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Fertile Remontany Strawberry

It is the first strawberry appears on the table in late spring - early summer. Ordinary varieties of this fruit bear only two or three weeks, so gardeners are increasingly choosing a special kind called remontant strawberries to provide their family with a useful treat. The whole secret is in remanufacturing, that is, the ability to produce several harvests a year. Immediately after the first harvest, new buds begin to appear on the plant, which provide a second wave of abundant fruiting. There are varieties that give berries almost without interruption - from spring to late autumn.remontant strawberry

Strawberry Renovation: Care and Collection Tricks

To collect three crops of sweet berries, you need to take care of the creation of very strong bushes. Seeds of remontant varieties sprout reasonably badly, so the germination scheme must be strictly followed. The first shoots can be expected within 30-60 days, respectively, the best time for sowing is the end of January or early February.The composition of the soil mixture is as follows: sand and humus are mixed in a ratio of 3 to 5 and heated in an oven for at least three hours at a temperature of 100aboutC. To make the repair strawberry grow well, ordinary snow is used. A layer of snow is poured onto the prepared soil in 2 cm, seeds are placed at an equal distance from the top and covered with another layer of snow already in 3 cm. The boxes are covered with a transparent film so that the soil does not dry out. With the participation of snow, natural stratification occurs, but for the first 3 - 4 days the box is kept in a cool place with temperatures up to +5aboutC. Then it is raised (up to +22aboutC), the soil must be wet. After the appearance of the second true leaf, young shoots dive into separate pots, the temperature is reduced to +15aboutC. The landing on a permanent place is made only after the appearance of the sixth leaflet. So that the young plant does not die from loads during the first harvest, they can be sacrificed by cutting flowers. For reproduction, not only seeds are used, but also strawberry whiskers. All varieties of remontant berries have low frost resistance, therefore they need reliable winter shelter with strawberry care

Repairing strawberry: varieties for the cottage and home

To harvest the first crop at the end of May, you need to take care of the correct selection of varieties of berries. The main differences are usually in the size of the fruit and their color. It is believed that the reparative strawberry with small fruits will bear fruit longer than the others. In advance, you need to think about whether the mustache of the plant will be useful, as there are some fresh strawberries (this is always indicated on the package). Most popular varieties:

  • Suspended - common because of the convenience of growing in hanging pots (there are not so many berries, but it has a high decorative effect).
  • White dream - the berries have a unique pineapple flavor and a delicate whitish hue.
  • Irma - this variety is suitable for arid areas and does not require daily watering.
  • Lyubava - this plant is able to withstand small frosts and has a universal purpose.
  • Seascape and Queen Elizabeth - common varieties with continuous fruiting.remontant strawberry variety

The choice of the variety is always at the discretion of the fruit grower, but it is necessary to take into account the climate and geographical location of the area.

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