Snack summer for every day

In a hot season, when you do not want to cook at all andLong stand by the stove simply does not have the strength, you will be rescued by summer salads and snacks. Now there are so many different recipes that you can not choose the right one. Let's start with the simplest.

Appetizer Summer Cocktail: Benefits

summer appetizerNot only does this dish have a terrific taste,it still looks great, so feel free to serve it on the festive table! Another plus of food - it does not contain meat, and therefore suitable for veggie. In general, summer snacks have a number of advantages. They are easily digested, do not leave weight in the stomach, saturate the body with vitamins and useful elements. Time to prepare such dishes is much less than, say, a full meat dinner or soup.

Appetizer summer "Pizza marvel": the way of cooking

summer snacksSo, for six medium portions you will needseveral large tomatoes (soft and ripe), melted cheese, a pair of garlic cloves, a little mayonnaise, a half-cup, a bunch of fresh fragrant dill, sifted wheat flour, table salt and sunflower oil for frying. On a fine grater, grate the cream cheese and garlic cloves. Then add mayonnaise to this cheese-garlic mixture and mix everything. Tomatoes cut into smooth circles and gently lay them on a flat dish. Then they need to be greased with a cheese billet. You can do it directly with your hands. Cut the zucchini in the same way as the tomatoes, in circles. Salt each mug and roll in flour. They should be fried until they have a pleasant golden hue. Now all that is left of the tomato (unnecessary parts, unsuccessful or superfluous circles) is finely-finely chopped and mixed with chopped greens. Roasted zucchini put on top of the cheese mixture and decorate everything with tomato-fennel "salad". The dish is completely ready for use!

Appetizer summer "Jewish"

summer salads and snacksFresh loaf (it is better to take a baguette) cut intothin slices and lightly fry them in olive oil. In a separate container mix grated cheese, cut boiled egg, chopped greens, crushed garlic and mayonnaise. Salt and mix thoroughly. This will serve as a filling for our sandwiches. Spread the bread slices with the resulting paste and decorate with cucumber slices or lettuce leaves. Enjoy your appetite!

Summer appetizer from lavash

You will need to pack thin Armenianpita, five tomatoes, two medium cucumbers, yellow pepper, avocado, a spoonful of lemon juice, a mixture of chopped fresh herbs, a whole bunch of mayonnaise and spices to taste. So, rinse the vegetables and cut everything into cubes. Season the vegetable salad with lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Then add the same greens and mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Pour the lavash on a clean surface. Gently lay the filling on one half of the pita bread and roll the roll. Repeat the procedure until the salad or pita bread is finished. Place the snack for an hour in the fridge so that the filling is a bit stiff, and it was more convenient to cut the rolls. By the way, avocados can and do not put, and peppers and tomatoes replaced with vegetables at their discretion.

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