Terry Goodkind: Love and Hate Under One Cover

How does the world created by Terry Goodkind differ from any other fantasy world in the style of “sword and magic”? Perhaps, a very scrupulous elaboration of details, which makes it unusually plausible.

The books of Terry Goodkind are most similar to the works of John R. R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks, but there are significant differences between them. In the worlds of Tolkien, you want to visit, you perceive Terry Brooks’s works as a very interesting fairy tale quest, and the universe that Terry Goodkind created is more like a gloomy, cruel reality with specks of magic. Nevertheless, it is unusually attractive for many readers.terry goodkind

about the author

Terry Goodkind was born in 1948 in Omaha, Nebraska. In this city, the future writer graduated from the school of art and entered college. But the study did not work, and Terry was forced to work as a carpenter. He also restored rare, antiques, made violins to order, was engaged in the sale of antiques.

Terry Goodkind wrote good pictures, they often depicted the sea, mountains and forests. In 1983, the writer moved to Maine, where he built a house in the woods, on the shores of the ocean. After the move, he began to write his debut novel - "The first rule of the wizard." The book was published in 1994, and it was a smashing success.sword of truth terry goodkind

Since then, the writer began writing a series of novels under the general title The Sword of Truth. Terry Goodkind has created several series of books, but all of them, with one exception, describe the events of one world.

Today, the writer, along with his wife Jerry, lives alternately in a house in Maine, then in a second house built in a desert area in the south-west of the country.

Terry Goodkind: Books

Series "The Legend of Magda Cyrus":“The First Confessor,” 2012. Background, a novel about how the Order of the Confessors was created.

Cycle "The Sword of Truth»: eleven books, each is called "The first rule of the wizard," "The second rule ..." and so on, until the "Last rule of the wizard." Also included in the cycle is a prequel book “Ancestral Debts”. Books were written from 1994 to 2007, the series is over.

terry goodkind wizard rules

Series "Richard and Kahlan"

  1. “Prediction Machine”, 2011
  2. The Third Kingdom, 2013
  3. "Separated Souls", 2014
  4. “Heart of War”, 2015

Outside the series, Terry Goodkind wrote the novel “The Law of Nines” (2009) - this is the spin-off of The Wizard Rules, as well as the only independent work “Fel” (2016) in the genre of modern thriller.terry goodkind books

In January 2017, Terry Goodkind's book, Mrs. Death, was published, which should mark the beginning of the new Sister of Darkness series. This is an independent story about a character known from other books of the writer - Nikki, who has become a faithful ally for Richard and Kahlan.

TV series

Is it possible to film the books of such a writer as Terry Goodkind? The “rules of the wizard” is an excellent basis for the script, anyone can be convinced of this simply by reading the books. Apparently, the leaders of ABC Studios also decided, and in 2008 the series “Legend of the Seeker” appeared. In total 2 seasons of 22 episodes were shot.

The film was a good success, its rating at different times ranged from 7 to 9.5 out of 10. But many fans of Terry Goodkind were frankly disappointed. First of all, the disappointment was from the minimal resemblance to the books: the plot was reduced, some of the details were left off-camera, and the huge universe was reduced to a relationship between a dozen characters.

In addition, the series was made almost childish, which means that it is impossible to feel on the screen that dark component, which, like pepper, adds sharpness to Goodkind's novels.

Why readers love and hate books by Terry Goodkind

Have you ever been taken hostage by books? If you have not experienced this feeling, try to read the works of Goodkind. In each novel, the author has about 400-600 pages, and it is impossible to break away from them. The degree of immersion in the plot is the maximum possible, which means that the reader forgets about what you need to eat, sleep, perform some household duties, etc.

The good news is that Terry Goodkind appreciates his characters, so in the end everything will be fine. Not pleased that the author of the characters apparently does not like too much, because it makes them experience too much.

The worst thing in Goodkind’s books is the lengthy plot and the fast ending. Many do not consider this a disadvantage, rather like a unique author's style. First, readers of 200 pages are watching the slow journey of the characters, and the storylines are all multiplying and multiplying. And then for 5-10 pages the author manages to bring all the ends together, plunge all enemies and give the necessary explanations.

But still, books by Terry Goodkind are a reference to classic fantasy, which can be recommended to everyone.

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