The best mascara for volume: reviews

The dream of an ideal mascara is like a dream of an ideal lover: it does not occur in nature, but you really want it. In numerous women's forums, real battles unfold, where each participant proves which cosmetics is better. Such a diversity of opinions and passions can not be found even at football forums, where fans of clubs discuss whether cooler is Real Madrid or Milan Inter.

And indeed, it is extremely difficult to answer the question of which mascara is the best for the volume of eyelashes without professional help. This article provides useful recommendations on the choice of decorative cosmetics for lengthening eyelashes and giving them volume so that every woman can choose the right product for herself and look stunning.

Species diversity

mascara for volume

Before proceeding to the choice of mascara, it is necessary to evaluate the main characteristics of cosmetics. All its types produced today can be divided into 2 types - resistant and unstable to moisture.

Waterproof mascara for the volume in addition to artificial polymers contains wax of animal or vegetable origin. They interfere with the interaction of moisture and coloring pigments, leading to the destruction of the latter. Choose mascara with the described properties on the shelves of the supermarket is easy - look for the inscription waterproof on the packaging. To remove persistent makeup from the eyelashes will have to use special tonics or gels. The composition of these products adversely affects the condition of the eyes, therefore make-up artists do not recommend using such mascaras on an ongoing basis.

Cosmetics without special marks on the package contain a pigment that can be washed off with water and even tears. Its composition will not harm eyelashes and eyelids.

mascara for eyelash volume reviews

The effect of mascara "Volume" is understandable - thick, bright hairs create a feeling of a lush fan above the eyes. Products in this series are labeled as volume. Dense thick texture requires special skills in application, otherwise the composition rolls into lumps and the effect will be the opposite. For such a popular volume today, micro waxes are responsible, which envelop each cilium with a film.The brush has a rare, same along the length of the villi.

The words lenght or extend denote a carcass extension ruler. They include silk fibers and microcline. The brush has a cylindrical, conical or spiral shape. Rare elastic bristles contribute to high-quality coloring of eyelashes along the entire length.

What to look for when choosing?

When considering which product is right for you, it is important to evaluate the following characteristics:

  • brand popularity;
  • degree of functionality;
  • price;
  • quality.

Mascara "Volume" and "Length" of well-known time-tested brands - a rational solution. Trying unfamiliar cosmetics on the recommendation of questionable experts - a risky step. At the same time, the negative attitude of domestic beauties to Asian goods is unjustified, in the overwhelming majority of high-quality mascara, although not expensive.

Carcass functionality is an important condition. It is advisable to purchase several of its types, each of which will responsibly produce the claimed effect, and use them as necessary or apply them in layers. The 3 in 1 sentences do not allow to achieve the desired result.mascara volume length

A good mascara for volume cannot be cheap. The low price suggests that low-quality raw materials were used for its production. This paint will not give the expected effect and is likely to cause damage to the eyes. Excessively high cost due to the popularity of the brand and mass advertising.

High-quality mascara for volume should be sealed in individual packaging. Information on the manufacturer, date of manufacture, composition and dermatological tests performed should be available to the buyer.

Lancôme Hypnose Drama

Golden Rose is an emblem known to lovers of luxury from abroad from Soviet times. For decades, the brand has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics, which directly affects the price. According to reviews, mascara for the volume of eyelashes gives a uniform coloring without lumps. Color is uniform, saturated. I was pleasantly pleased with the composition - without fragrances and synthetic components, but with a formula friendly to sensitive eyes. The palette of shades is not pleased with anything outstanding. Choosing a brand, you can count on rich black and deep brown.Popular line sets with eyeliner and emulsion to remove makeup.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length Volume Mascara

mascara volume separation

Dear American house with a long-term impeccable reputation offers mascara Volume and Extension, which can turn the users' perception of a quality eye makeup. A unique brush with slender rows of long bristles made of silicone, smoothly alternating with short ones, allows you to adjust the degree of density of hairs. Innovative small fibers in the composition are responsible for giving a seductive volume. With a comfortable adaptive texture, the product guarantees excellent moisture resistance, retains its natural flexibility and gives a glossy black tint to the eyelashes.

IsaDora Grand Volume Lash Styler

The name "styler" mascara for the volume received thanks to a special double-sided brush. On the one hand, it has short, densely arranged setae, on the other hand, it is rare, wavy. Between the bristles are special reservoirs for the accumulation of residues of dye. The bristles are assigned the role of a distributing structural element, which, depending on the side of use, performs the function of lengthening or giving volume.IsaDora Grand Volume Lash Styler is a unique case in which design is not only aesthetic, but also functional. Thousands of army of satisfied women leaves feedback on mascara "Volume and lengthening", talking about the rich black tint of the composition, amazing density and reliable fixation of hairs. In the creation of cosmetic products, the company does not use natural beeswax, which is a strong allergen, replacing it with a no less effective synthetic one.

Chanel le volume de chanel

good mascara volume and lengthening

In 2012, the fashion house Chanel presented to the world a voluminous ink that won millions of women's hearts around the world. A month after the start of sales, the cosmetic product confidently took the leading position in the “Mascara for Volume and Separation” category, moving the mastodon YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. Having successfully started, the company decided not to make fundamental changes to the formula, only by issuing an addition to the standard black in the form of brown, plum, purple, blue, cornflower, khaki, etc.

IsaDora Build-Up Mascara Extra Volume

The main purpose of bulk mascara is to demonstrate the natural density of eyelashes to others by painting each one. Another representative of the IsaDora brand is doing an excellent job with this task.Being in the middle price category, affordable for most women, the product has a unique layering ability. Pleasant bonuses will be hypoallergenic composition and ultra-precise separation without lumps. The range of colors is amazing:

Color difference is noticeable not only in the tube, but also on the eyelashes. Mark managed to create an innovative blue mascara formula for wearing comfort and brightness not inferior to black counterparts.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Mascara

best mascara for eyelash volume

It is difficult to find a woman in whose beautician at least once would not have found the puffy tuba of the volume Meibelin ink. The brand is popular not only among ordinary people, but also among makeup artists. The company annually releases updated versions of the product, but according to reviews, the mascara is the best for eyelash volume. You can recognize it by a bottle of rich yellow color and a fluffy brush. The effect of false eyelashes declared by the manufacturer is quite justified. The composition is applied evenly, qualitatively separating, giving volume and filling the hairs with a rich dark color.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara

The peculiarity of the product of this brand is an indecently large brush, which will easily capture and color every single cilium, creating a dizzying volume. This is a really good volume and elongation mascara.Its positive aspects do not end with the shape of the brush, the ability to create a variable volume entices more and more lovers to surprise - today it is light and fluffy hairs, and tomorrow - massive glued tufts. The company's specialists have effectively solved the problem of crumbling pigment and prints on the eyelids. The latter is especially relevant in the process of creating eyebrows, which was made possible by adding Lycra fibers to the original formula. The range of colors Rimmel does not indulge - ink is available in a single black tint.

Art Visage "Modeling mascara 3 Architect"

“Art Visage”, a Russian brand with global ambitions, has launched a line of carcasses for various purposes - from cosmetic to medical. Special attention should be paid to the product “Architect”, which is simultaneously responsible for imparting multiple volume and increasing length. The manufacturer claims that the eyelashes will keep the original shape before makeup removal. No matter how many layers users put, they will not experience a feeling of weighting, the hairs will be natural and moving. A powerful vitamin complex and natural oils in the composition provide comprehensive care for eyelashes - moisturize and strengthen them. A nice bonus is formula stability.Mascara will not change its functional characteristics throughout the life of the product.

good mascara volume

Avon Supershock Mascara

In its price segment mascara is the undisputed leader and retains its stardom for several years. Brush - thick, large, with frequent rows of short setae. Supershock Mascara qualitatively separates the eyelashes, giving them a seductive volume and flirty fluffy. The color palette will please conservative shades from black to plum and bold: sapphire, emerald and amethyst. The last three sentences will disappoint users with reduced stamina and durability compared to classic colors.

Tony Moly Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara

The only representative on the list is the Korean cosmetics industry. Offer from "Tony Moli" - capsule mascara. The eyelid of Asian women has an important feature, the eyelashes are almost completely hidden under it, which greatly increases the likelihood of makeup smearing in comparison with Europeans. Taking this into account, the manufacturer has created a product that is fixed on the eyelashes with a special film. It is remarkably resistant to shattering and friction, but is removed with plain water. Mascara for volume - an absolute fetish for Asian make-up.The proposal was also liked by our compatriots, a special cone-shaped brush comfortably paints the corners of the eyes and allows you to achieve a puppet effect. Asians have taken care of eyelash care by enriching the composition with panthenol and marine collagen.

Useful tips

They were born from reviews of consumers of decorative cosmetics. Women with particularly sensitive eyes should avoid products with artificial flavors and preservatives in the composition. They are contraindicated in those who wear contact lenses. Suitable mascara - with a note on the performed ophthalmological control.

It is recommended to change the product every 4 months. Neglecting this rule will result in the accumulation of harmful bacteria.

In order for the mascara to maximize the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, it is necessary to select it according to the type of eyelashes. So, the real rescue for short hairs will be cosmetics with lengthening properties, applied in two layers. After each application, comb the eyelashes with a special brush and allow to dry completely.

To give expressiveness to rare hairs mascara with the effect of maximum volume will help.Apply it in 2-3 layers, separate the hairs and wait for complete drying before the next dyeing.

Eyelashes with a large natural curve before makeup is shown brushing. To help women - the classic nourishing mascara without additional effects.

For everyday use, makeup artists recommend choosing a standard, tightening or extending cosmetics. Waterproof models are indispensable in wet weather, relaxing on the sea or visiting the pool. Evening make-up will complement extractive and voluminous mascara, it will make the look fascinating.

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