Stews chicken stew. Chicken stomach stew recipe

By-products are good for the body, and are inexpensive, and they are extremely easy to prepare (unless, of course, you take into account any exotic things like udder, kidney or rumen). However, for some reason, people remember mostly about the liver, forgetting that you can cook just fine, for example, chicken stomachs - stewed, fried, in pies or soups. This omission is what we are going to fix in this article.

stewed chicken stomachs

Sour cream with onion

For starters, you can just put out the navels. For this, a pound of by-product is cleaned of all excess fat, films and ducts. Then they are filled with cool water and put on a small fire for an hour and a half. This time is only part of the answer to the question of how much to stew chicken stomachs. When they are soft, they are cut into strips and laid in a frying pan, where the half rings of two or three onions are fried. When the navels become rosy, a glass of sour cream is poured into the pan, the same amount of water is added, the contents are salted and poured, and laurel is laid.It will remain covered with a lid after boiling up, detect for forty minutes and stir occasionally.

Soy sauce is useful here.

Most often, chicken stews stomachs are cooked with sour cream. But there are no less tasty, rather curious and faster ways. This recipe is very good: navels are boiled for an hour in salted water; three onions crumble and sprinkle in oil. Soft stomachs (you can cut, you can wholly) go to a bow, pour a glass of broth (grams per seven hundred navels) and stew for a third hour. The final step is to add a pair of spoons of soy sauce, pepper and herbs. After that, the navels are kept on the fire for another ten minutes - and you can start for dinner.

recipe for stewed chicken gizzards

Chicken stomachs in cucumber pickle

“Juice” from pickled cucumbers is suitable not only for removing certain consequences after major holidays! Experienced housewives are well aware of how functional it is in cooking. Including with it, you can cook and chicken stewed stomachs. It is done this way: a kilogram of navels is taken, fried in hot sunflower oil until the juice ceases to stand out. A large, chopped onion is fried in another skillet.When she zolotitsya, to it are added two not the smallest salted cucumber, chopped straw. After about five minutes, the frying is laid out on the navels, the dish is poured with brine (it should not reach the top of the contents somewhere on the finger) and stewed until final readiness.

Navels with apples

A very interesting way to get tender and juicy chicken stews stomachs. The first step is cooking fried from two onions and two carrots. Having achieved a beautiful color, put in a frying pan a kilogram of navels. At the same time, they should be salted. Vegetable by-product is fried for about a quarter of an hour, maybe a little longer. After they add two large green apples without skin and seeds, cut into smaller pieces. Ideal Antonovka and Simirenko. To determine the moment when chicken stewed stomachs are ready, you can go for apples: how to bloom to a puree state - you can start setting the table.

how much chicken chicken stew

Potato + Mushrooms

If in the previous sections it was described how to prepare only the navels (that is, they will also need a side dish), then this recipe for stewed chicken gizzards is quite self-sufficient: in addition to cooking or cooking nothing is required. The prepared navels (if they are large, then sliced) are boiled for two hours in water with laurel.During this time, the water should boil off significantly; top up fresh is not worth it. When the navels soften, mushrooms are introduced to them - about half the mass of the stomachs. Chanterelles or honey agarics will be most appropriate (we don’t wipe at whites). As the contents boil again - stew for a quarter of an hour. Then add sticks of four potatoes - and again 15 minutes of stewing. The final touch: beat three tablespoons of sour cream with an egg. This fill is added to chicken stews stewed with potatoes and mushrooms, they are stirred - and you can eat.

Stewed cabbage with navels

To begin with, the by-product is prepared alone: ​​cut into pieces, put in a thick-bottomed pot with sunflower oil and left there for 25 minutes. It will be necessary to stir occasionally in order not to stick and not to burn. After the allotted time, onion squares, thin slices of garlic, pieces of one lettuce pepper and turmeric are poured into them (the recommended amount per pound of navels is three teaspoons, but you can adjust the amount to your taste). All together, roasted for about five minutes, after which the cabbage is added (one and a half kilos, it is better to cut it not into straws, but again with squares), a glass of water is poured in, and chicken stews with cabbage are left on the fire for another third of an hour.It is necessary to cover with a lid, sometimes stirring - also

It is worth noting that the question of how much to stew chicken stomachs is quite controversial: in this recipe they spent about an hour on the stove. And at the same time quite had time to get ready!

chicken stews stewed with potatoes

Gizzards with green beans

You can combine the navels with a variety of vegetables (as well as pasta, rice and any other cereal). The following recipe for stewed chicken gizzards is very interesting, following which you get a very delicate and somewhat exquisite dish. First, one third of a kilogram of offal is brewed in lightly salted water for half an hour. In parallel, a large grated carrot and a large crumbled onion is fried. It lays the stomachs, cut into strips; ten minutes later they are joined by green beans - two hundred grams. If you bought frozen, you can quickly defrost it, throwing it into boiling water. It is allowed to use it even in unfrozen form, but then the cooking process will last longer. After another 5-10 minutes a spoonful of low-fat sour cream and a little broth, in which the navels were boiled, are poured. At the same time, you can throw in crushed garlic clove, if you do not mind its smell. When it is ready, the dish should be sprinkled with greens and hold briefly under the lid.

stewed chicken stomachs in a slow cooker

Navels in pots

Very good chicken stomachs, stewed in the oven. First, the straw of them must be quickly roasted - on high heat, so that the crust is formed, and the juice is not lost. In the pots, they fold the first layer. Fried rings of small onions are laid out on top; on them - stewed carrot straw (it is better to cut it and not rub it so that it doesn’t turn into a porridge during cooking). The potato is cut like fries and put on carrots. The right amount of salt and pepper is poured into each pot, a piece of laurea is laid, and a little chilled broth is poured. The lids are closed, the pots are placed in a cold oven, which gradually heats up to 180. At this temperature, they should be in the oven for about an hour.

chicken stews with cabbage

Stomach in a slow cooker

Happy owners of this ingenious device may well use it successfully when cooking by-products. To cook stewed chicken stomachs in a slow cooker, you have to soak them for half an hour. Then vegetable oil is poured into the bowl, and sliced ​​raw navels are laid together with onion half rings and carrot chips. A bowl of 4-4.5 liters will fit a whole kilogram of navels with all the accompanying ingredients, so you can put more vegetables.Immediately put two spoons of tomato paste and all conceived spices. To make the seasonings evenly distributed, the contents of the bowl are mixed by hand. And so that the stomachs are juicy and soft, the bowl hides in the refrigerator for the night. In the morning, the slow cooker turns on for half an hour in baking mode. During this time, the contents of the bowl is a couple of times to mix. After extinguishing is set, and you have two hours free. Just before the end, you can throw a little crushed garlic.

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