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Sony Ericsson W810i Review

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Sony Ericsson W810i Review

Sony Ericsson W810i GSM Phone Review
Sony Ericsson was absolutely obliged to develop the K750i's superpopularity.
Having caught a good moment in time and having decided on the optimal form factor (it was defined even earlier, with the T610 model), it was necessary to add a number of functions so that you could talk about the phone as a technological leader, what happened: W810? continuation of the idea of ​​the W800? one of the best multimedia phones to date.
If many people didn’t like the W800, and they had to choose the K750, then the 810th? some compromise. From the previous models, except for the design, it is almost the same? only EDGE has been added (but oh, that was not enough for many of these functions) and the joystick has been replaced with a four-way navigation key.

Grade deserves all praise? In addition to the phone and the charger, you can find a 512 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo memory card with an adapter to a conventional Memory Stick, headphones (with spare seals), an interface cable and a software disk in the box.
In appearance, the device is certainly good, at the same time it is rather strict in order to look organically with the suit, at the same time it is decorated with cheerful orange inserts, giving it a youthful look.
On the back panel is a lens with a? Branded? Dual LED, very bright. Unfortunately, the lens is not covered by any curtains, to all other things, it is well located in order to rest with the index finger during a conversation exactly in this recess. And since the surface of the lens is slightly recessed, fingerprints are constantly on the anti-reflective coating (it is purple hue). Here is a mirror, it is made in orange, so as not to spoil the overall picture, but this does not interfere at all. And its plane is tilted slightly towards the lens? It turns out that when shooting yourself on a mirror, you can fully rely? the head will be exactly in the center of the picture, and not offset, as in other phones. As they say, a trifle, but nice.

On the right side there is a volume control swing (also known as a zoom when shooting) and a shutter release (when the camera is turned on it winks white).
On the left? slot for memory cards, covered with a rubber stopper and a button to quickly turn on / off the playback of mp3-files (it can be reconfigured to turn on the radio or the last function called). And when it is pressed, the player does not load in the menu, only the name of the playing song appears in the top status bar. A good find for those who like to listen to music through headphones or the built-in speaker of the phone (yes, sometimes it happens?).
At the top? Infrared window and phone off button (you can use it to change profiles, like on Nokia phones). It is gratifying that Sony Ericsson continues to build in the infrared port, despite the cries that, they say, “the technology is old”. Yes, old, but well developed and functioning much easier than Bluetooth? You do not need to enter any codes, etc., and the speed of information transfer in most cases is sufficient. At the bottom? system connector and eyelet for lace. The ear is located on the side, and the phone will be one-sidedly hung when worn.
On the front panel next to the speaker there is a light indicator, which is responsible for turning on the keyboard backlight. The speaker is made in the form of a slit? rather ill-conceived, dust is constantly clogged there.
Is the Walkman emblem under the glass made from the bottom? now it will neither get unstuck nor wipe off, as in previous models.
The keyboard is generally comfortable, especially the digital unit, the legacy T610. Well-arranged control keys are quite convenient, despite the fact that there are as many as 11 keys in a block. Side keys: orange is designed to turn on the player, and silver to call the most frequently used functions, bookmarks and events (the same button? Yes ?? in previous models). The paint on them is not very strong, and with active use, it begins to wear off? look at the silver.
The Activity menu button (It’s More) allows you to quickly switch between applications. Recall that this button was in the K750, but was missing in the W800 - many lacked the multitasking that this key provides.
The joystick is replaced by a five-way navigation key. Apparently, this is due to the fact that, for example, in the K750 model after about half a year or a year of use did it start to fail? It was decided to move to a more reliable design. Of course, the speed of pressing suffered, but not much? after a couple of days you get used to the key. The inscriptions on it, of course, superfluous? This is more of a fashion move.
Is the backlight orange, for a digital unit, is it fairly uniform, but dim? on the one hand, does not interfere with the light, on the other? in the dark everything is perfectly visible. Even the navigation key is highlighted, but the soft keys? so weak that in the dark they are almost invisible.
Is the display slightly larger than the K750 / W800? on? whole? 0.1 inches. Does this have any effect on usability? As before, people with poor eyesight will have a hard time looking at small characters. Unpleasantly struck by the behavior of the display in the sun? he is dark Compared, for example, with the same K500 display is much darker. In the room to him no complaints? and color, and brightness at a very good level.
The battery did not show any outstanding results? with active use of the phone, it lasted for one and a half to two days. If you save, the battery life will be up to 4 days. Note that we had a test copy. In Sony Ericsson phones, power management is carried out programmatically, and for mass deliveries in commercial samples, battery life is very different from test samples for the better. In any case, it will be no less than the W800.
The sound part is quite good, mp3-calls sound loud enough, with the presence of low frequencies (as far as you can talk about low frequencies with this size dynamics). Is the interlocutor's voice bright? there are many mid and high frequencies, but it is not flat, as in some Asian phones.
The menu is made in the usual style, but added the ability to change its appearance using themes? Now icons can be lined up not only in mosaic, but also in line, as well as change their appearance. Especially liked the theme, where the active icon flies around the firefly? as you move through the menu, the firefly flies to another point and starts to curl around it.
The phone has several interesting features, including computer management from the phone via Bluetooth. It's pretty cool to start programs using the phone's joystick, but that's just the way the radio mouse is more convenient.
The camera has not changed? It also shoots well, it is enough even for photos in a dark room (with lighting, of course). However, there is some? Care? into the blue, which, incidentally, is due to the incorrect operation of the automatic white balance? installing it manually fixes the problem.
There are two toys in the phone? flying guns and fun implementation of Tetris. From applications? a whole bunch of? toy? such as PhotoDJ, VideoDJ, MusicDJ.
The phone has a built-in Netfront browser with html support, but with the release of Opera mini this is no longer relevant - in any case, Opera surpasses the built-in browser in almost all parameters.
Is the player definitely good? and the wealth of functions, and convenience, it is practically not inferior to independent mp3-players.
The software is available for download from the site, however, only the English version. With all its convenience, it is quite a lot? Weighs? Using the utility? Disc2phone? you can even convert music from audio CDs.
Still not really like the headphones? Are they made for small ears, and from normal ones, not that they fall out, but the sealing of gums is lost? One wrong head movement, and in one ear you have a rich bass sound, and in the other? street noise interspersed with music. However, it should be noted, the headphones can be replaced with their own.
In conclusion, can we say that the phone globally is no different from previous models? if EDGE is important to you or something does not suit the K750 or W800, then it is worth changing the phone. Otherwise, it is almost the same. Although, it should be noted, there is a certain charisma in the phone.
Briefly about the main technical characteristics:
Dimensions, weight: 100x46x20 mm, 99 g;
Battery: Li-Ion, 900 mAh;
The main screen: 176x220 pixels, TFT, 262,000 colors;
Operating range: GSM 900/1800/1900, GPRS, EDGE;
Polyphony: Yes, 64-voice, support mp3;
Infrared, Bluetooth: Yes, yes;
Built-in memory: 20 MB (about 12 MB available, depends on pre-installed applications and software) + expansion slot;
Maximum camera resolution: 1632x1224 pixels;
Jbenchmark2, points: 178;
Retail price, rub .: 13 500;
rich functionality;
good grade.
excellent ergonomics;
availability of EDGE.

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