The best love melodrama. The best films about love (list)

about love is not only an opportunity to spend the evening pleasantly, but also to weep and plunge into the abyss of your own dreams. When watching films like this, everyone is allowed to give up slack. This genre of cinema reveals the spirituality of the main characters, their sensuality, and the good here always fights against evil against the background of hatred and love. In this article we will describe the best melodramas about love. The list will not be very large, but these films will be enough to spend a pleasant weekend in front of a blue screen. So read and choose.

"P.S. I love you"

best love melodrama

This is the best love melodrama for 2007 ratings, but today there are many who want to see it. As a rule, the creators of the tragic dramas "save" the death of one of the main characters at the end of the film. However, in this film, everything is different. Jerry, Holly's husband, leaves this world at the end of the first part of the picture.But this does not mean that he disappears from the narrative. While he was sick and suffered from brain cancer, he wrote numerous letters addressed to his wife. It is these soulful narratives that help her to live on after such grief, to cope with depression. Letters allow her to open her heart for happy moments in life. By the way, many viewers and critics in the United States did not like the accent of Gerard Butler, who was played by Jerry. However, thanks to the high-quality translation and the wonderful play of the actors, we include this tape in the list of “The best love melodramas”. It turns out that the strong feelings of one person can help another even after death.

“Rush love”

best Russian love melodrama

As a rule, all the best melodramas about love are to one degree or another connected with tragedy, with death. It makes us cry, worry, and the film only adds popularity. So with this tape. At the very beginning of the viewing, you might think that the creators wanted to make an ordinary film with a standard love story and an inevitable happy ending. The confluence of many circumstances leads to the meeting of two completely different people. Landon is the first handsome man at school, a rebel, a conqueror of hearts, and Jamie is a sweet and modest girl, the daughter of a priest. Opposites attract, as we know.It all starts as a romantic comedy, viewers think that this is the best love melodrama with a happy ending. The turn of events is unpredictable. The protagonist learns that his beloved is sick with leukemia, and she has very little time left to live. Then we see a touching and sincere story about how the guy tried to make the last days of his beloved in this world the happiest. The best films (melodramas) about love are an unpredictable plot, experiences, sympathy, sincerity, through which you will pass along with the characters.


best love melodramas 2014

James Cameron never hid anyone from anyone that he intended to make a film about the greatest technical crash, so that the audience could feel and see the whole scale of the tragedy. He wanted to show the ocean liner, which is sinking in a terrible abyss, so authentically and realistically, as no one has done before. However, we could hardly say that “Titanic” is the best love melodrama if it were not for the relationship between the poor guy and the secular rich beauty, which were put in the basis of the whole plot. Jack and Rose have their own, parallel reality. Today, viewers are redefining this tape not for the sake of panic, not for the spectacular wreck of the ship, but in order to once again experience the whole love story between Winslet and DiCaprio.

"With love, Rosie"

the best love melodrama

Now let's find out which best love melodramas of 2014 are recommended for viewing. Rosie and Alex are the main characters of the film. They have known for a long time. The heroes themselves did not notice how true friendship slowly but surely began to outgrow into something more serious. In the end, both realized that they would be together forever. Everything would be fine and cloudless if the Alex family had not decided to move to another city. Rosie was in a panic, her grief knew no bounds. However, the young people decided to spend the night together before the guy left. By coincidence of strange circumstances, the girl did not wait for her beloved that evening. In her frustrated feelings, she rushes into the arms of the first comer, about which she will regret the rest of her life. After a while she learns that she is pregnant, and her next meeting with Alex takes place after 12 years! How will their fate? Will they be together?

"Happy finale"

best love melodrama list

The best love melodramas of 2014 are not only tragic and sad climaxes, but also funny, happy stories that we sometimes need so much to lift our spirits. “Happy finale” is a film about an inveterate bachelor Yudi, who fears only one thing in life - love confessions.By virtue of his frivolousness, he recognizes only free relations without any obligations. But his passion has a completely different view of such things. She is not just clinging to him, but demands that he be there all the time. The guy even has to get a job to have a weighty excuse and not to spend days and nights with the girl. But here it will not be so simple. After all, another lady appears in the frame. Who will Judi choose and why? Will he change his views on relationships? See, have fun and enjoy.

"I hate and love"

2015 began not so long ago, but we can already watch the latest cinema. The best love melodrama with a heartbreaking plot is the film "I Hate and Love." It would seem that another story that the mother loses her child. The truth opens after many years when her daughter falls in love with her brother. What happened in the past? How did a woman lose her son? Was it her fault? Be sure to watch this movie, because many believe that the best Russian melodramas about love are closer to us in spirit. We are experiencing them more strongly and more sympathizing with the heroes.

"50 shades of grey"

best love melodrama

The best love melodramas, the list of which you see in this article, cannot be imagined without this tape.At first, everyone read out the book of the same name, and today we are happy to see the film. Anastacia learns to be a writer at the university. The girl is young and has no sexual experience. She has a best friend with whom they live together and attend classes. Soon both are waiting for graduation. It happened that Katie fell ill, her friend would have to meet in her place for an interview with a rich man. Will Anastacia meet again with the oligarch? What will end their communication? Be sure to watch this movie, you will not remain indifferent to the history of the films of love melodrama

"Model of a happy life"

The best Russian love melodramas appear one after another this year. This is a story about Irina Gorokhova, a 32-year-old woman who has everything in life that other people don’t dare to dream about. Perseverance and outstanding thinking contributed to the fact that Irina quickly climbed the career ladder and today occupies an excellent position in a large company. Naturally, there are many envious people who want to discuss her life and accuse a woman of all imaginable and inconceivable sins. It seems to one that her life was completely successful, and one cannot even dream of anything more.However, Irina herself is far from satisfied with everything. Preferring to all professional success, career growth, she completely set aside “for later” her personal life. And if earlier she was satisfied with such a state of affairs, now it becomes sad in the evenings, there are such moments that you want to cuddle with someone, talk, share sad thoughts. And now she has a chance to completely change her life. She goes on a business trip to the town where she grew up, walks there in her native squares, parks, recalls her youth and first love. It is this man and there is on her way. And here she understands that money, career is not the main thing. She needs the man who stands next to her. Irina makes an important decision - to stay in a provincial town and be happy. Will they be together? How will the fate of the main character? Can she bring back the man of her dreams? Be sure to watch this tape in your free time. Enjoy your viewing!

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