The most versatile liner "Boeing 767"


The family of aircraft "Boeing 767" includes four modifications, which provides the greatest versatility of the line on the market of airliners, designed for 200-300 seats. These are models such as the 767-200ER, 767-400ER, 767-300ER, as well as the cargo version, which was built on the basis of the latter. Compared with the humping aircraft, the width of the cabin of these airliners is large by 1.2 meters. Due to the universal design of the model in the interior, you can install up to 8 seats in the same row. In machines with increased flight range, the layout is usually three-year. Transport capacity is up to 245 passengers. The luggage compartment of the aircraft is in the range of 81.4 to 129.7 cubic meters, depending on the modification of the Boeing 767 aircraft. The cabin scheme usually provides for the installation of seven seats in each row in the economy class, six in the business class, and five in the first class.

Boeing 767

Flight performance

Each of the passenger modifications listed above is different from each other in terms of take-off weight.Thus, the customer has the opportunity to choose a suitable model based on the conditions of its use. As for the range of the flight of cars, it is in the range from 10415 to 12223 km. Thanks to such indicators, many global companies successfully use both the short and long-haul aircraft of the 767 family. Aeroflot is no exception. It should be noted that according to official statistics, this airliner crosses the Atlantic Ocean, carrying passengers from the US to Europe and vice versa, more often than any other jet vehicle. As for the emission of harmful substances for every kilogram of fuel into the air, here too the aircraft differs from its competitors in a positive direction. The fact is that absolutely in all aspects, from nitrogen oxides to carbon monoxide, emissions from Boeing 767 liners are at a level significantly lower than the established standards. This also should be added and a significantly smaller amount of fuel consumed.

Boeing 767 cabin layout

Cargo option

Cargo modification of the aircraft is a revised passenger model 767-300ER.It also has two engines and an increased range. Absolutely all the improvements and improvements that relate to the performance of aerodynamics, navigation, and movement, and were used in passenger variants, are used in the Boeing 767 airliner. The design of this aircraft provides low noise, flexibility in operation and excellent fuel efficiency.

Boeing 767 Aeroflot

World popularity

Based on industry standards, any aircraft must, for fifteen minutes after the time indicated in the timeline, leave the parking space. Airliner "Boeing 767" boasts the indicator that in 98 cases out of 100 it fulfills this rule. As for the actual time spent in the air, on average, for each instance of this model, it is a little over 9 hours per day. The manufacturer built 946 aircraft of this kind on the orders of more than 125 aviation companies deployed throughout the world. The liner still does not lose its relevance.

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