Swimming pool for babies in St. Petersburg. The benefits of swimming for babies

About the benefits of swimming from the cradle now does not say just lazy. Parents want to involve their child in a healthy lifestyle from infancy, and pediatricians support their decision. Large cities can boast the presence of large complexes, where they take the youngest customers. The article describes how to choose a pool for babies in St. Petersburg, about the benefits of swimming and possible contraindications.

Benefits of early swimming

A child from birth gets into an unfamiliar environment. After all, while in the womb, he swam in amniotic fluid. Therefore, placing the baby in the water element helps relieve stress in the newborn and tempers the immature body. In addition, swimming contributes to the development of all muscle groups. Increased tone decreases, and lethargy disappears. Water has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby.

swimming pool for babies in spb

Pediatricians claim, and parents who practice baby swimming, confirm that the child has improved sleep quality, increased appetite, the child is fun and pretty.This is not surprising, because any adult knows for himself what relaxation is achieved after visiting the pool. Baby swimming is useful not only for the children themselves. Parents get to know their baby better, learn to interact competently with him and find out how much more reserve forces are incorporated in the baby than they originally thought.

Therapeutic effect

If the child suffers from certain diseases, then the pediatrician may recommend therapeutic swimming. Coupled with certain exercises, such exercises have a tangible effect and allow you to get rid of many problems.

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So, under the guidance of specialists, you can help your child with hypotonic or hypertonic muscles. Swimming helps to successfully fight dysplasia. Also, a good health-improving effect is provided by classes in the pool for children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Need to know

Before you carry the baby into the pool, you should be thoroughly prepared at this point. Required steps:

  • Obtain approval from the pediatrician and make sure there are no contraindications to the child.
  • The parent who will jointly attend the pool for the little ones must undergo a physical examination.
  • Pick an institution.Ensure that skilled workers work in it. Read the terms of stay.
  • It is necessary to check that all norms for teaching infant swimming are observed. So, the temperature in the room should be around 26 degrees. The water in the bowl should be 34-36 degrees.
  • Water purification is extremely important; chlorine is unacceptable. The best way is to ionize with silver.

If there are no contraindications, the medical examination is completed, the pool is selected, then you can go to school.


The pool for babies in St. Petersburg is visited by many people. But do not blindly obey fashion trends. First of all, you need to find out whether the infant has any contraindications for swimming.

swimming pool for the little ones

Possible problems are discussed directly with the doctor. However, it is impossible to bring the baby into the pool if he has skin diseases, problems with the work of the internal organs, or visible signs of illness.

When to start?

The benefits of swimming for babies are no longer disputed by doctors. Most of them are inclined to believe that you need to start as early as possible. This is due to the congenital reflex of children to hold their breath when released under water.But gradually this ability is lost if it is not trained. The best time for the first visit to the pool is considered the moment of complete healing of the umbilical wound. Prior to this, there is a risk of getting an infection if the water is disinfected incorrectly. However, the pace of development and the state of health of babies are different, so the time when visiting the baby pool in St. Petersburg can only be accurately determined by the attending pediatrician.

Choosing a place to your liking

In St. Petersburg, there are many centers where there is an opportunity to engage in infant swimming. Their location allows you to avoid a long journey and find a suitable place in your area. Consider the most popular pools in St. Petersburg.

Family Center Birthlight

The center of swimming and yoga Birthlight is positioned by the same method. Its essence is that the instructors are not guided by the framework, requirements and norms, but by the well-being of the infant and his readiness to master new movements. Thanks to this, the kids practically do not cry in the classroom, and the center has gained the trust of moms, and they are ready even for long journeys to get here. The center is very cozy and has everything you need.Changing tables and playpens are available for parents with babies. In the recreation and relaxation area there is a children's room with toys. Special kids and vegetarian menus are also available.

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To access the pool, adults need help. Conveniently, you can pass all the necessary examinations on the spot. Children after the year are required to pass an analysis on enterobiosis. To sign up for a lesson, you must call. A one-time visit is possible, but you need to talk with the administrator for availability.

Birthlight center (swimming pool for children): St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island, 19 Konstantinovsky Ave.

Therapeutic Physical Dispensary

Those who choose the pool for babies in St. Petersburg, focused on the economy option, can pay attention to this center. The situation here is simple. The dressing room consists of several lockers and one bench. The shower also does not differ much comfort. In the hall for the convenience of parents with small children is a changing table. In the clinic there are two trained instructors. Behind them are fixed their days and hours of work. This is a plus.You can visit each and see whose style and mood is closer.

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The disadvantage is that there is no clearly fixed group. You can get into an already formed team, and you can meet with different moms and children every time. But the number of pairs is limited - a maximum of 10. Lesson time takes one hour. The price includes: swimming under the supervision of an instructor, training for some techniques, using the shower, sauna and training for tempering procedures. To visit the necessary references for adults and children.

The address of the medical and physical dispensary: ​​Fontanka Embankment, 18.

"One whole"

If parents decide how to teach infants to swim, they need to visit the “One” complex. It is considered one of the best in the city. Here everything is provided for parents with babies in their arms:

  • Cozy changing rooms, where there are changing tables, playpens and highchairs.
  • The water bowl has optimal dimensions: 6 x 12 m. Moreover, the depth is different: from 75 to 110 cm. This adds convenience when practicing with the smallest ones.
  • To steam, you can choose a classic Finnish sauna or Turkish steam room.

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The temperature in the rooms is 28 degrees, water - 32 degrees. This is considered optimal for practicing with babies.For greater comfort in the center provides a children's room. To eat, you can visit the cafe, where there is a special children's menu. The visit is provided by subscription. One-time lessons are possible, but by appointment, or if there is free space.

Address Center: st. Ac Baikova, d. 27.

Swimming pool "Oceanium"

In St. Petersburg on the street. Galstyan, house 3 opened a swimming pool "Oceanium". The center is suitable for family holidays. Children are accepted from 6 months of age. Water purification occurs by ultraviolet rays. In addition to directly water training in the section "Mom and Baby", in the center you can learn a lot of useful skills. Qualified teachers conduct a set of educational activities designed for the youngest.

Visitor reviews indicate a comfortable temperature. Also, everyone celebrates a huge number of toys that are everywhere: in the pool, in the nursery, in the rooms for classes. But there are negative responses that relate to the staff. Their attitude can be compared with indifference, but most likely this is a special tactic so that the client does not feel the annoying presence of the coaches.

Rehabilitation Center "Biosvyaz"

We continue to consider pools in St. Petersburg and addresses. The method of conducting classes has a decisive role. If you need qualified assistance and need professional instructors, it is better to go to Kalininsky district. Here is the rehabilitation center "Biosvyaz", which has several advantages:

  • water is purified by a natural natural filter (sand);
  • additionally used ultraviolet and ozonation;
  • there is an opportunity to receive a hydromassage and aero massage.

benefits of swimming for babies

Occupation begins with a locker room, where there are comfortable changing tables. Groups consist of six babies and their moms (dads). In this case, two instructors lead. By the time swimming takes 30 minutes. During the lesson, instructors show parents what to do and how. At the end of the hydromassage starts, with the result that children get the opportunity to frolic in bubbles.

Visitors celebrate amazing cleanliness in all rooms. Changing rooms are constantly washed, the water is always clean. The big bonus of this center is that if a child has indications for water rehabilitation, then a referral can be obtained from a pediatrician.Then the monthly course of classes is completely free.

To visit, be sure to undergo a physical examination by adults and get a doctor's opinion for children. Address Center: st. Bryantseva, d. 5. It is necessary to find the case 2A.

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