Snowmobile "Burlak": technical characteristics, reviews

Domestic snowmobile "Burlak" is a good assistant for lovers of winter hunting or fishing, especially in remote snowy areas. This machine will be able to overcome the drifts that are not mastered wheeled SUV. Consider the characteristics and features of this technique, as well as reviews about it.

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Snowmobile "Burlak" (production - Togliatti) has proven itself in the domestic market. Hardy and reliable equipment is in the list of leaders among its class. Residents of the northern regions actively use the car not only for entertainment, but also as an element of industrial economy. In the line of the manufacturer there are several modifications.

For example, the Burlak M snowmobile is a miniature vehicle with a comfortable fit, convenient handling and economy. The upgraded SUV has a wider range of options.Unlike its massive "relatives", the machine is easily transformed and suitable for operation in various conditions.


Among the advantages of the considered technology are the following points:

  • There is no need to buy trailers and accessories. The Burlak snowmobile is compact and weighs only about 80 kilograms, it can be transported in the trunk of almost any car.
  • Dimensions of equipment allow you to conveniently place it in storage not only in the garage, but also in the pantry or on the balcony.
  • Although the car looks compact and fragile, it is able to carry a couple of people and a cargo weighing up to 100 kilograms. The all-terrain vehicle is very hardy and easily overcomes difficult places.
  • In addition to the main luggage compartment, the unit is equipped with an additional luggage compartment, designed to store not very large items (camera, telephone, tents, fishing rods and other trifles).

snowmobile burlak reviews

Burlak snowmobile: technical specifications

The considered equipment will not disappoint even the most demanded users. All-terrain vehicle specifications look quite decent among competitors.Below are the main parameters of the technical plan:

  • The power plant is a 6.5-horsepower gasoline four-stroke engine. The unit operates in a wide range of temperatures, provides quick start in the most difficult conditions, is economical and does not require special care. Gasoline AI-92, AI-95 is used as fuel. The average consumption is 1.5-2 liters per hour.
  • Structurally, the snow car is made in such a way that it is quite possible to repair it yourself in the field.
  • Transport management also does not cause censures.

Comfortable movement provides a removable backrest and comfortable footrests for the legs. Fully snowmobile "Burlak" is assembled from six modules. They are equipped with an effective and fast locking system, as well as quick-release cam-type mounts. Assembly and disassembly of the unit takes a minimum of time and does not require the use of special tools.

Considered a snow SUV can transport the driver and passenger at a speed of up to 25 km / h, at full load, the speed is reduced by about two times.

snowmobile burlak specifications

Spheres of use

Before choosing a snowmobile of the brand in question, it is necessary to decide on the purpose of its use. Despite the fact that the equipment does not require special skills during operation, the type of its application depends largely on the purpose. For example, for extreme trips on the snow-covered plains will require a more aggressive and maneuverable model. Lovers of winter hunting and fishing will prefer a calmer, but roomy option.

In the farm snowmobile "Burlak" on the basis of "Buran" can bring tangible benefits. First of all, it concerns the possibility of transporting decent cargo in deep snow, as well as the movement of waste and forest products. In combination with an acceptable price and high quality indicators, this snowmobile is an excellent solution to many business problems, as well as a chance to spend an unforgettable ride through the snowy expanses.

Cost of

This technique requires appropriate maintenance and prevention. You can, of course, purchase a modification that was in use. However, this option does not give guarantees about the normal state of technology, and also does not allow to know exactly how original the design is.Not uncommon - cheap and impractical fakes.

snowmobile burlak based on a snowstorm

It is better to purchase a car from an authorized dealer, which provides all the guarantees and the possibility of service. The average price of the model in question will cost 80-100 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that the amount does not seem so small, the payback will not take long to wait thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty and original spare parts.

Snowmobile "Burlak": reviews

Users among the positive aspects in their feedback on the technique under consideration are several aspects:

  1. The car is equally successful on a solid and virgin snow surface due to reliable and thoughtful design solutions, as well as the presence of wide skis and durable suspensions.
  2. Unlike analogs, this all-terrain vehicle is not afraid of problem areas (with bumps, grooves and bumps).
  3. The miniature snowmobile is convenient for landing and maneuvering, while the heavier models allow you to transport a cargo that is heavy by weight.
  4. Riding on "Burlak" is soft, smooth and good speed parameters.

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Not the most up to date is the unique design of the equipment and the variety of choices in color design.

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