Table decoration bride and groom. Wedding table decorations

Wedding banquet is the longest and mandatory part of the whole celebration. Decoration and decoration of the wedding table should be carried out in accordance with certain frameworks and certain requirements. That is what is discussed in this article.

How to arrange a table for newlyweds

You can decorate elegantly not only the table of the newlyweds, but also the chairs, as well as the surrounding space. Traditional wedding can not do without the presidium - beautifully designed back. In the tent, of course, you can do without it, decorating the fabric at the back with flower arrangements or other elements.table decoration

Making the table, the main thing - do not overdo it with accessories. They should not be allowed to eat and drink freely. You should also provide a place to install a festive cake. Designers recommend focusing on a small number of bright elements.

Table newlyweds in nature

In nature, a wedding implies the presence of a tent in which the bride and groom table is located. It is important that the table is in harmony with the overall interior design. Usually the tent is decorated with white air cloth, in connection with this decoration should be appropriate.

What should be the design of the tables at the wedding, it is worth to learn from professional designers. It is better to contact them for help, to get rid of anxiety and just enjoy the result. As a rule, the decoration of the wedding table is done by:

  • Colors. For a celebration in nature, fresh wildflowers are an excellent option. They will organically fit into the general atmosphere, and most importantly - will not wilt from the sun. Nobody forbids experimenting with exotic flowers.
  • Candles. Could something be more romantic than flickering lights? Especially the way the candles will fall at the end of the celebration.
  • Fabrics, bows and ribbons. If you plan to triumph in nature, it is desirable to give preference to light materials of delicate shades: silk, cotton or linen.

Decoration options

The decoration of the table of the newlyweds may look different: someone prefers traditional bouquets or napkin ornaments, while others like using grass and greenery in the table design,Others stop at the most original and unimaginable trifles.

Let us consider in more detail the design options for wedding tables.

Flower arrangements

A wedding table decorated with flowers is a classic option. And the flowers can be used in different ways:

  • Compositions or bouquets of herbs.
  • Compositions of gerberas, roses, orchids or other flowers, depending on the time of year.
  • Bouquets of wildflowers, decorated with paper of the desired color.
  • Compositions of leaves or petals.
  • Topiary using live or artificial flowers.
  • Compositions of dried flowers will serve as a wonderful table decoration at an autumn wedding.

Also, the design of the tables can be done using flowers in pots. A blooming orchid, cyclamen, violet or tulips in beautiful pots can serve as a wonderful decoration for a wedding table. It is preferable to use plants that do not have a specific smell, so that it does not cause discomfort. For example, lilies of the valley at registration of a wedding in the closed room it is better not to table decoration

It is important that the floral arrangement is combined with the shape of the table.For oval or rectangular, oblong compositions are suitable; for round ones, round baskets, pots and bouquets. The design of tables for guests must be performed with a certain frequency.

Candle Romance

Another original design of the wedding table are candles. Depending on the style of the wedding, you can choose modern candles with pallets, tall with classic massive candlesticks or original wax figures, custom-made.table decoration newlyweds

Decorative elements can also be combined with each other. For example, you can put candles surrounded by compositions or bouquets of rowan berries, yellow leaves or other autumn decor.

At traditional parties, candles also look great when pastel-colored tablecloths are selected, similar to the capes on chairs, dishes and tablecloths. This design of the tables gives this special event romance and intimacy.


At some weddings, you can decorate the table for the newlyweds with marine decorations: pebbles, imitation pearls, algae, shells, etc. On open dishes or in glass jars, you can arrange a colorful composition that will create a feeling of freshness and coolness on a hot summer day.

It is important that tablecloths, napkins and dishes match the general atmosphere:

  • It is advisable to choose a tablecloth with a nautical theme.
  • Find dishes with sea patterns (stripes, waves, anchors).
  • Collapse wipes in waves.

Vintage on the table

In the autumn, you can decorate the table for the bride and groom from the gifts of nature: vegetables and fruits. Corn, apples, pears, cucumbers, tomatoes and even the most ordinary pepper will form a colorful and vivid still life. Naturally, these products are unlikely to wait until the end of the celebration, but the view will give a magnificent. Vegetables and fruits can be put on beautiful dishes or in baskets, in addition to decorate the table, you can use napkins and candles - here the performer’s imagination is limitless.table decoration bride and groom

Vegetable and fruit carving masters create incredible works of art. In the same style, you can make the design of the children's table, as these original decorations will delight not only adults, but also children. And there are pieces of fruits and vegetables cut out in such a way, it will be doubly pleasant.

Fruit decoration

Decorating the wedding table of the bride and groom with fruits is a great way out for those who want to give the celebration an unusual and juicy look.Fruits can be placed beautifully in unusual vases, the aroma of oranges, pineapples or peaches will be pleasant to tickle the receptors of invited guests, and clusters of grapes will subside at the edges.decoration of the children's table

You can use the most incredible combinations of fruits: oranges, plums, apples, pineapples or exotic passion fruit and other overseas fruits.

Souvenirs and sweets

Registration of a children's table at a wedding can be executed from sweets. Candies, cakes, cookies or donuts, packed in gift paper or beautiful dishes, will create bright accents on the tables, and most importantly - will delight children.

Another object on the wedding table, which will attract attention, will be the chocolate fountain. Previously, such jewelry was used exclusively in European countries, but the fashion for beautiful things gradually began to come to us. Beautiful shape and chocolate play, in which it will be possible to dip fruit, will be able to give pleasure to all the guests, without exception.

Holiday decorations

Also, the design of the wedding table of the bride and groom can be made through various souvenirs. It is traditionally put only the figures of the bride and groom.On the tables of the guests you can arrange other souvenirs, at the end of the celebration that can be picked up for memory. It can be connecting rings, hearts, doves and other symbols of the new family.bridal table decoration

Cloth decoration

The design of the table of the bride and groom cloth (napkins, tablecloths) is a necessity. It is unlikely that you have ever seen a wedding table without a tablecloth.

If you follow the traditions, you should choose a white tablecloth. But if you do not want to adhere to the traditions, you can buy a tablecloth even polka-dotted, even flowered, the main thing is that the drawing should not cause irritation and not be intrusive.

Decoration and table setting should be supplemented with napkins. The best option would be napkins made of cotton fabric. As a rule, guests put them on their knees.

There are an incredible number of options for folding cloth napkins. Here the main thing is to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Napkins should be folded in one selected way and in the same style.
  • When folding as little as possible, touch them with your fingers.
  • It is important that the napkin is starched.

Unusual things

Sometimes the table decoration for the wedding day is done with the help of things that are not intended for this purpose. For example, some put on the table a cage with parrots or an aquarium with a pair of fish. In this case, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions, otherwise the celebration for people will become a table decoration bride and groom

Also, the design of the tables with your own hands can be done through interesting decorated bottles, which are not necessarily open and drink. Craftsmen create incredible jewelry from materials that have already served their own. These are porcelain dolls, old records, plastic dishes, broken lampshades and baskets. If desired, all this will look harmoniously on the table. Create a unique decor will allow all sorts of objects of decorative art.

Hall decoration

If you first decided to do the design of the tables, and after the space around them, it is important to remember that decorating the room is far from simple. It is advisable to hire a specialist who will tell you how to properly observe a uniform style and not overdo it.

There are many options for decorating the wedding hall.For example, you can decorate it with balloons by placing them in the center of the hall or by making an arch over the newlyweds. Also, the hall can be decorated with flowers, garlands, posters and many others. The main thing is that everything should look harmonious, beautiful and not strain the eyes of the guests.


Summing up, it should be said about what should not be the design of the table of the bride and groom:

  • In this case, the main rule is to observe harmony. Everything should be combined: napkins, tablecloths, candles and flowers - not a single trifle should come out of the chosen style.
  • Guests should not interfere with anything - neither too fragrant fruit, nor huge flower arrangements, nor a flaming tablecloth from an unintentionally overturned candle.
  • No need to decorate and serve wedding tables even a week before the celebration.
  • If you give the napkins elegance and style, as well as lay them masterfully, they can become the main decoration of the table setting.
  • When the tables stand still, the hall is decorated, the musicians and the presenter are paid, all your dreams come true, and the groom's tuxedo and bridal dress are already waiting in the wings - you can calm down and wait for a great day.

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