The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name

Odysseus wore the hero of the ancient Greek epic. About his wanderings we know thanks to the poems of Homer. About the Odyssey, and other ancient authors mentioned. European writers, from the Renaissance to our days, have also always shown great interest in the figure of this hero. And it's not surprising. After all, the culture of ancient Greece became one of the foundations of European civilization. Many modern geographical names, names, scientific terms are rooted in the language of ancient Greece.

Origin of the name

There are several versions of the meaning of the name. The most popular translation is "angry, angry".

Alternative meaning of the name Odysseus -"angered the gods." This option seems most plausible. Those incredible trials that had to be overcome by Odysseus can really be explained only by the unfriendly intervention of the higher powers.

the meaning of the name odyssey

Finally, supporters of the third version seea common root in the names of Odysseus and Zeus when writing in Greek. According to legend, Odysseus was a descendant of the supreme Olympic god. On the maternal line, his great-grandfather was Hermes. Thus, among the ancestors of Odysseus - at once two gods. A very suitable pedigree for the hero, who performed many feats.

Features of ancient Greek names

The inhabitants of ancient Greece did not have names. Most likely, this circumstance is one of the manifestations of the democratic nature of Greek policies - a person could not expect respect only because of belonging to a respected family. Therefore, each sought to glorify himself with his own achievements, write his own name in history.

There are no generally accepted rules regarding what,how to call a child, in ancient Greece did not exist. Often names were given in honor of one of the gods. For example, Diodorus translates as "the gift of Zeus". Also, the ancient Greek names could reflect those qualities that parents would like to see from their child. Calling her daughter Sophia, she thereby wished for wisdom. When given the name of Nikon, they hoped that the son would be the winner, because his patroness would be the goddess Nika.

The History of Odysseus

The most detailed life of our hero is describedHomer. After his marriage to Penelope Odysseus intended to enjoy the peaceful joys of family life, but had to go to the Trojan War. It was the trick he invented with the wooden horse that brought the Greeks victory.

Further wanderings of the Odyssey, lastedtwenty years, were caused by the disgrace of the gods and unsuccessful confluences of circumstances. When he finally managed to return to Ithaca, he was turned by Athena into a frail old man.

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At this time, his wife Penelope woo dozensgrooms, convincing her that Odysseus had died long ago. He has to pass the test to prove his identity. After Penelope recognized him, Odysseus kills her suitors and arranges a triumphal celebration.

Thus, as the plot develops, the meaningThe name Odysseus undergoes a change. If at first he has to fight with the wrath of the gods, then towards the end of the narrative he is already so angry that he sweeps away all obstacles from his path. In the finale, he appears as the royal descendant of Zeus, the full master of his possessions.

Wanderings of Odysseus

The hero of Homer is known, first of all, for a very long timereturning home from the Trojan War. Odysseus had to go through countless obstacles. A lot of unusual and amazing characters he met during his trip.

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On the island of the lotophagous Odysseus and his companions a littlewas not lost memory. After that, the brave hero has to fight with the huge Cyclops. Odysseus' hope to return to his native lands is destroyed by his own sailors. They steal from their leader the furs and untie them, waiting to discover the treasure there. But there are winds, donated by Odysseus Aeolus, and carry them away to the sea. He had to flee from the giant cannibals, swim between Scylla and Charybdis and resist the charms of the sirens.

Adventures are not limited to maritime wanderings. Odysseus, on the advice of the soothsayer Tiresias, undertakes a long land journey. With an oar on his shoulder he is looking for people who do not know the sea.


If from Zeus Odysseus inherited persistence andindomitable spirit, then from another of his great-grandfather, Hermes, he received cunning and enterprising. These qualities and helped him survive during the many deadly situations that occurred during the long wanderings.

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Odysseus often cheats, deceives, weaves intrigues. These acts help him survive, but they often set up against the Odysseus people next to him. However, is it so important to the opinion of mere mortals for someone who is forced to evade the wiles of the gods?

Odysseus is not like other Greek heroes. The names of most of them are associated with victories in a fair fight. Some of them achieved success thanks to phenomenal physical strength, like Hercules. Others used mind and diplomacy, like Jason. Only Odysseus became famous as a cunning and a deceiver.

Love adventures

During the wanderings Odysseus met manyoutstanding women. Some of them became his beloved. Odysseus spent a year on the island of the sorceress Circe and spent seven years with the nymph Calypso. However, his relationship with women was surprisingly honest. Odysseus has never hidden from his beloved that he will not cease to strive for reunification with Penelope, who is waiting for him in Ithaca.

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This is the main paradox in the character of our hero -lying and prudent in dealing with people and gods, he turns out to be faithful and constant in love. No wonder the allegorical meaning of the name Odysseus is a faithful husband. The purpose of all his wanderings is to return home, to the family.

Odysseus in Portugal

The history of origin of names is full of surprises andsurprises. This is true not only for people, but for cities. According to one of the popular legends, the name of Portugal's capital Lisbon comes from the name of Odysseus. It is believed that after his return to Ithaca, his wanderings did not end.

To restore the favor of Poseidon Odysseus went on a hiking trip. The prophecy commanded him to seek out a people living near the sea, but not able to swim on ships.

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The journey was long. Finally, Odysseus reached the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Only the Atlantic Ocean stretched further. Here, on the edge of the earth, Odysseus met people who took the oar on his shoulder by the shovel. These were distant ancestors of modern Portuguese. Odysseus taught them the ship's art. Later, the Portuguese became a nation of great seafarers.

The name Odysseus today

The origin of the male names, familiar to our ears,can be traced with a high degree of certainty. Many of them are taken from the Bible. Others come from the names of Christian saints. Many also want to name a child in honor of ancient heroes.

Some parents are worried ifthe Greek meaning of the name Odysseus on the character of their child. No one wants their son to grow angry and always angry. These are groundless fears. In social networks, many users with the name Odyssey are registered. Communicating with them shows that they are cheerful and friendly people.

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The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name The meaning of the name is Odysseus. History, origin of the name