Is the age requirement an indisputable limitation?

Today we are more and more often faced with the problem of age discrimination. Accordingly, this restriction significantly narrows the scope of selection of vacancies. How to deal with this acute problem and why is this happening?

What is the age requirement

The age requirement is a clearly established age at the legislative level, in the presence of which a person is entitled to vote and to be elected.

If we analyze in detail the interpretation of this phrase, it is necessary to consider in detail the word “qualification”. There are several meanings of this word. Thus, qualification is a certain number of conditions for allowing an individual to use rights.

Most often, this concept is used in this sense: the age limit is a kind of restriction that applies to the occupation of a particular position or activity. So, for example, only one who is at least 21 years old can become a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

age requirement

Why the concept is controversial

It should be noted that the term "age limit" caused controversy among scientists. Many theorists believed that this kind of restriction directly contradicts all democratic values ​​in modern society. However, supporters of the law insist that the age limit applies to absolutely every citizen and the scope of equality is not violated. But if, for example, it is possible to take part in voting from the age of 18, then this restriction does not exclude the right of young people to actively participate in the political life of the society in another way.

age requirement for doctors

To what areas does the age limit apply

The age requirement is, of course, a kind of restriction. Moreover, its scope of action is quite extensive. Consider the most significant areas for each of us:

Constitutional law - here the age qualification is applied in such cases:

  • only those citizens who have reached the age of majority have the right to vote in elections;
  • during the substitution of posts for municipal or state civil service. For example, only those who have reached the age of 35 can become president.

In Family Law, the age requirement should be considered in the following cases:

  • upon marriage;
  • payment of alimony (able-bodied children (over 18 years old) must provide for their disabled parents);
  • when adopting a child and establishing guardianship / guardianship.

Criminal and administrative law also provides for restrictive measures. In these areas, age is of great importance. Thus, from the age of 16, a person is responsible for offenses of an administrative type, as well as for committing crimes. However, there is a remark in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: at the age of 14, a person is independently responsible for the crimes committed (murder, rape, extortion).

Based on the foregoing, the age limit should be carefully considered in the area to which each specific case applies.

How age qualification affects medical practice

In July of this year, the age limit for doctors was discussed in the State Duma. Thus, the deputies adopted a bill that sets an age limit for work in senior positions in public medical institutions.

Age requirement for the head physicianwas 65 years old. Upon reaching this age, the chief doctor will be transferred to another position that corresponds to his qualification level. However, if a general decision is made at the general meeting of workers, then the head physician will be allowed to continue his work on the post of chief physician until 70 years.

age requirement for the head physician

Despite the disagreement of a number of deputies from United Russia, this bill will come into force on October 1 of this year. Many opponents of this "innovation" argue that the adoption of such measures is contrary to the global trend to increase the working life of a person.

Age requirement for president

The basic law (Constitution) defines a number of conditions for a candidate for the presidency. Among the main ones is the residency qualification: permanent residence in the country for 10 years.

The Constitution also establishes an age limit. The age limit is 35 years.So, a person cannot become president if he is younger than this age. Such a mandatory requirement is due to the fact that the fulfillment of presidential powers requires the use of life experience and management skills.

president age qualification

The new Constitution does not prescribe a higher qualification for a candidate for this post. Previously, the age limit was 65 years.

Many people who are confronted with an age limit are depressed. And this psychological crisis only leads to a loss of self-confidence. It must be remembered that the age limit is just a limitation that should be fought. The main thing is your level of professionalism and experience. Therefore, it is morally necessary to prepare yourself to fight for your place. Prove that despite your age, you are an excellent specialist, and such specialists, as they say, are worth their weight in gold.

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