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Everyone knows that a spaniel whose species are spread all over the world is a very beautiful dog. Many lovers prefer to keep dogs of this particular breed. Long wavy hair and hanging ears make them very attractive and are the main characteristics of the entire breed. But it should be remembered that not only a beautiful spaniel. The kinds of him, without exception, benefit the person, as this dog has many wonderful qualities. They were formed over the centuries and passed on genetically. This is how the features that are now the basic characteristics of the breed have been formed.


Many researchers have tried to find an answer to the question about the origin of the breed. It was possible to establish that, even in ancient Greece, during falconry, dogs with long wavy hair and hanging ears were used. The name of the breed sunk into oblivion. Further, these dogs were brought to Spain, where they began to be called "Espanyol". It is for certain known that in 1386 they already took part in hunting in the territory of Great Britain.A little later, namely in 1390, the Spanish king presented such a dog to the French duke. And the breed began to spread around the world, interbreeding with other breeds spontaneously or by the will of the breeder.

Types of Spaniels

spaniel speciesCurrently, there are a large number of Spaniel dogs, species of which are widely known. English Cocker Spaniel, Irish Waterman, King Charles, Papillon and many other species tirelessly conquer the hearts of breeders. Naturally, each subspecies of the breed corresponds to the general characteristics and has something of its own, special. The English Cocker Spaniel was bred artificially in England during experiments to get the best hunting dog. This species has a wonderful scent and excellent eyesight. The cheerful dog, very mobile and vigorous, is a good sports dog. In contacts with people, he shows natural sociability and friendliness, but often avoids strangers. Irish water spaniels are the most ancient representatives of the breed, which are currently the rarest among the spaniels and the largest. They are characterized by intelligence, easy learning, high mobility, energy.Their feature is the tendency to foolishness and imitation, thanks to which they received the fame of circus dogs. And these dogs are very good swimmers. Spaniels King Charles - the most noble, as it is the dogs of the English lords. They are characterized by boundless devotion to the owner and courage. In general, it is a recognized companion dog. Papillons are the smallest spaniels. Their maximum weight can reach four kilograms, and height - 20-28 centimeters. They are very well amenable to training and occupy the 8th place in terms of intelligence in the general breed rating. Thus, it is obvious that species “Spaniels” are distinguished in the breed, to which it is safe to put the word “most”.types of spaniels

Instead of conclusion

All spaniels have the excellent qualities of a gun dog and are hunting. Many people love dog spaniels. Their types are different, but they are all valued for their good disposition and beauty.

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