Shopping centers of Minsk: addresses, opening hours, reviews

If a modern person has a desire to see what the Soviet Union would look like today, then he can go to Minsk. To visit this city can and those persons who are tormented by longing for the old days. Although it will not be possible to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of those times, we will still be able to recall something.

In the Belarusian capital you will not find the queues in stores and empty shelves in department stores characteristic of the Union. Modern supermarkets and outlets operate there for a long time. People from the CIS countries often go there for shopping, because the shopping centers of Minsk will easily give odds to their European counterparts. In these institutions you can buy absolutely any goods, including souvenirs. They are built according to the latest architectural trends, and their interior sometimes makes people from America and Europe admire. Consider the most popular institutions of this kind.

Top 5 largest shopping centers in Minsk

The largest shopping centers in Minsk are:

  • "Euroopt" - an institution openly not so long ago, but already managed to catch the fancy of local residents. The city has many centers under this name, but we will mention the one located at 2. Montazhnikov Street, the area of ​​the point reaches 15 thousand square meters. The specialty of the place is its ascetic interior, hangar architecture and simple display of products. “Euroopt” works every day from nine in the morning until 11 in the evening.
  • Korona is a shopping center located on Kalvariiskaya Street, 24. Its area is 16.8 thousand square meters. There are two floors, the first of which is reserved for the food hypermarket and two pubs. And on the second floor there is a playground and a gallery of various shops. The “Crown” functions from 9:00 am to midnight daily.
  • “Galileo” - a complex with an area of ​​20.4 thousand square meters was equipped on Bobruiskaya Street 6. Under the roof of this object there is a new station, parking for five hundred cars, a shopping and entertainment center with seven floors and an administrative and office sector.The shopping center is open throughout the week from 10 am to 10 pm

shopping centers in Minsk

  • “Grad” is an institution occupying 23.7 thousand square meters and located on 123/1 Timiryazev Street. From the second to the fifth floor in the center they sell furniture, plumbing, building and finishing products and accessories. On the sixth and seventh floors are the pavilions responsible for the entertainment of guests. You can get into the “Grad” every day, except Mondays, from nine in the morning to 16 in the afternoon.
  • "Capital" - closes the top five. Its area has 25 thousand "squares". This is an underground shopping center at Independence Square, 3/2. For catering and the sale of goods allotted three floors. Visitors can get here any day of the week from 9.00 to 22.00.

rock shopping center Minsk

Complex with extraordinary exterior

Scala is a shopping center (Minsk), which is distinguished by an extraordinary exterior: according to the architectural idea, the panels located on the facade provide the structure with a view of a rocky slope. The project was created by Vilnius specialists. "Rock" during all days of the week is open from nine o'clock in the morning until 23 o'clock in the evening. In this modern center are concentrated brand stores where you can buy quality products.In the complex, you can not only “enjoy your meal”, but also have a good time with your family or friends.

“Scala” is a shopping center (Minsk), which, due to its advantageous location at the intersection of Glebka and Pritytsky streets (exact address is Pyatra Glebka, 5), provides proximity to major traffic interchanges. The area of ​​"Rocks" reaches 40 thousand square meters. There are over seven dozen stores that sell a wide variety of center castle in Minsk

Shopping lock

The shopping center "Castle" in Minsk is built on Pobediteley Avenue, 65. This is a giant building with an area of ​​39.1 thousand square meters. m has a rather original architecture. The building combines elements of a modern business center and a castle from the Middle Ages. The object belongs to businessman Pavel Topuzidis, and in 2012 he was recognized as one of the best in the Belarusian capital. The interior of the complex is a 20-meter atrium with a gable glass roof.

The shopping center "Castle" in Minsk consists of four floors. At the first, there was a Korona hypermarket, in which 40 cash desks operate, a Korona Techno supermarket, several small shops and stores.On the second and third floors there are about 150 boutiques in which you can buy stylish clothes. And the last floor imitates an ancient European street with forged benches, lanterns and facades of houses. This magnificent institution is open every day from 9.00 to center titan in Minsk

Multifunctional complex "Titan"

The shopping center "Titan" in Minsk is a multifunctional institution, the infrastructure of which includes underground parking, a business center with offices, various shops and places for recreation. In the shopping and entertainment center there are passenger elevators, escalators and an air temperature monitoring system, as well as a video surveillance system.

The shopping center “Titan” in Minsk offers Minsk residents and city guests to buy shoes, wedding supplies, yarn and handicraft items, underwear, children's products, branded men's and women's toilets and many other products. And if visitors want to relax, then among other entertainments they can visit a bowling alley or a 5D cinema. "Titan" works on Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 104, every day from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. shopping centers Minsk addresses

Europe in the center of Minsk

Every day in the period from 10.00 to 21.00 on the street Surganova, 57b, you can visit the shopping center "Europe" in Minsk. Despite the fact that the institution is not crowded, you will not find empty retail space there.The complex has three floors. On the first floor you can enter from a separate entrance. There is a jewelry store, a huge pharmacy, clothing stores and sanitary ware salons. The most spacious and large is the second tier. Cosmetics, jewelry, home clothes and linens, bags and many other things sell exactly here. Well, on the top floor they sell what is not on the previous two tiers.

Sports complex

Shopping centers of Minsk with their magnificence surprise many tourists. One of such complexes was the Arena-City at 84, Pobediteley Avenue. In the mall you can walk up to exhaustion, relax in the shade of a large tree, admire the magnificent three-story fountain, eat tasty meals in one of the local restaurants or at the food court and "poopis" in stores, some of which are cross-cutting. And all this is available daily from nine in the morning until center Europe in Minsk

He was one of the first

Some of the first shopping centers of Minsk that have opened have not lost their popularity even when the more modern “colleagues” joined them. Such a shopping center is “Impulse” on Vera Khoruchei Street, 2.Shops shop attracts mainly a huge assortment of cosmetics, accessories, jewelry and perfumes. All this can be purchased on the ground floor. And on the next two tiers of visitors waiting for at least a luxurious selection of shoes and clothing. Every day from ten to 19 hours on the territory of "Impulse" it is possible to exchange money in the local currency exchange.

Opinions of Minsk dwellers and tourists

The shopping centers of Minsk, the addresses of which we indicated in the article, are very popular among citizens and tourists. This is evidenced by multiple reviews and comments. Buyers note how thoughtful of every detail of any of the centers. Here, all employees care about their customers and try to please their desires. People also like the fact that any establishment can be easily reached either by public transport or by personal transport.

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