System 10 (Windows 10th Edition): Upgrade and Recovery Issues

One of the newest and, as it is considered, “advanced” operating systems is system 10 (Windows 10th version). It makes no sense to describe all its advantages and disadvantages (quite a few words have already been said about this). But the issue of updates for many users is very acute, since at least two system upgrades are currently available.

System 10 (Windows 10th version): Do I need an update?

In general, each user must initially understand that he is under the supervision of Microsoft Corporation. If you do not disable the same tracking and location services, all data will be transferred to Microsoft servers (although this is illegal).

system 10 10

Updates in the form of installation packages the user himself does not see. Windows 10 only reports that this and that was installed. All updates, as a rule, concern a security system in which, in comparison with other protective means, Windows loses.Neither the built-in firewall nor the Defender save.

And even if you turn off such tools, you should pay attention to the fact that system 10 (the 10th full modification with an update in the form of Anniversary) can cause errors at the level of program operability and even drivers. But this situation is observed mainly only in the case of attempts to install unlicensed software.

Windows 10 system update in the regular mode

The update of the system itself, even after its installation, will be made by default, despite the fact that the developers have promised that it will not be released for the tenth version of the update. What is only Anniversary Update.

windows 10 system

On the other hand, the Windows 10 system is such that, despite all withered remedies, it is not immune from the introduction of viruses. With all the seeming defenses, neither the first nor the second means are able to withstand outside threats. They work except in the case of direct intervention when running programs, applications and applets related to additional components.

Updating the OS and related products of Microsoft with the automatic update enabled is done without user intervention,but you can also set a manual search. Only after downloading all the components in the system tray, a message appears about the installation with a suggestion to restart. The saddest thing is that after restarting Windows, when viewing updates, you can see the installation of security components related not only to the OS itself, but also to office products, although in the Update Center the installation of updates for other Microsoft products was disabled.

Windows 10 system

It turns out that the very system "Windows" deceives us? In fact, even if we proceed from the complete disconnection of startup items and the exclusion of the start of some services, incidents cannot be avoided. Few people know that telemetry (a concept used in space technologies) is enabled by default, which determines not only the location of the computer at a given time, but also recording absolutely all user actions performed at a specific time. Such updates, by the way, are not advertised, but they are installed without our knowledge.

What to exclude? Activation

There are no exceptions in terms of updates for Windows 10 (as opposed to one package for the seventh version, which causes a complete failure of the system).Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that all service packs are balanced, many users should probably remove Office updates (especially if Office 2003 is installed). With the new software package will not be so easy to understand. The fact is that since 2010, the “Office” has somewhat changed the interface and access to the elements of the main panel. But you can still put up with it (especially since the MS Office update itself is not installed in the update, but is only offered from the installation).

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Whether you agree or not, you can even activate the installed package using the unobtrusive KMS utility. This application is an unofficial version of the software, which can be classified as KeyGen (key generator). And this application in the environment of the Windows operating system of any generation works flawlessly (most importantly, do not exclude it from the process proposed for execution, which involves re-reactivation every ten days).

Manual search

In terms of exceptions, it is worthwhile to dwell on packages that are supposed to be installed by default. First you need to enter the "Update Center" and disable the automatic search and install updates.

windows 10 system update

After that, go to the manual search. When available updates are found, you should not install them all at once. In the recommended updates, you just need to remove everything related to this package. In the future, if such a problem arises, they will have to be uninstalled from this section, the menu for installing and uninstalling programs using cleaning invalid registry keys or deleting residual files. This process is quite complicated, so it is better to use cleaning programs (for example, Glary Utilities, CCleaner, Advanced System Care and others).

Recovery issues

Windows 10 system recovery is not so simple. If you look at the OS with a rank lower, you could use the F8 key with a choice of system stratum when loading them. In Windows 10, this option does not work. You need to use the recovery menu when you turn off the computer with pressing Shift. But rebuilding restart is not so difficult. It is enough to enter the command line activated on behalf of the administrator, enter the bcdedit / set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy command, and then press the enter key (as for version 8.1). After a full restart, it will be possible to use the “ten”, as well as any other system that came out before it.

windows 10 system

In this case, we mean both the call of the standard menu, and the loading of the working configuration, and the restoration of the computer. In principle, you can use everything that is originally in systems of lower rank.

The result

Some users believe that the system 10 (10th version of Windows) is the most unique and insured against all ills. Alas, it is not. But in terms of timely installation of updates, you will not refuse her (this happened with enviable regularity earlier, but now the developers have tried to limit the volume of downloaded distributions). But the latest release is designed explicitly for web developers and programmers, so the average user (even when they receive a proposal to install a software development environment, which is now offered by the Windows 10 system) is not worth installing.

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