Is the field ok?

Often young men and their parents have the wrong attitude to this phenomenon. The field is perfectly normal. And in this article we will look at why.

The pole is a sign of puberty.

poletion itThe fields appear during the restructuring of the organism. This phenomenon, in fact, is similar to the appearance of the first menstruation in girls. A kind of signal about puberty. The first fields usually appear between the ages of twelve and eighteen. This variation is associated with the characteristics of the body - health, sexual constitution and other factors. Do not confuse this phenomenon with ejaculation during sexual intercourse and during masturbation. According to studies, this phenomenon occurs quite often - about 83% of men have ever felt it. Most often this occurs in a transitional period. Guys older than 20 years old usually notice a decrease in the number and frequency of sexes. After 30 years, in most cases the field disappears. Although there are cases when 80-year-old men have observed such manifestations. But it is - a rarity.

The field is a compensatory mechanism.what is it

Sometimes this phenomenon occurs in the daytime. Often this is due to the presence of sexual irritants. For example, during hugs and kisses or when contemplating a naked body. There are also involuntary sexations that can occur once a week in young men and about once a month in adult males. Night sex allows you to get rid of excess accumulated seminal fluid. It also allows you to relieve a little mental stress associated with a long absence of sex. If a man abstains from sexual intimacy for a long time, this phenomenon may occur more frequently and irregularly. If the fields are mild, they are completely harmless to health. You can even say that they compensate for sex life. When a man finds a partner, the manifestations disappear.

When is the pole a deviation?

night fieldIn case there are daily heavy discharge. Especially if it occurs several times during the day, and if at the same time the man has a regular sex life. It may also alert the change in color of the discharge or the appearance of an unpleasant odor.This may indicate that this is not a field at all, but a symptom of some infectious disease. Pay attention to the need and in case of pain during the field. In these cases, it is necessary to consult with a specialist and, if necessary, to undergo treatment. In particular - to comply with the daily routine. Moreover, welcome early awakening, cold douche, sleep on a hard mattress, giving up alcohol, walks after lunch and dinner. It is also recommended to take bromine and iron preparations, which can be easily purchased at the pharmacy.

Field: What can such a phenomenon bring to a teenager?

Some young men feel unpleasant symptoms after sex. For example, they may note weakness, depression and malaise. All these sensations can have a psychological basis. The teenager fears that he has any disease. But if parents correctly explain to him the nature of this phenomenon, everything will pass.

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