Than to occupy the child of 2 years?

Children two-year-olds are very restless, curious andrestless. It is worth leaving a two-year-old child alone for at least five minutes, he will immediately find a job. And not always it will be safe. Probably, each of the parents passed through this period, when you do not know what to do with a child of 2 years.

At this age, the baby is particularly activeperceives all the information coming from the outside world. There is so much new, that it is simply difficult for a child to keep attention on one thing, he is constantly distracted. Choosing classes for a child of two years, you need to consider this feature and do not scold him for not being able to focus.

Let's paint

The difficult task of parents of the two-year plan is to sendThe irrepressible energy of the child to develop his own abilities. One of the favorite fun kids at this age is drawing. If you do not want to sacrifice beautiful wallpaper, stock up on paper, and even paints and pencils. By the way, in the process of drawing it is very convenient to study colors and, for example, figures. Ask the kid to draw a blue circle or a green square.

Now in the shops a large selection of variouspaints for drawing. For some time now, finger tips have been popular. They can be painted without brushes - with their hands. Believe me, this process will delight the kid. And if you join yourself, you will also get a lot of fun. It is a real flight of fantasy and an explosion of creativity!


For the development of speech, most importantly, just talk withchild. At this time the baby is like a parrot. He repeats everything for his parents. So do not be lisping. Speak correctly, articulate clearly. Ask the child questions. For example, when you look out the window, ask: "What do you see behind the window?". Specify. For example, if the kid says "uncle", ask: "What does your uncle do?", And so on.

This is what to take a child 2 years, you can and intime walk. Pay attention to the details and characteristics of objects: large - small, close - far ... Then ask yourself: "What kind of machine, big or small?", "Cat far or near?". If the child finds it difficult to answer, tell him.

At home, ask to sort toys by size,by colors, material (by soft and hard) and so on. At the same time, let the child name things. Give him an example, start by yourself, take the toy: "It's a bear, it's big and soft," then ask the child to do the same, for example, with a cube.

Teach a child of onomatopoeia, picture the sound of the engine whistle, the mewing of a cat, the barking of a dog. Ask to repeat.

Fingers - Toys

Finger games are a real salvation forparents of two-year-old fidgets on the road or in lines. This is what to take a child in 2 years is easy and simple. The old - good "Forty-Crow", which fed the children, carries the child and, at the same time, promotes the development of fine motor skills and coordination. Games with fingers are usually accompanied by rhymes-hints, on the Internet you can find them very much. Learn them together with the child, gradually he begins to repeat them independently.

Outdoor games

Of course, to stay in one place a child in 2 yearsvery difficult. Alternate the "sedentary" games with mobile. Throw the ball at the child, it develops coordination. Play in the "mirror": let the child repeat after you all the movements, then swap roles. On a walk, play the "catch-up", at home in hide and seek. If possible, equip the gym at home. Even if it is the simplest Swedish wall with the old mattress put under it.

Toys from improvised materials

For the development of small motor skills in 2 yearsyou can use the reserves ... of your kitchen! Pour buckwheat, beans, peas into different capacities, and let the kid just touch them, pour them into jars, bottles. Even if later you have to sweep the floor, believe me, the joy of the child is worth it.

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