Spanish secrets: paella. Seafood recipe

Delicious dish with a beautiful name "paella" came to us from the Spanish coast. It is made from rice. Paella can be made with seafood, vegetables, chicken, sausage. Cooking recipes are many. According to the Spaniards themselves, there are more than three hundred. But, as elsewhere, there is a traditional way - this is a classic paella. The seafood recipe is considered one of the best. In our article we will tell about the nuances of this dish and describe some interesting recipes.

paella recipe with seafood

Paella or pilaf with seafood?

The recipe for classic paella involves cooking it on an open fire with a special large frying pan of large diameter. Such dishes are needed so that the water could evaporate evenly, not allowing the rice to boil over. Paella has similarity with plov. But in her preparation there are a number of subtleties thatpilaf with seafood recipeneed to know. So paella. A seafood recipe involves the use of ingredients such as rice, onions, tomato paste, beans and peas, sweet peppers, butter (preferably olive oil), saffron, and lemons.The choice of the main ingredients to your taste: you can take several types of seafood separately or buy a "cocktail" of them. After collecting all the ingredients together, start by defrosting seafood. Saffron need to pour boiling water and leave for about 20 minutes. Use a special wide frying pan. In it, heat the olive oil and slightly light the fish platter. Next, in it, fry the finely chopped onion. Cover it with rice and stir it. By this time, the infusion of saffron will be ready. Fill them with rice. Water should cover it around on the finger. Salt a little and cook for 20 minutes over medium heat. Rice do not interfere. Next, add tomato paste or tomatoes, pre-clearing them from the skin. Then another 10 minutes, and then pour the green peas, peppers, green beans. Close the lid and wait until the water has completely evaporated. When the rice is cooked, lay the seafood and lemon slices beautifully on top. Let sit a little under the lid closed and serve. This is one of the easiest ways to make paella. A seafood recipe helps to make one of its most delicious options.Saffron flavor gives the dish a savory flavor.

Valencia Paella

how to cook paella with seafoodThe seafood recipe for this paella also includes meat. For this dish we use: rabbit and chicken, calamari, shrimp, mussels, oysters, tomatoes, sweet green pepper, green beans, rice, saffron, oil, seasonings. Cut meat into large chunks. Boil, peel and peel seafood. Free the tomatoes from the skin and cut into cubes. Again, use a wide pan. Heat the olive oil and fry the meat in it. Do not forget to salt and pepper. Fry it until light golden brown and mix with seafood. Squids do not put immediately, otherwise due to the long exposure to high temperatures, they will become "rubber". Just wait about 10 minutes. Put the main part out of the pan, leaving a little of each type of food. Add to them tomatoes, beans and peppers, lightly drip in the oil, cover with cold water. Wait for it to boil and add rice. Spread it evenly over the entire diameter of the pan. Add saffron and deferred meat with seafood. For 25 minutes, leave the dish to cook with the lid closed. Do not interfere.After a specified time, remove the pan from the heat. After 5-10 minutes, you can decorate the dish with lemon and serve it. Now you know how to cook paella with seafood. Bon Appetit!

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