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Spain is the land of kings, bullfights, sun and sea. And the capital of all this magnificence is the unsurpassed Madrid. It is the largest city in the state. Proof of this is the huge number of people in excess of three million people. The city of Madrid is known to the world for its artistic and cultural heritage. A wonderful example of this is the Prado Museum. The Spanish capital boasts a rather lively life that begins to seethe when night falls. Having arrived in this locality, a person will not immediately be delighted. Which is quite natural, because this place is not immediately liked, but it will appeal to all who get here. This situation is not surprising, since some of the sights of Madrid are, it would seem, in large buildings, but completely inconspicuous. This is where these feelings come from.sights of madrid

We start the tour

It is best to start exploring the most famous places of Madrid from its main square, the Plaza Mayor, which appeared in the early 17th century. The equestrian monument to Philip the Third serves as an ornament to the central part of the square. It was on the Plaza Mayor that all public coronations, executions, courts of the Inquisition, bullfights and various city festivals were held. Ancient three-story houses with balconies surround the square, where there are always a lot of people: souvenir dealers, tourists, cartoons, and many other persons.

Museum, known to the whole world

The most recognizable and main attraction of Madrid is, of course, the National Prado Museum. This institution is on the list of the most visited museums on the planet. Every year more than two million people come to admire the late Renaissance and New Time canvases. Prado placed on its walls an incredibly wide collection of Italian, Flemish and Spanish art. Here are the works of such geniuses as Goya, Velasquez, Rubens and other artists. At the moment, the museum has about 8600 paintings.But the area of ​​the institution is rather limited, and therefore only two thousand masterpieces can demonstrate the exposition.sights of madrid on the mapThe formation of the museum collection began during the reign of Charles V and his son Philip II. The latter admired the activities of Veronese, Titian and other great masters of the time. After the death of Philip II, the Bourbon and Habsburg dynasties only continued to replenish the collection of unsurpassed canvases.

Many of the sights of Madrid were built a long time ago. And the building of the Prado Museum is no exception. It was born in 1785. Its architect was Juan de Villanueva. The future museum was erected by order of Charles III. It was supposed to be a home for public use. But he began to work only when the Spanish throne was taken by Ferdinand VII. And it was he who turned the building into a museum.

Prado Museum Collection

It consists of the three schools mentioned above: Flemish, Spanish, and Italian. So, the first one is represented by Jan van Eyck, Jacob Jordaens, Peter Paul Rubens and other North European artists. The Spanish school of the museum is designated by such names as Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, Alonso Cano and others.In total, 4800 paintings of Spain are collected here. The Italian school consists of more than one thousand canvases by Botticelli, Titian, Fra Angelico and other artists. Also in the Prado Museum are works by masters of France, England, Holland and Germany. There are not so many of them and they are not as diverse as previous collections, but they are also of great interest to visitors.spain madrid sights

Royal Palace

The sights of Madrid are clearly marked on the map and it’s easy for a tourist to find them. For example, the Royal Palace is located at Calle de Bailén 28071 and is a place that can not be visited while staying in Spain. It is also called the Eastern Palace, and it is considered the most luxurious building in all of Europe. In addition, it is the current palace, but the royal couple does not live here. She chose more modest apartments for their habitat. But the Spanish king Juan Carlos in this very place organizes official ceremonies and high-level receptions. These include the arrival of heads of different countries of the world.

Another museum

The sights of Madrid are a huge number of museums.We already told about one of them in our article. Now it's the turn to talk about the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Until 1933, this art gallery was the largest private collection in the world. Today, the institution is the title of the State Gallery.

Thyssen-Bornemisse complements those collections of paintings that are not very well represented in the Prado Museum, which is its neighbor. The Thyssen-Bornemisza art gallery is located in the building of Villahermosa. It has three floors and is a squat house of red and white. On each floor there are lattice identical balconies. And there are constantly crowded queues wishing to visit the landmark.

And here they can look at the work of Hopper, Carpaccio, Caravaggio, Kirchner, Dürer, Van Gogh, Rubens and many other famous painters. The opening of the museum dates back to 1988, when the foundation of Baron Thyssen was map of sights in Russian

Symbol and Heart of Madrid

Buen Retiro Park and Puerta del Sol (Spain, Madrid) are attractions that delight you at first sight. The park is the place where the residents of Madrid prefer to relax.And on the square is the zero point of the city.

Park Buen Retiro is a green territory of extraordinary size. Its area is approximately 1.4 km2. Here they found shelter of incredible beauty built in the XVII-XIX centuries, unsurpassed fountains, as well as sculptures. There are also alleys with strawberry trees, a lake, playgrounds and cafes.

The area of ​​Puerta del Sol has gone through a lot of trouble during its existence. At the beginning of the XIX century, a riot broke out against Napoleon himself and the First Spanish Revolution started. And on April 14, 1931, from the balcony of one of the buildings here, they announced the proclamation of the Spanish Republic. But this is not the whole list of events witnessed by the Puerta del ​​of madrid

Sights of Madrid for children

In the capital of Spain there is something to see and where to go. But not all tourists, these places will be interesting. They cause interest and delight in adult travelers. Well, in this case, what should be done for families arriving with children? Madrid is so incredible city that there is where to have fun and the youngest connoisseurs of foreign culture.For example, Madrid (a map of sights in Russian will help to navigate) makes it possible to visit the local zoo and aquarium. This is one of the largest zoological parks on Earth. It is home to approximately two thousand very different animals. Also here are equipped with incredible beauty aquariums, dolphinarium, arboretum, amusement park and themed alleys.

Do not forget to take your children to the capital's amusement park. Fifty various entertaining installations are offered by this institution. On the streets of the park there are many different cafes in which you can relax and have a snack with something tasty. Every time there are interesting shows. Anyone can participate in them.main attraction of madrid

We do not say goodbye

It’s impossible to say goodbye to Madrid. Only goodbye. After all, you will meet with this gentleman again and again. This is a city that falls in love once and for all. And let this feeling appear after some time, but it never disappears, forcing again and again to return, albeit in memories, but where the kings once ruled, and today there is only a memory of these times.

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