The best anime about demons: the list

In the anime you can find many different characters. But as studies show, viewers are more attracted to "dark" creatures: vampires, zombies, youkai, titans or demons, which, in fact, will be discussed. Anime about demons, a list of which will be presented in this article, is divided into different genres. The most popular of them will be presented in the publication.

Demons in Japan

The main religion of the Land of the Rising Sun is Shinto. Its central position is that for each object or phenomenon is its own deity. During its existence, many deities have arisen within its framework, but where there are gods, there will always be devils. And such a variety of mystical characters directors successfully used in the plots of anime, representing them in different roles. The world of demons is infinite. They are presented in various forms: from unremarkable formless substances to human-like creatures.

anime about demons list

Not always in the anime demons - this is the axis of evil. Sometimes they play a very ambiguous role, creating the impression that even the devil has a heart.

Romance from demons

Well, it's time to move from a lyrical introduction to specifics, which will be presented by an anime list about demons and love:

  • Shuffle.The protagonist Tsitumi Rin lost his parents early. But, despite the tragedy, he remains sociable, cheerful, overflowing with optimism and ready to take part in any adventure. Perhaps it is these qualities that attract to him unusual females, who strive to make him their husband, and at the same time the master of demons.
  • "Very nice, God."Nanami was not lucky with his father, an avid player who one day lost the house and disappeared in an unknown direction. A high school student already in all her glory imagined homeless life, sitting on a bench in the park. But fate is an unpredictable thing: Nanami saves a stranger from a dog, he invites her to live in his house. There, she meets the fox demon Tomoe, part-time her keeper, and learns that she has become the local deity of the Earth.

anime list about demons and love

  • "Crimson fragments".Tamaki comes to her grandmother in the village and finds out that she is the princess Tamaory - the keeper of the sword Onikirimaru, with which you can kill a demon or god.Five guardians are represented, one of them is the descendant of the demon, which was sealed by the first princess.
  • "Grandson of Nunarikhen".Even the demons have their own ruler, and the schoolboy Rikuo will have to become him, since his grandfather can no longer hold this position. This will help him Yukki-onna - a childhood friend and part-time snowy youkai.

Man and demon

The romance in the anime of demons does not end there. The plot is not uncommon when an ordinary person falls in love with a creature from another world.

Anime about the love of man and demon (list):

  • "Girl-demon Zakuro."In a world where demons and people exist together, one cannot do without racial prejudice. And only joint work will help erase the line where misunderstandings end and love begins.

anime about demons and school list

  • "Inuyashi."He is half demon - lonely and abandoned by all. She is a simple girl whose family lives in a Shinto temple. Perhaps their meeting was not accidental.
  • "Hero at the sworn enemy".Confronting people and demons lasted for many centuries. In the next war, there was a hero who decided to kill the main demon. But instead of a demon there was a demonesscompletely sharing his views on this war.

School days

Anime about demons, the list of which continues, found a place even in the TV shows about the school. Here, representatives of the other world can pretend to be students in ordinary educational institutions, and can establish their schools in the world of people. No matter how you look, such scenes are very popular, especially if the main characters are beautiful guys and girls of demonic origin.

Anime about demons and school (list):

  • "Velzepuz".One day, a high school bully finds a kid. As it turned out, this is a child of Satan, and he does not want to return home. Therefore, the main character did not think of anything better than to engage in his upbringing.
  • "Prince of the Underworld: Demons and Realist."The young aristocrat studies in a decent educational institution. One day he learns that he has become bankrupt and, searching the mansion in search of something valuable, he accidentally calls a demon. This is where the fun begins.
  • "Fox Secret Service."The usual story about a girl, half demon, who wants to lead a normal life in a normal school.

anime about vampires and demons list

  • "Blue Exorcist".Anime paradox in which the children of Satan learn to exorcists - peopleexorcists.

Princes of the night

Also there are many scenes, where not only demons, but also vampires are represented. Most often they vie with each other for power, valuable items, or simply out of harm.

Anime about vampires and demons (list of the most famous):

  • "Devil's Ball."The student council of the school is run by demons from the underworld. Outwardly, they can not be distinguished from ordinary people (ordinary people of extreme beauty). But school life is not interesting for them, their goal is a high school student, inside of which is hidden the coveted grimmoire. For possession of them, they come to grips with the "princes of the night" - vampires.
  • "Bloody guy".The story of a vampire who lived in the world of demons, played computer games and watched anime. It would have continued his serene existence, if he had not managed to fall in love.

Angels and Demons

As you know, demons always intersect with angels. And the latter do not always play a positive role. Recall at least the 1st season of the "Dark Butler". In addition, the viewer likes to look at evil in its different guises, so the anime, in which angels and demons interact, is not so much, but still a few successful TV shows can be noted.

Anime about angels and demons (list):

  • "High School: Demons vs. Fallen."The 17-year-old boy is killed and then turned into a demon. And now he has a cherished goal: to become the demon of the highest level and create his own harem. That's just to understand the relationship of angels and demons is extremely difficult.

anime about angels and demons list [

  • "X".Alternative reality, in which there is a battle between the forces of Heaven and Earth. The former want to destroy people in order to save nature, and the latter defend humanity.
  • "The thief-kamikaze Zhanna."The main character after school, with the help of the angel Fin Fish, turns into Joan of Arc and steals objects of art in which the demons are sealed so that they cannot harm their owners.


As you can see, the anime about demons, the list of which is already coming to an end, is presented in different genres: romance, adventure, comedy. But there is another genre that is worth paying attention to. This is a detective.

Anime about demons (detective TV series list):

  • "Death note".God of death is bored with life in the world of demons, and he decides to visit the world of people to have fun. His notebook, which kills all those whose names are written in it, accidentally falls into the hands of a schoolboy, and he begins to administer justice.

best anime pro demons list

  • "Neuro Nogami - a detective from hell."Neuro is a demon who eats riddles. Since there is nothing “nutritious” in the world of demons, he comes into the world of people and opens a detective agency. A 16-year-old schoolgirl and a former member of one of the Yakuza clans helps him in his work.
  • "Come, Azazel!"Anime parody of a detective who can call demons and order them to fulfill desires.
  • "Even the devil can cry."Dante is half demon and part-time protagonist, who has his own agency, which deals with various tasks: from detective to security.

Other masterpieces

And perhaps this is not the end. It is worth mentioning those serials that are not included in the general classification, but have rather high ratings. These are mainly historical animes, dramas, series about friendship, battles, hunting for demons, mysterious organizations and simply about demons that do not interfere with a person’s choice, but only watch what is happening, playing their demonic role.

The best anime about demons (list):

  • "The Dark Butler."
  • "Dee Gray Man."
  • "Satan at work".
  • "Berserk".
  • "Garot: the seal of the flame."
  • "Hell Girl".
  • "Notebook friendship Natsume."
  • "At the behest of hell sister."
  • Hell Dante.
  • "The Tale of the Demons of Sakura."

 anime about love man and demon list

Stories of demons have their charm. Their popularity does not depend on the fact that viewers extol evil on a pedestal, but on the fact that in the anime of demons evil is always ambiguous. An evil that knows the value of friendship and loyalty, an evil that knows how to love and protect, an evil with a sense of nobility and dignity. These qualities are not found in the stories about bloodthirsty monsters, only in the anime can a demon acquire the characteristics of a decent person in every sense.

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