The most famous sights of Tajikistan: photos and description

Amazing country located in Central Asia - this is mountainous Tajikistan. Sights and a description of its cultural sites will be presented in this article. The main property of this place is unique natural resources, which are the main attractions of the state. Tajikistan is surrounded by mountain peaks of the Pamir, scenic paths, lakes, gorges. This is one of the few places where there is a huge number of national reserves and parks.

But Tajikistan is not only interesting to the explorers of mountain peaks. Tourists here can get acquainted with the history and culture of the local people, visit famous architectural landmarks, and also go on a tour of the amazing natural treasures of this country. Tajikistan is a state with deep roots and values. Many families here still worship the traditions of their ancestors.In ancient cities you can find whole dynasties who are engaged in crafts. Jewelers, embroiderers, and pottery craftsmen live here.

Most tourists, in the first place, seek to explore the sights of the capital Dushanbe. Here for guests created the most comfortable conditions of stay - comfortable hotels, entertainment centers, cozy restaurants and cafes. In the provincial towns of the country travelers take a small family-type pensions.

The local population is especially cordial to visitors. They appreciate the fact that other people are interested in the traditions and culture of their native land.

The best sights of Tajikistan are represented by natural monuments, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Badakhshan;
  • Fedchenko glacier;
  • Communism peak (Samani);
  • mountain Pamir;
  • Lake Iskanderkul;
  • Sarez Lake;
  • Lake Karakul;
  • peak of Marx.

There are architectural and historical monuments in Tajikistan, such as:

  • Yamchun fortress;
  • Khujand;
  • Murghab;
  • The fortress of Kaahka;
  • Khorog.

Be sure to visit the capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe. There are a lot of interesting sights and cultural institutions. Some of them will be presented in this article.

National Museum

sights of tajikistan

Especially interesting are the informative sights of Tajikistan. Dushanbe is considered to be the cultural capital.

In the National Museum, located in Dushanbe, you can learn about the history and traditions of the state. The size of the museum is impressive. Here is a huge number of exhibits telling about the life, nature, history and culture of the Tajik people. The building of the museum itself was built in the Baroque style. A valuable architectural object is located at the address: Hiyonbi Ismoili Somoni, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Palace of Nations and flagpole

sights of tajikistan dushanbe

In its external magnificence, this building is second only to the White House in the USA. Here the head of Tajikistan receives important guests from different countries.

Near the Palace is the world's highest flagpole, whose height reaches 165 meters. It is noteworthy that all elements of this design were made in Dubai and finally mounted in Tajikistan in 2011.

The most beautiful sights of Tajikistan are scattered throughout the country. For example, in the city of Khujand there is a majestic monument of history.

Khujand fortress

sights in tajikistan

The history of this building is connected with the war of local residents with the horde of Genghis Khan. To capture this fortress, Genghis Khan needed to send about 75,000 soldiers.As a result, the Mongol yoke destroyed the structure. For many centuries the fortress lay in ruins, and only in the 16th century it was restored. Now here is the residence of the head of state.

Gissar fortress

In the vicinity of Tajikistan there is a small village of Gissar. There is also what to see tourists. The main attraction of this place is the Hissar fortress. Previously, it was a palace towering on a high hill. The interior of the fortress was extraordinary for such a building. Inside was a swimming pool, garden, terraces. Outside the building was surrounded by a market with numerous retail shops.

Most of the buildings to this day, unfortunately, has not been preserved. The only element preserved in its original form is the gate with monumental towers and an arch.

Today this place just breathes legends and tales. Thousands of tourists have the opportunity to touch the ancient architecture and feel the spirit of that time.

This is not all the attractions of Tajikistan. Interesting places of this unique state are also represented by magnificent natural parks.

National park

the most beautiful sights of tajikistan

This object of tourist infrastructure is not just a place to walk. The national Tajik park is recognized as the center of ecological tourism. Guests of the country can contemplate the pristine nature. This is one of the few places where rare species of animals live, fancy plants grow, unusual birds fly. There are ponds and mountain peaks on the territory. This is where the world famous Communism Peak and Fedchenko Glacier are located.

Of particular interest are healing mineral springs, the most popular of which is “Garmchashma” - a hot spring that heals from many diseases.

Earlier caravans passed through these places, and now the national park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Natural sights of Tajikistan with the names will be described below.


The Pamirs is the largest mountain plateau, part of which is located in Tajikistan. Its name is symbolic. There are several translation options. Some sources say that the Pamirs are the “roof of the world”, others mention the “foot of the bird”, and according to another version, the name translates as “the foot of death”.The Pamir in Tajikistan consists of three mountain peaks about 7 meters high. In addition to the mountain ranges, there are a large number of glaciers and hills covered with eternal snow.

Karakul Lake

beautiful sights of tajikistan

On the territory of Tajikistan there are many natural reservoirs. The largest of them is Karakul Lake, located in the eastern part of the Pamirs. The pond rises three meters above sea level. In winter, the lake is covered with ice. In summer the temperature reaches 12 degrees. The lake is surrounded by an incredibly scenic area.

This reservoir was created in the middle of the 20th century. The purpose of its creation is the economic needs of the country. Subsequently, the reservoir was called the “Tajik Sea”. Many species of fish are bred here. On this ecologically clean area there are tourist bases, children's camps and health resorts.

Fan Mountains

best sights of tajikistan

In Alai (western Pamir region) there is a unique mountain system. Here are the fabulous beauty of the lake, river and glaciers. This place has excellent transport links, so its popularity is increasing every year. This is a great region for hiking and practicing extreme sports.

Lake Iskanderkul

The pond is located at the foot of the Fan Mountains at an altitude of more than 2 km above sea level.Legends about this place are the heart of the Fann mountain range. According to legend, it was here that the Great Alexander the Great led the troops. Here the commander lost his loyal horse. The lake was named after the warrior. Iskander is the Asian version of the name Alexander.

Sarez Lake

The reservoir was formed as a result of an earthquake back in 1911. Muzkol ridge collapsed and in its place formed a deep grotto. The gorge instantly filled the water from the nearby river Murgab. The lake is considered the youngest on Earth. But the cost of creating this natural reserve was too high. As a result of a natural cataclysm, more than a hundred people died.

Mineral source Garm Chashma

A curative source was found at the foot of the Shakhdarya mountain range. In the middle of the 20th century, a famous all-country balneary was founded here, which still works today. This place is sacred to the locals. In the old days, people established places of worship here, erected altars in those areas where water erupted outside.


This is a unique mountainous country. Such places are only in Tibet and Bolivia.You can only get here by Pamir highway. Tourists waiting for an amazing journey through the mountain deserts, deep gorges and winding mountain trails. Of the animals, only yaks live here. But even in such harsh conditions of the highlands, people live here who call themselves “Pamiris”. The most beautiful valleys, fast rivers, mountain lakes - all this is the natural heritage of Badakhshan. People here still observe ancient traditions and customs. The unique architectural structures located high in the mountains attract the attention of avid travelers. But, unfortunately, not every tourist can get to these places. This is only the most courageous and resilient.

In Gorno-Badakhshan you should definitely visit the botanical garden, located high in the mountains, the source of thermal water Fatima Bibi, the Afghan bazaar.

Childdugar Valley

Tajikistan landmarks and description

There are many legends about this place. It is located in the south of the country. The territory has an unusual name - the Valley of Forty Girls. There are 40 stone monuments, which according to the legend were previously young maidens. When the evil foreigners seized this land to take the girls as concubines, they began to sincerely cry out to the Lord with prayers so that He would turn them into stone.The Most High heeded them with prayers and turned the young maidens into stone blocks, so that they would not go to the robbers. Since that time in the valley reigns mystical spirit. Locals decorate stone statues with ribbons and flowers every spring.

In the Pamir district there are many other unusual places connected with the historical past of Tajikistan. Of particular interest are the cave paintings. Most of it is located in the village of Ishkashim. Petroglyphs were knocked out by ancient people. Basically, they depict scenes of hunting for mountain animals.

Also a large number of rock paintings are 30 km away. from Khorog. Mostly people and ancient ornaments are depicted here.

Very atmospheric country of Tajikistan. Sights (photos can not fully reproduce all the greatness of the interesting places of the Asian state) here breathe history and cultural heritage.

Many museums, parks and other cultural institutions are located on the territory of Tajikistan.

Ajina Tepa

Those who enjoy archeology should definitely visit the amazing place of Ajina Tepa. On this hill many years ago there was a Buddhist monastery.Locals call this hill a damn or a place of accumulation of evil spirits. Archaeological excavations showed that the building consisted of several identical courtyards, which were surrounded by cells and shrines. It also found statues of clay and ancient manuscripts. A sensational discovery was the figure of the Buddha, carved from wood. Unfortunately, only the lower part survived.

Ajina Tepa is a place where Tajik and Indian traditions are combined. A hill was recognized by UNESCO as a monument of World Cultural Heritage.

Ancient settlement Sarazm

The name translates as "the beginning of the earth." Once this territory was occupied by nomadic peoples from the central regions of Asia. Today, archaeological excavations are underway. The ruins can be seen on the birth of a civilized society. The settlement itself occupies an area with favorable natural conditions for raising livestock and growing crops.

Also, archaeological finds indicate that trade and cultural exchange between neighboring settlements developed here.

The sights of Tajikistan described above are only a small part of the entire wealth of the country. This state deserves to come here millions of tourists.There really is something to see, something to admire, to be inspired by and from what to recharge with positive emotions.

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