The Recipe for Liver Paste

There are many delicious dishes thatadvertising is simply not needed. Mistresses try to use them instantly and please their family. Such recipes should be in the arsenal of each hostess. One of the original and at the same time simple and nutritious dishes is the recipe for pate from the liver. It can not only be cooked in a few minutes, but also fully enjoy the taste characteristics.

So, without which ingredients cookingpate from the liver just will not do. Take a kilogram of fresh liver, although you can apply a frozen version (preferably for one pate to buy a different liver, for example, chicken, pork and beef). Sunflower refined oil will need a hundred ml, plus a sweet carrot in the amount of five pieces. Do not forget about black ground pepper, fifty grams of butter, two heads of onions and a little greenery of parsley.

If you took a pork orbeef fresh liver, wash it, cut into slices of convenient size, but not thicker than one centimeter. In the boiled sunflower oil, fry these pieces, directly in a frying pan, at first one and then the other side. So, the liver will start the juices right on the frying pan. To find out if the liver is cooked, you can check it with a knife. Cut a piece in a frying pan, if blood flows from it, then let the liver still fry. When fully prepared, remove it from the pan, but do not discard the juice and oil in the frying pan.

The recipe for chicken liver pate is similarprevious version. Chicken liver should be cooked for about 20 minutes over medium heat. Do not need to drain the soup, it will be needed for further cooking.

Taking into account the pate from the liver is not necessaryforget about carrots. It should be cut into convenient pieces, so that it is well roasted, for example, with rings of 0.4 cm. Finely chop the onions. In a skillet, where the liver was roasted, add onions and carrots. You can first hold the minutes 10 under the lid, and then fry. This part of fried slightly ringlets of carrots is customary to decorate the whole pâté. On a separate plate, shift some of the remaining carrots.

As the recipe for pate from the liver says, the liver itselfshould be passed through the meat grinder at least three times. Add the contents of the frying pan to the meat grinder. Do not add oil to the meat grinder. If it is a lot in the pan, drain it, and chop the mush. If desired, the pate can be shaped like a roll, for this you will need butter, parsley should also be added. Grind until the pate is homogeneous. He should be smeared, but, in any case, do not crumble. If the additional milling does not bring any effect and the plow crumbles, add broth from the cooked chicken liver to it or simply put more butter. Pepper and salt the pate to taste.

Roll the pate on a beautiful dish, givingHe was originally the right shape of the hemisphere, and from above tear off the deferred carrot slices. Put some green on the top. Ideally, the pate is served in a cooled state.

In the form of different animals or geometric figuresyou can spread pie paste. You can dream up and cut out of the carrot eyes and create a smile, especially like children. If you want to give pate the shape of a roll, add more butter to it and immediately put it in the refrigerator. It is recommended to even put the pate in the freezer, but only for 5 minutes.

As you can see, the recipe for pate from the liver is uncomplicated, and in this article we described how to make pate from the liver of excellent taste characteristics.

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