The story "Shot": a summary. "Shot" of Pushkin A. S .: plot, characters

Tale of A.S. Pushkin "The Shot" is an interesting multi-level story with a complex plot. You can get a detailed picture of the life of the main characters by reading a very brief summary. “The Shot” is a story that, thanks to an interesting style of narration, allows one to delve into the mores of mankind in the period when the story takes place.

Cycle of stories

A.S. Pushkin successfully used the method of "imaginary authorship". Thanks to this style, the author of the story “The Shot” is formally Belkin. The summary of the story allows not only to spend the minimum amount of time to read, but also to feel the spirit of life of that time without any embellishment.

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The cycle of his stories consists of five stories: "The Snowstorm", "The Undertaker", "The Stationmaster", "The Young Lady-Peasant" and "The Shot". Each of them fully reflects the different aspects of the human soul, showing the human essence.

The story "Shot": a summary

The author resolves all conflicts that arise as you read the story, rather extraordinary. That is why, only by getting acquainted with the characters of the main characters, you can get the maximum idea of ​​the semantic load, which carries the "Shot". The summary of the story can significantly reduce the time required for reading the story.

The main characters of the story:

  • The former hussar Silvio is the central image. You can follow his fate by reading not even the whole story, but its summary. The “Shot” shows him in the role of a fairly capricious person, accustomed to acting as a leader, not shy of expressing his opinion to other people.
  • The second hero of the story, the name of which the author does not name, is a young man born in a rich and noble family. With his qualities, he is not inferior to Silvio, for which he eventually begins to hate him. Its main features are the mind and beauty, thanks to which other young people are drawn to it.
  • The narrator is a young nobleman whose fate is closely intertwined with the fate of the main characters.He is the best friend of Silvio and the only person whom he dedicated to his life. By chance, he learns how in the future fate of Silvio, succumbed to a thirst for revenge.

First part

The first part begins with a story about the life of an army officer in a secluded place, whose name the author is silent about.

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Even without being a military man, he, due to his secretiveness and unrivaled ability to shoot, attracted general attention. The collection of pistols was the only sign of luxury in his room. As a Russian, he bore a foreign name, but those around him, knowing his cool temper, did not risk asking him both about this and about his source of funds, because he arranged daily lunches for the officers of the regiment. At one time he served in the hussars, but for some reason he resigned and settled in a poor place.

He had a fairly large collection of books, the basis was military works and novels, which he willingly gave to read to everyone, never demanding them back, however, in the event that he himself took to read a book, he never returned it to the owner.

No one doubted his courage, until once he refused to call his abuser after a quarrel over a card game to a duel, which was strange, given his ability to shoot. Despite the fact that soon everyone forgot about the incident, his closest friend, on whose behalf most of the story is being kept, began to shun Silvio society. This becomes clear even if one does not read the full story, but only its short content. The “shot” conveys to the reader the characteristics of the then young people, who considered lack of courage to be the greatest sin.

On Tuesday and Friday, many officers gathered in the regimental office waiting for letters. Silvio also regularly waited for correspondence, and one day they sent him a letter, after reading which, he announced that he was leaving and would give a farewell dinner, insisting that the narrator of the story be surely present.

Silvio told him the story of his life, which was that he could not put himself at risk until he took revenge on the offender.

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In the course of the story, it turns out that, still being a hussar, he met a successful and cheerful young man, whose wealth and courtesy significantly undermined the status of Silvio among the hussars.For this, he hated him and began to look for a reason to quarrel. He laughed off all the attacks before Silvio whispered rudeness at a social reception, for which he received a slap in the face.

At the dawn of the same night, they decided to fight, but Silvio, who did not doubt his victory, was stunned by the fact that the enemy, instead of fearing for his life, stood and quietly ate cherries. According to the results of the draw, the first shot belonged to the enemy, but he missed, but seeing how little he valued his life, Silvio decided to wait for a more favorable moment and announced to the seconds that he retains the right of the last shot.

After this incident, he resigned and waited patiently, and finally in the letter he received, he learned that his enemy had decided to marry. It is for this reason that Silvio immediately moved to Moscow in order to avenge his spiritual anguish.

The servant who entered entered the horses, and Silvio, after bidding farewell to the narrator of the story, left with all his belongings forever from the place where the regiment was stationed.

Analysis of the first part

After reading the first chapter of the work, you can fully plunge into the manners of that time, which Pushkin so successfully illustrates.The “shot”, a brief content of which conveys to the reader not only the main points of the work, but also the peculiarities of the characters revealed in the main characters of the story, carries the reader into the era of balls and bloody duels. At that time, honor and glory meant nothing less than a great fortune.

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The heroes of the story initially fall into a situation where all the spiritual vices are present: love and hate, nobility and envy. Each of them has a pronounced individuality, but it is precisely because of it that not only does the full-scale disclosure of the plot begin, but also the substantial forcing of significant events in the story.

The second part

The “Shot”, the brief content of which originates from the story about the difficult life of the retired hussar Silvio, gradually allows the reader to penetrate into his complex character and the vicissitudes of life. The second part begins from the moment when the narrator of the story retires and settles in a poor village, where he leads a boring, measured and secluded life.

The narrator constantly recalls the old times, complaining that they cannot be returned, which can be judged by reading not even the whole story, but only a brief summary of it.The “Shot” is one of the first tales of that time, which shows the life of heroes as it really was at that time. In the end, the narrator even begins to fear that in a few years of such a life will turn into a real “bitter drunkard”, as almost all of his neighbors were.

His measured life changed somewhat only when the owners returned to the next rich estate. As it turned out later, the master in it is the richest nobleman to whom Silvio wanted revenge. It turned out that when the narrator visited their house with a visit and was surprised that one picture was pierced with two bullets. When he said that he was familiar with only one person who shot just as well, the owners of the estate were extremely amazed that he was familiar with Silvio, and told him what had happened after he left their officer regiment.

Pushkin shot summary

As a result of the owner’s story, it turned out that Silvio arrived at their home and recalled his promise to shoot at any moment. Despite the fact that the owner again fired first, he missed and hit the picture on the wall. At the sound of a shot, an excited wife came running, who rushed to Silvio's legs with a request to spare her husband.After some deliberation, Silvio said that he had forgiven him, although under other circumstances he probably would have killed him. At parting, he turned to the picture and fired, almost without aiming, at the same place where the manor’s bullet hit. While the stunned owners came to their senses, Silvio had already disappeared, and they had never seen him again.

Analysis of the second part

As Pushkin had conceived, "The Shot," a brief summary of which is presented in this article, was one of the most interesting narratives of that time. Showing that nobility in those days was not an empty word, and helped Silvio to overcome his thirst for revenge on the offender.

It is noteworthy that after the completion of the main part of the story, it is specified that Silvio later became the leader of the etherists during the outrage of Alexander Ypsilanti and was killed in the battle of Skulyanami.

Pushkin's creativity

Even if one does not read the whole story, but only its short content, “The Shot” remains the same complex, multi-level work, which predetermined the foundations of the birth of the modern Russian language.

story shot summary

In his works, A.S. Pushkin teaches us to be more tolerant of people around him, putting nobility and honor far above base motives.

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