Solving dreams: why dream money

The role of dreams in the life of modern man

why dream of moneyThe value of sleep in the modern pace of human life is fundamental. Constant stress, increased rhythm of activity, pressure of the public and the inability of privacy for a good rest - all of these factors entail various violations. It can be both insomnia, and increased sleepiness, nightmares and sleepwalking. With such problems about proper rest there can be no talk. It is believed that if a person has not seen a dream, then this is not good, because from a scientific point of view, a dream is nothing more than the release of unnecessary information. However, if a person does not remember his night journey, this does not mean that he has not seen him. 95% of the dreamed is forgotten by us ten minutes after waking up. Therefore, people who love all sorts of secrets and esoteric, waking up, try to immediately, until the dream has disappeared, to unravel its meaning, find out what money, birds or people are dreaming about. However, this is wrong, as not everything that we dream about is subject to decoding.In addition to the fragments of dreams, there are also prophetic visions that help us find a way out of difficult life situations, protect us from problems and help solve existing problems. The main difference between such dreams is that they are remembered, and also quite bright and emotional.

Why dream of money

dreamer fake moneyThe pursuit of material values ​​sometimes translates into dreams about money. Such a dream should be attributed to the negative, because, so that we may not dream, in whatever form we may see material wealth, the value will not be pleasant. This confirms any dream book. Fake money, for example, means deception or betrayal of a loved one. The more small coins you see in a dream, the more tears you have to shed while waking. Tears also dream of not only trifles, but also seeds, loose grain, and numerous other small objects. Why dream of money from gold? Coins of this metal promise grief, separation or even death of a loved one. But death is not sudden: if someone in the family is already seriously ill, then most likely it is he who will leave the world of the living. The exception to this list of negatives will be old paper bills.If in a dream you found ancient money or paper signs of an unknown country, then soon you will be gifted with a costly gift. That is how the esoteric dream book interprets such a dream. Stole money in a dream - it does not matter, it means that in life you will avoid deception and betrayal, in time to unravel the intentions of an unreliable person.

What dreams to money

dream book stole moneyWhat dreams of money, we have already figured out, it remains to find out what dreams promise to improve the financial situation. Different types of dream books endow these properties with a vital activity product. To plunge into “this” means to have a constant source of income. Cockroaches and grasshoppers also dream of money. Moreover, the more such insects, the better. A huge crowd of people scurrying around marks the improvement of their financial situation by working together as a team on new projects. The increase in well-being is also attributed to "water" dreams: clear lakes with clear water, pools, oceans and even barrels. The more transparent the water, the easier it will be to make money. The more of it, the, respectively, more and finance will appear in your life. Do not try to interpret all dreams in a row.You should not remember what you see at night, barely closing the eyelids.

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