Strawberry, Rhubarb and Lemon Jam

Sophistication of taste, beauty and benefits

Strawberry is a classic summer dessert. How nice it is to eat in combination with ice cream or whipped cream! Bright color pleases the eye, and the wonderful aroma and richness will not leave anyone indifferent. It is beautiful in any dishes, be it jelly, strawberry jam or pastries. In addition, this wonderful berry differs from others not only in its excellent taste and appearance. Strawberries are also called “the hormone of happiness”, because it helps with neuroses and depressive states due to receiving positive emotions when using wonderful desserts and other delicious dishes. It is a real storehouse of beneficial substances, since the content of vitamin C in 100 grams of this berry exceeds the daily rate needed by a person for full health. This helps to strengthen the immune system and the protective functions of the body.

strawberry jam

Strawberries - forest strawberries

Wild berries are much smaller than their "cultural" congener.But this minus is not included in the comparison with the benefits that distinguishes strawberries from strawberries. First, it almost does not cause allergies in children, as it is environmentally friendly. The second - contains a lot of nutrients that are not in the garden strawberries, due to growing on the "living" land. Therefore, jam from forest strawberries, collected in more often, will be much more useful than usual. Try to plant a few bushes at your dacha, transferring from the forest with the maximum amount of land around the roots. And in the summer, having your own plot, you can easily “saturate” the body with necessary vitamins thanks to ecologically clean berries, be it ordinary strawberry or forest. But how to be in the cold season? This should be taken care of in advance by boiling strawberry jam. When canning, you can use additional ingredients that will give a new taste, for example, take a mint, lavender or ginger root. In this article, we suggest you cook strawberry jam by adding rhubarb and lemon to the dish.

strawberry jam

Cooking jam

strawberry jamTake the berries and rhubarb in a 1: 1 ratio. The number of lemons can be from one to two or three.You should not take more, since the acid and aroma of citrus will greatly change the basic taste, and you do cook strawberry jam, not lemon. The mass of sugar is equal to the mass of products. So, make jam. Remove the sepals from the strawberries and rinse the berries under running water, let them drain, cut the very large berries in half, if desired. In rhubarb, only stems are used, from which the outer fibers are removed. Cut it into pieces of 1-1.5 cm. Grind lemon with meat grinder along with the peel. Put everything in a saucepan, pouring sugar, which must be the last upper layer, and leave overnight. By the morning juice will stand out. Boil the jam, removing the foam, in several stages so that the berries do not lose their shape: boiling, boiling for 5-10 minutes on low heat, cooling (repeat 5-6 times). At the last reception, when the berries have already become sugared and boiled, bring to a low heat until ready, which is determined when a drop of jam does not spread on a saucer. Spread in sterile jars and roll up. Wonderful jam is ready!

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