The astrologer's forecast: a horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina for 2014

In this article, your attention will behoroscope from Vasilisa Volodina for 2014. In addition to general recommendations, the most popular astrologer of our country will tell you what awaits every person born under this or that sign of the zodiac in the next 12 months.

The general horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina for 2014

The coming year will be controlled by the planet Saturn,which will force those people, to whom for 30 years, to realize the spiritual necessity of refusal. In principle, this is not so bad, because, limiting yourself in one, a person can get a chance to become the owner of something much larger and cleaner.

horoscope from the basilisk of Vasilissa for 2014 "The planet Saturn will require from the inhabitants of the Earthmore clarity, "- says Vasilisa Volodina. The year 2014 will be completely under the authority of the Scorpio sign. In connection with this, the most important task in the next 12 months is the issue of control over the dark sides and emotions inherent in each of us. In addition, this year requires:

  • understand the forms and boundaries of their emotional manifestations;
  • to regulate all its deep and inner needs;
  • understand and realize that you can not manipulate close people, take them under full control and apply dishonest means of influence;
  • deal with the rational side of his personality and in no case allow the irrational part to rule over you.

As for the astrological forecast,it is difficult to tell about future events at once for everyone. Therefore, we will present an individual horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina for 2014, which was compiled for each sign separately, proceeding from the position of Saturn in Scorpio.


This year, Aries will easily be addicted to newprojects and ideas. But it is not necessary to hurry in such matters. It is desirable for representatives of this sign to learn to prioritize correctly, and not to dissipate their own energy into emptiness. Horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina for Aries recommends in 2014 to make huge, simply inhuman efforts to improve their material wealth. Because only through perseverance and work you can get a pretty good profit.


horoscope 2014 from the basilisk For representatives of this sign it's timeto separate the wheat from the chaff. If some relations are dear to you and to some extent help you live, then such ties should be strengthened in 2014. If there are no such people in your environment, then it's time to get rid of unproductive communication. And what about the material welfare advises Taurus Volodin Vasilisa? Horoscope 2014 says that people born under this sign, the first six months will have to suffer with the implementation of all money plans, as they can replenish their wallets only after the summer season.


"Representatives of this sign should be closelytake care of your health, "- warns Vasilisa Volodin. The forecast for material prosperity looks more optimistic, as the Gemini in 2014 will be luckier with money than ever. It is likely that they will find some new source of income that will allow them to realize all their dreams and plans.


Horoscope 2014 from Vasilisa Volodinawarns representatives of this sign. After all, this year they can be expected to destabilize relations in the family, especially with children. It's time to pull yourself together and significantly lower the degree of boiling passions, giving the child a sense of his independence and independence. As for welfare, there should be no special increase this year for Cancers.

a lion

basilisk Throughout the year, people born under the sign ofLeo, you should pay special attention to home, household affairs and real estate. However, do not forget about your parents. "If you are hindered from dealing with long-standing grievances, then it's time to agree, stop feeling guilty and forgive old debts," Vasilissa Volodina recommends. The forecast for 2014 regarding money for Lviv is more than optimistic. After all, in the next 12 months they have a real chance to enrich themselves.


For Dev this year will be important to everything that concernsplanning of contacts and restrictions in communication. Thus, representatives of this sign are advised to evaluate their own circle of acquaintances and to weed out unnecessary ones. In order not to feel lonely as a result of such actions, you should immerse yourself in studies, books or receive information about the surrounding world in a different way, rather than engage in idle chatter. In 2014, the Virgo will finally be satisfied with their material well-being, although this is not for long. After all, as they say, there is not much money, and along with the growth of incomes, the needs will also increase.


Representatives of this sign in 2014, it's timeTo understand with the propensity to impulsive purchases and unreasonable financial expenditure. After all, old age is not far off, and you should think about money for a "black" day. It is also worth noting that Libra this year will be able to increase its income only if they change their sphere of activity or find some other source of funding.

horoscope 2014 from the basilisk


Despotism, the desire to control and manipulatesurrounding people - these concepts are pretty close to representatives of this sign. That is why they should think about how they express their emotions and feelings, and do not offend at the same time their loved ones, relatives, colleagues and friends. Scorpions in 2014 can be confident that they will be able to increase their income severalfold. After all, money will be drawn to them from the very beginning of the year. In this regard, they should intensify their courage and reaction, so as not to miss the chance.


This year, born under the sign of SagittariusIt should be analyzed what habits are destructive for them. If you love sweets or drink a glass of wine before going to bed, which adversely affects your health, then this, of course, must be abandoned. It is also worth noting that 2014 for Streltsov will be decisive, and they will be able to find something that will subsequently bring them significant income. As for personal life, these people in the second half of the year expects a tense situation, as they will have to accept the changes that have arisen in the behavior of a loved one.

volosna basilisa horoscope 2014


What does the horoscope promise Vasilisa Volodina for2014 for the representatives of this sign of the zodiac? In the next twelve months they will have to systematize and streamline all their plans for the future. The same applies to friendly relations. It is the current year that will allow Capricorns to accurately determine their goal and focus on specific cases. Those representatives of the sign, who have irregular wages, will be able to organize themselves in such a way that they will have a good job, and, accordingly, big profits that will be transparent, permanent and predictable.

Vasilisa Volodina forecast for 2014


In 2014, this character of the zodiacal circleYou should seriously evaluate everything related to his professional activities. You need to understand and understand, whether you have chosen the right direction, how well you build relations with the leader, colleagues, etc. In a sense, this year for Aquarius will be the year of obedience. Despite the fact that it is extremely difficult for you, you still have to recognize other people's merits and authorities, and also to reconcile with them.

Aquarius 2014 foreshadows not only profit, but also costs. In order not to be on the verge of bankruptcy, you will need to take money more seriously.

Vasilisa volodina 2014


Pisces has always been extremely important questionsspirituality. However, in 2014 their faith will take a more clear outline. So, someone from the representatives of this sign will be determined with the religion, and someone will completely change it. Horoscope for 2014 from Vasilisa Volodina predicts Pisces success in professional growth and career, which, of course, will entail a monetary profit. Representatives of this sign can look at their abilities differently and on themselves in general. They will open up new opportunities that will enable them to achieve independence and financial well-being.

The beginning of the year will be ideal for building newlove relations. Romanticism and harmony await the fish until the end of the first half. But then the situation may worsen, but only if they do not understand their own feelings and do not understand what is really important for them. As for singles, in 2014 they will be able to make quite a lot of acquaintances, but they will not find their partner in life.

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