Smoothie recipes for lovers of delicious food

Recently, enjoy special popularity smoothies. What kind of cocktails and how to prepare them? Now we will analyze this topic in detail. Also consider recipes smoothies.

These cocktails came to us from the United States. There they are very fond of. Invented such cocktails for a long time, probably in the middle of the last century. Now these drinks can be seen in many cafes.

smoothie recipes

True, not everyone knows what a smoothie is. Now tell. Smoothies - tasty and healthy drinks. These cocktails are made from fruits and berries with the addition of honey, milk or yogurt, etc. Preparing a smoothie in a blender, and simply and quickly.

The benefits of a tasty drink

  1. The glass of this cocktail contains many vitamins and minerals.
  2. Smoothies do not create heaviness in the stomach, while supplying the body with a daily rate of minerals.
  3. Such drinks have anti-shampoo properties, so in the morning after the holiday it will be helpful to drink a smoothie.
  4. Such cocktails help to overcome excess weight, as they do not include sugar, chocolate or heavy cream.The basis of smoothies - kefir or milk.
  5. If we talk about fruit cocktails of this type, then fruits with a lower calorie content are used, for example, kiwi, apples and plums.
  6. Salt is not added to vegetable smoothies. Instead, use dried seaweed powder.
  7. Smoothies must be chewed and consumed in the form of heat.


You should not eat only a smoothie for a long time, because your teeth need a load, you need to chew something. Otherwise, it is possible the appearance of plaque and caries. Lack of solid food due to weak peristalsis will also lead to constipation.

Smoothie Recipes

Prepare a peach drink.

This drink will delight everyone with a delicate flavor.


• sugar or honey (to taste);

• two peaches;

• 200 ml of yogurt.

Making a drink

1. How to make peach smoothies? Everything is done quite simply. Peaches, wash, remove the bones, cut the flesh.

2. In a blender, fold the fruit, whisk well, then pour in the honey and yogurt. Then again, beat well.

smoothie photo

Orange and Peach Smoothies


• 200 ml of yogurt;

• one orange;

• two peaches;

• 1 tbsp. spoon of honey (liquid);

• ice (optional).


1. Wash fruit.

2. Peel orange

3. Divide it into pieces, remove bones and films.

4. Remove the bones from the peaches, cut into small pieces.

5. In a blender, beat the fruit with honey and yogurt.

Peach and Raspberry Smoothies


• one peach;

• mint leaf (it is necessary for decoration);

• half a cup of ice;

• sugar or honey (to taste);

• a glass of milk;

• half a cup of raspberry.

how to make smoothies


1. Wash the peach, remove the bone from it.

2. Wash berries well.

3. Blender send all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour it into a glass and garnish with mint leaves and raspberry berries.

Cranberry Drink

This drink is especially useful for people who have kidney problems, as it will help clean them.


• half a cup of cranberries;

• one apple;

• one cucumber;

• one pear;

• spinach (handful);

• one celery (large).


All ingredients are washed, peeled, cut and mixed in a blender.

Now consider some more recipes for smoothies from vegetables. It is possible that they will like you. For their preparation, as you understand, we will use vegetables, as well as greens (parsley, dill, etc.).

Vegetable smoothie "Bright flash"


• one beet (medium);

• one radish;

• two cloves of garlic;

• three carrots;

• parsley (big handful).


1. Wash vegetables, peel, remove the stalk.

2. Cut into small pieces.

3. Then wash the parsley, chop.

4. Blender all ingredients and blend.

Smoothies "Sicily"

This drink is very useful, it strengthens the heart, and also reduces high blood pressure. Now go to cooking.


• one glass of spinach (chopped);

• one glass of watercress;

• three or four cloves of garlic;

• two bell peppers (red);

• four sprigs of celery;

• six carrots;

• three tomatoes (large).


1. Wash the vegetables, peel off the skins, seeds.

2. Cut into pieces.

3. Wash the greens, chop.

4. In a blender, mix all the ingredients.

Now you know the recipes of vegetable smoothies. Now consider some more interesting cocktails.

"Banana in yogurt"

blender smoothie


• 200 ml of yogurt;

• one orange;

• one banana.


1. Wash the fruit.

2. Make orange juice.

3. In a blender, mix it with a banana and yogurt. As a result, you should get a thick fruit mass.

"Grapefruit with blueberries"

how to make a delicious blueberry smoothie


• 300 g carrots;

• half a cup of blueberries (frozen or fresh);

• three grapefruit.

Making a drink

1. Wash the carrots and grapefruit.

2. Make carrot and citrus juices.

3. In a blender, mix them with blueberries. As a result, you should have a thick mass.

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