The modern population of Japan

The geographical position of the country

The Land of the Rising Sun, which is unofficially called Japan, is located on islands in East Asia. For the most part, people are settled on four large islands and many smaller ones. If we complete the numeral characteristic, then there are almost four thousand small islands. The population of Japan is very compact. For many generations, habits and farming skills were developed in limited territories.

Japan populationNatural resources

Figuratively speaking, the main resources of this country can be called the climate and people. According to the accepted classification, the climate in the north of the country is temperate, and in the south it is tropical. The summer is quite hot, although there is a large amount of precipitation. Traditionally, the population of Japan was engaged in agriculture and mining of seafood. As for minerals, there is a large amount of them in the bowels of the earth. However, mining and industrial development are limited by the fact that the islands are located in a seismically active zone.To open mines or mines in such conditions is very risky and economically unprofitable.


The population of Japan is almost 130 million people. For a long historical period, the country existed in remote isolation from the outside world. The British, one of the best sailors on the planet, were very unhappy with such closeness. They really wanted to expand the markets for their products at the expense of this mysterious country. It should be noted that the policy of isolationism has played its positive role. The population of Japan, brought up in strict rules, has a high level of self-discipline and high-quality education. Japanese literacy reached universal literacy in the 19th century.

Japan populationEconomic potential

Thanks to these qualities of each individual, the country was able to achieve impressive results. Currently, Japan, whose population can be called the most educated on the planet, is rightfully considered one of the developed countries. The economic indicators that the country's economy demonstrates make a vivid impression not only and not so much on specialists, as on ordinary consumers. The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Japan is cars.Today, Americans prefer to purchase vehicles of Japanese companies. Although America is considered a trendsetter in this industry.

Japan populationExotic and life features

First of all, I would like to note the fact that the hands of the clock are not transferred to “summer” or “winter” time. The population of Japan feels self-sufficient and does not imitate other states in such events. At the same time, the country is experiencing a certain influence of neighboring states. This can be judged by the parameters of household electrical network. In the northern regions, the frequency of electric current is 50 Hz, as in Europe, and in the south - 60 Hz, as in the USA. Those who are going to go to this country need to get acquainted in advance with the rules and traditions that operate here. For example, to greet the hand is not accepted here.

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