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The rock band Kvartal has an unusual style. She created unique arrangements that allowed to draw attention to the new compositions of the team. Few people know, but this group has been around for 30 years, and almost all this time an amazing singer, Tatyana Litvinenko, has been performing with her.

Curriculum Vitae

Tatyana Litvinenko

The girl was born in Dnepropetrovsk. In this city she spent all her childhood and youth. It was here that she graduated from school and found her job in life. Since childhood, Tanya dreamed of singing, but did not know where she should act. She chose the school for a long time and stopped at the Moscow Institute of Culture. He was perfect for the tasks she set for herself.

The girl wanted to get closer to creativity, but did not have a clear understanding of where this can be done. This university was neutral, it was easy to enter a foreign girl. The decision changed the biography of Tatiana Litvinenko. She went to a new city, and completely conquered him.Now almost all fans of unusual music know Tatiana and honor her talent.

Training at the Institute of Culture

Litvinenko Tatyana

The course in which the girl studied, was selected motley. Her friend was Katia Strizhenova, who nevertheless wore a different surname, songs for the course were written by Leonid Agutin, and instead of obtaining new knowledge, students often gathered together with skittles and went to private rock concerts. The proposal to become a singer for her was already in her first year from Arthur Pilyavin, the creator and inspirer of the Kvartal group.

Arthur walked into the audience and asked the girls for matches, but since they were not there, he decided to ask if there were any singer among the charming students. Ekaterina Strizhenova immediately recommended Tatiana Litvinenko to him. The girl first decided to refuse, because she planned to go to the Baltic to rest. Arthur decided to wait for the obstinate beauty.

How did the Quarter group come about?

Tatyana Litvinenko biography

When the girl crossed the threshold of the rehearsal base, she realized that it was already necessary to join the existing team. The guys played a couple of funny songs, experimented with the sound. Tatyana Litvinenko perfectly fit into the company.For her, several compositions were written that allowed her to reveal her voice.

At the same time, the guys thought about the name of the group. Several times they met and thought only about him, until Arthur’s wife offered the Quarter. This word attracted everyone, including Litvinenko, Tatiana Anatolievna. They had acquaintances working under the name “Work District”, so the “Quarter” seemed to them an interesting name for the team. And the music of the group itself was like street music - in the compositions a mixture of jazz, soul and other directions was used.

First tour

Litvinenko Tatyana Anatolyevna

The first performance of the group was in 1987 in the famous DC Gorbunov, they sang at the opening of the "Brigade S". This made it possible to quickly gain popularity, and the group began touring. Tatiana Anatolievna Litvinenko visited many cities: Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Borisoglebsk, Volgograd. In the last settlements, the first music video for the song “Moidodyr” was shot. Following the first tour was followed by the release of the album "Do not forget me."

In 1989, when it became possible to travel abroad, the group traveled almost all of Europe.There they met with musicians whose style was close to them, and were able to find new directions for work. They got such an opportunity thanks to Andrei Makarevich, who was friends with Arthur.

Later, the group once again collaborated with the Time Machine. In 1998, Andrei Makarevich and a number of Russian pop stars took part in the recording of the World of Pink Dolls album, and in 2000, members of the Kvartal group re-recorded several songs of Time Machine. All of them are included in the album "Time rented." He helped a young audience to lie down, and the song “You or I” (formerly called “Sunny Island”) occupied the first lines of the charts of the country's leading radio stations for several weeks.

Personal life and maternity leave

Tatyana Litvinenko quarter biography age

Despite the busy schedule that Tatyana Litvinenko developed in the early nineties, she was able to arrange her personal life at that time. The singer started a passionate romance and very soon married. Just a few months later, the group had to look for a new vocalist, since Tatiana went on maternity leave.

Temporarily Litvinenko Tatiana was replaced by black Sophie O’Cran. Her own material was written for her, since Tatiana's songs did not fit the girl at all; she was more extravagant and emotional.But the replacement was short-lived, literally 2 months after the birth of the child, Tanya returned to the group, and Sophie became the backing singer. Perhaps this destroyed the marriage of a girl who lasted only a few months. She could not do without creativity, and her husband wanted to see Tatiana as a housewife.

Difficult period

For several years, Litvinenko Tatiana Anatolievna was engaged only in creative work and a son. She was fascinated by break dance, developed a singing career. Only one analysis broke her plans - during the examination, the singer found malignant cells. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. The woman’s age was already 50 years old, but she didn’t give up.

Tatiana spent the whole year on treatment. During this time she underwent chemotherapy, she was given droppers and injections. One has only to envy the resilience of a woman, because she tried not to cancel a single concert. When the woman started to lose her hair due to therapy, she began to wear hats on performances, but she did not stop singing. According to Tatyana herself, it was the music that helped her through a difficult period.

"10 years younger"

After the singer defeated cancer, she decided to continue her career, because she did not want to lose the opportunity to give people the joy. However, the year of treatment had a negative effect on the appearance. Therefore, the woman decided to take part in the project "10 years younger." The difficult life situation, the details of the biography and the age of Litvinenko, Tatiana from “Quarter”, had to be revealed to the whole country, because the program goes on the federal channel.

Many were amazed how much Tatiana was able to transform. After the procedures and plastic surgery in the Frau Clinics, the woman was able to throw not 10, but as much as 20 years. Additionally, new images from stylists were developed for Tatiana, which she now uses at her concerts. Now instead of a woman with an extinct look, the fans see a bright and young Tatiana. Many admirers of her talent noted that she began to look like at the dawn of her career - in the nineties.

Group now

Litvinenko Tatyana Anatolievna Novorossiysk

The first concert after updating the image Tatiana spent the last day of filming a TV show. Over 30 years of participation in the group, a lot has happened: the woman became very ill, her marriage broke up, and the founder of the group, Arthur, died.However, despite everything, Kvartal continues to perform and delight the public.

Now the group practically does not release albums and video clips. The last video was filmed by them in 2011 (9 years after A. Pilyavin’s death) on the track “Fingers”. Since then, the group did not have new material. As the participants themselves admitted, it is very difficult for them to do without Arthur, it was he who gave out a fountain of ideas.

Now most of the time "Quarter" is touring. They visit various cities of Russia and neighboring countries, participate in pre-cast concerts, take part in recordings of radio programs where they have to play live.

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