Shymkent Airport: brief information

Shymkent International Airport is located on the western outskirts of the city of the same name. It is located at the intersection of air routes connecting Europe and Southeast Asia, the states of the Far and Near East. The location of this airport (which will be discussed in this article) has beneficial advantages when performing flights with and without transfers.

The history of the airport

In the thirties of the 20th century, locusts and other harmful insects brought tangible damage to Kazakhstan’s agriculture. For their liquidation in 1932 an air base was created, which includes two detachments of pilots. The history of Shymkent airport began from this time period.

The airport, the aircraft in which was delivered disassembled, was on a wasteland. Pilots who made their own assembly of aircraft fought against harmful insects in the vast expanses of Kazakhstan, China, Iran, and Mongolia. Since 1933, the crews began to transport people and mail.

When the war began with Germany, the entire flight crew of the Shymkent airport went to the front on their planes. Pilots with honor gave their debt to their native country, many of them received well-deserved awards.

The sixties marked the development of the latest technology, after receiving the IL-14 Shykment began to function around the clock.

Shymkent Airport (flights)

The airport takes more than forty direct flights daily; a large number of connecting and connecting flights are operated there. A busy schedule sometimes leads to changes in flight schedules. You can observe the constant dynamics of its updates, changes in the time of arrivals and departures.

The largest number of flights (the schedule of the Shymkent airport indicates this) occurs in the morning, and the minimum number is observed at night. In the morning, the planes take off to Moscow, Istanbul, Astana, Almaty, the aircraft land from Moscow, Almaty, Aktau.

Shymkent Airport Flights

This airport located in Kazakhstan accepts international and domestic flights. The most popular destinations from the airport are: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Istanbul, Antalya, New York and other cities.In the schedule more often than others, you can watch flights of airlines: SCAT, Bek Air, Air Astaha.

Airport infrastructure

In 2007, reconstruction work was carried out at the airport. The strip, which serves as a take-off and landing site, was improved, modern landing systems and meteorological equipment were put into operation.

The airport has one terminal capable of passing about 350 passengers per hour. Registration, waiting for the arrival of flights take place on the first floor of the main building. There are also ticket offices.

Shymkent Airport

The building of Shymkent Airport has a cozy waiting room, catering facilities, shops, kiosks where you can buy a variety of press. On its territory there is a room for passengers with children, an ambulance, luggage storage, terminals. In the immediate vicinity of the airport there is a police station, parking for cars.

How to get there

In Shymkent airport from the city of the same name really accessible by public transport. In this direction, buses, fixed-run taxis constantly ply. Often, passengers choose a faster means of transportation and reach the airport by taxi.Deciding to use the services of a taxi service, you can order a car even while in the airspace.

Shymkent Airport timetable

Shymkent International Airport currently serves more than one hundred thousand people a year. It has a full range of services to ensure the necessary safety of its passengers.

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