The capital of Niger is Niamey

In the western part of the amazing and mysterious African continent is located a magnificent city, resembling a magical city of oriental tales, Niamey. Niamey is the capital of one of the largest countries in Africa, the Republic of Niger. Among other states of the motley African continent, Niger stands out not only for its size, but also for its climate, landscape, interesting history and culture.

Niger is one of the hottest areas of the earth. The average temperature during the year is approximately 27 degrees above zero. In addition to high temperatures, the climate of this state is characterized by very low humidity with frequent droughts. The fact is that most of the country is occupied by the Sahara desert, with its endless sandy expanses deprived of water and life.the capital of Niger

It is difficult to imagine how in such climatic conditions there can exist such a large and beautiful settlement as the city of Niamey.

Niamey story

The capital of Niger is a relatively young city.Niamey was formed on the site of a small settlement in the south-western part of the modern republic, on the left bank of the Niger River. In 1892, a military post was formed by the French colonialists on the site of the settlement. At the beginning of the 20th century, the city began to belong to the autonomous region of Zinder, which in 1910 changed its name and became the territory of Niger (at that time Niger was not yet an independent state). The name of the city is translated as “a place near a tree where water is drawn”.

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Niamey today

Today, the capital on the shores of Niger is actively developing. The good location allows the city to become an increasingly large and actively exploited shopping and transportation hub. Industry is developing in an interesting way in the city: traditional crafts are popular and lucrative (making unique gold and silver jewelry, making bags, wallets, leather accessories, “seasoned” with special local color, pottery, making dishes with traditional African ornaments) but at the same time large enterprises of light, food and textile industries are being actively built.

The capital of Niger is the political and cultural center of the republic. The city has central government bodies: the Council of Ministers (government body), the National Assembly (parliament of the republic) and the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (a kind of ministry of defense). Also in Niamey, at present, there are headquarters of several important international organizations, such as, for example, the Agrohydrometry Center under the Permanent Interstate Committee for the Fight against the Aridization of the Sahel.

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City infrastructure

A significant part of the country's budget is income from tourists who come to admire the beautiful eastern Niamey. So that the demand for this tourist destination does not fall, the authorities are actively developing the infrastructure of the city. Here is the hotel “Grand Hotel du Niger”, which is well-known all over the world, with comfortable five-star rooms and excellent service. The entire northwestern part of the city is built up with new buildings, reminiscent of the usual European residential quarter.

The government of the republic pays special attention to the appearance of the city: the facades of public buildings are designed in the same style, decorated with national ornaments.On the coast of the river, located in the green, private cottages of wealthy Nigerians. In the same area there is a national museum and a zoological garden.

Sights of Niamey

The capital of the Niger boasts many interesting sights, some of which are of global importance. Islam is the state religion of Niger, so the main attraction is, of course, the mosque. The Grand Mosque of Niamey was built in the 20s of the 20th century. Its distinctive feature is its general accessibility, the ability to visit the central hall of the mosque to everyone, including women, which is simply impossible in other countries professing Islam.

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Cultural importance for the entire African continent has the National Museum of Niger, founded in 1959. The exposition of the museum consists of exhibits embodying the main types of African national crafts. On the central market square stands a majestic obelisk in memory of the soldiers who fell in two world wars. The attraction is also a beautiful presidential palace, located on the banks of the Niger.


The capital of Niger is also a student city. In 1971, a university was opened in the city, which trains specialists in 6 faculties. In addition to the university in Niamey, there is an administrative college and the African School of Meteorology and Aviation, which trains high-class military and civilian pilots. In addition, the capital of Niger is famous for its rich library, which without exaggeration can be called one of the largest collections of books on the African continent.

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What is he, mysterious Niamey?

So what is the capital of Niger, this mysterious desert state? How can you characterize it? The cities of the African continent are most often regarded as resort or as centers of extreme rest. People who are not familiar with the bright and original ethnic group of African peoples underestimate the cities of the continent from a cultural point of view. Niamey destroys such stereotypes. The capital of the country Niger is a large and dynamically developing cultural and educational center, which has a huge tourist potential.

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