miserable existence.

analysis of the work pit kuprin

What does Kuprin write about? About the disgusting inhabitants of a brothel? Or about men who, in their desire to have fun, ruin the fate of young women? You can formulate the idea of ​​the story as you please, but the meaning remains the same. Alexander Kuprin wrote a terrible story about prostitutes - women who otherwise do not know how to live.

The author took out all the ins and outs of the brothel, revealed all the secrets and tricks. A man wants a story about how a girl has come down to such a life? She will tell him a pretty lie about a mean family friend who threw her to the mercy of fate. Does the client need spectacles and a cheerful company? He will get it if he pays the girl champagne.

The book tightly intertwined the stories of different girls. Each of them has its own life and fate. One came here on their own. Another dreams of a fairytale prince. The third carries a tough plan of revenge for the "two-legged scoundrels." All the girls have only one thing in common.They all hate men, not all, but those who are willing to pay for love. They despise their stinginess, stupidity, tendency to perversions.

criticism of the lead pit


This student is once inspired by Platonov's speeches. A reckless, stupid idea comes to his mind - to save one of the girls. Platonov is trying to dissuade Lichonin. Well knowing the morals and psychology of the inhabitants of the institution, he understands that this is not an easy task. Long-term debauchery made them stupid, lazy creatures. But the student stands his ground. Leave to agree with him Lyuba. What is the essence of reforming a prostitute according to the method of Lichonin?

The student and his friends enlighten Luba. He leads her to the theaters, exhibitions. His comrades tell the girl about literary works. However, in these moments they are visited by thoughts not at all about art. A lot of effort spent, but no result. Lyuba wonders why the student refuses to have an intimate relationship with her. In the meantime, it is turning into an unbearable burden for Lichonin. Finally, he returns Lyuba to the Anna Markovna institution.

Kuprin Yama plot of the book

Zhenya's disease

This girl is not stupid, and perhaps that is why with all her heart she hates the two-legged scoundrels - this is what she calls clients. In the house of Anna Markovna a doctor is regularly. If a girl is ill, she is sent to a cheaper establishment.Medical examination housewife panic fear.

Zhenya learns about his terrible disease - syphilis. But she, of course, says nothing about this to Anna Markovna. Moreover, every night she tries to infect as many men as possible. Such is her revenge. Little is known about the girl’s past. But once Zhenya told Platonov: her own mother sold her to a brothel.

cuprin pit main characters

The end of the institution of Anna Markovna

His wife manages to infect many. Only a schoolgirl in love with her, she regrets. On the day of the examination, she commits suicide. A sad fate awaits other girls at home tolerance.

Pasha falls into unconsciousness, after which she is identified in an asylum. In the hospital, the girl dies. Tamara disappears from the city with her thief lover. In a fight, another prostitute dies - a girl called Manka Little.

As for the mistress of the house, then she has to flee. The death of Zhenya and the affliction with which she rewarded dozens of clients, and among them there is an important official, - all this led to a great scandal. The housekeeper buys the institution, which soldiers will soon plunder. This is the whole plot of Kuprin’s book “The Pit”.So, what were the reviews on the story that revealed the dark sides of society?

Criticism of the story "The Pit"

The work was greeted with the most controversial reviews. About the story of Kuprin still has not developed among critics of a certain opinion. This book is the fruit of great work of the writer, but it caused, rather, condemnation, rather than understanding. The author was accused of excessive naturalism and immorality.

In Soviet times, critics about the story almost nothing was written. Few articles offering an analysis of Kuprin's The Pit were imbued with ideology. Prostitution is a phenomenon that could exist only in tsarist Russia, the author managed to colorfully convey the horrors of pre-revolutionary times - this was the point of view of Soviet critics. More than a hundred years have passed since the first publication of The Pit. For a long time there is neither Tsarist nor Soviet Russia. On the work Kuprin still relevant.

Positive reviews

One of the few who appreciated the work of Kuprin, was Korney Chukovsky. The writer agreed with the critics that the heroines of the book are really disgusting.But at the same time he emphasized that the more dirt there is in them, the greater the shame for society. Chukovsky, in an article published in the magazine Niva, said: "It is necessary to rebuild the social life so that there is no place for it in the pit."

The story was the last major work of Alexander Kuprin. After its publication, the talent of the writer, of course, has not dried up. He still continued to create interesting stories and stories. But he no longer reached such high creative peaks.

Worse than war

Above the story "The Pit" Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin worked for six years. He was the first to dare to touch such a sore subject of social society. In the very same society, the author’s impulse was not appreciated at all. The work was called pornographic, the publisher was even sued. Negative feedback was expected. The social system at all times sees what it wants to see. Kuprin nevertheless answered the critics: “I am convinced that I have done my job. Prostitution is even more terrible evil than war, pestilence, hunger. The wars are passing, but prostitution has been living for centuries. ”

the theme of the story pit

1990 film

The first adaptation of the "Pit" Kuprin today is remembered by few, despite the brilliant cast.The main role in this film was performed by Tatyana Dogileva. Oleg Menshikov played Likhonin. True, according to the plot of the film, a young man who decided to re-educate a prostitute is not a student, but an accomplished lawyer. The film is directed by Svetlana Ilinskaya. The film also played Evgeni Evstigneev, Irina Tsyvina, Valentina Talyzina.

pit cuprin film adaptation

TV series "Kuprin"

This film is not an adaptation of "The Pit" in the full sense of the word. The series is based on not only the story about the inhabitants of a brothel, but also the works "Duel", "In the Dark". In addition, there is no such character in the film as Platonov. There is Alexander Kuprin. In the image of the writer, Mikhail Porechenkov appeared before the audience.

Eugene in the series played Svetlana Khodchenkova. Tamaru - Polina Agureeva. The role of Lichonin was played by Anton Shagin. In the first part of the television movie "Kuprin", the main storyline of which is based on the story "The Pit", Ekaterina Shpitsa, Natalia Yegorova, Nelli Popova and others played.

tale of pit

Many people know such works of Kuprin as “Garnet Bracelet”, “Olesya”, “Duel”. It is not surprising, because the story included in the school curriculum.The Pit is not among the most famous books of Alexander Kuprin. Interest in it increased after the premiere of the TV series "Kuprin". It is worth saying that there are very few negative reviews of the literary source. Readers mostly with admiration speak about the story "The Pit".

Today, no one will call the book Kuprin pornographic, as it was at the beginning of the last century. She received angry reviews from critics primarily because of naturalism, unfamiliar frankness. For modern readers there is nothing strange in the description of the life of prostitutes. The book does not have frank vulgarity and lewdness. Kuprin left behind the scenes all unnecessary, bringing without loss the depth of emotions, experiences of heroines.

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