Shark attack on people. Causes of attack, statistics

According to preliminary data, the appearance of sharks on Earth occurred more than 400 million years ago. At that time, man was not something that did not exist, he was not even in the designs of nature, and sea predators fed on various aquatic creatures. The appearance in the water of people who differed from other living organisms with an unusual form and behavior was a surprise for sharks. Some predators were scared of them, while others caused a certain curiosity.

When people began to explore the oceans, they did not even suspect the existence of such predators, one type of which would cause terrible fear and panic. The brain, capable of thinking, of course, gave a significant superiority over such types of "weapons" as fangs, claws, teeth and muscles. Homosapiens imagined himself the highest link in the chain, the king of nature. And here in the expanses of the seas and oceans there was a meeting of man with a shark.Since then, the first horrible stories about the brutal attacks of sea "beauties" on people appeared. And there are many such stories. In humans, the shark caused hatred because it was powerless in front of huge teeth. Even his powerful thinking was not able to tell how to protect himself from the sea monster. Today we will talk about the causes of the attacks of the inhabitants of the oceans, we will study the statistics and tell you what cases of shark attacks are known.

Shark attack

Attack of formidable marine predators in past centuries

In the XIX century, beaches were rare. According to the nobles and other representatives of the noble blood, only common people could sunbathe. Representatives of a noble family protected their skin from sunlight. Before appearing on the street on a hot day, the ladies covered their faces with a veil, because at that time it was considered a bad tone to have tanned skin. Since people who were resting near the water were rarely met, only fishermen, who went to sea on their ships, observed the shark attack.

In the 20th century, the situation changed dramatically: the boundaries between social strata were erased, people became equal. The female half of humanity began to seek independence from men, wear more open outfits, not hesitating to bare some parts of the body.A huge number of people stretched to the water, which was the reason for arranging the beaches. From that moment began the talk of shark attacks.

Why are sea robbers attacking?

In the course of research conducted in the institutions of America, it was found that it was man who caused the shark attack. By abusing fishing, people significantly reduce the amount of food for predators, and in order to survive, they have to look for food near the shore, where they collide with a person.

In addition, clashes with sharks became more frequent due to the desire of tourists to go to the open sea, not paying attention to the warnings of the authorities. Swimmers and surf lovers themselves provoke attacks, because they swim into the zone of habitat of sea predators.

After analyzing the possible reasons why sharks are attacking and thinking about the very nature of a formidable predator, scientists have concluded that they simply mistake people for other creatures. But indeed, a man is so similar to a helpless, dying aquatic animal, and what we consider to be swimming is for the inhabitants of the underwater world simply clumsy floundering.Shark attack in the sea

If you look at swimming people from the depths, everyone will notice that they are very similar to marine pinnipeds. Even more seals and sea hares are reminiscent of divers, because they wear a special black wetsuit. In all likelihood, it is precisely for the seals that sharks take us, because for them the animals mentioned make up the basic diet.

Particular attention predators attract divers and divers at the moment when they float to the surface, because the attack on the pinnipeds is carried out during the climb. So sharks react to elusive prey.

Very similar to sea animals and turtles are surfers, resting on the board in anticipation of a new wave.

Where do attacks occur most often?

Shark attacks are recorded most often in the United States. The largest number of attacks was recorded in Florida, South and North Carolina, California and Hawaii. In addition to the United States of America, sharks are often found in South Africa and Australia.

Imagine that you went on vacation to one of these geographic areas and quietly relax on the beach. Which places in the water should you refrain from visiting? Sharks, as a rule, go in search of food to steep cliffs or sandy spits.If you want to swim near such places, then the risk of collision with a hungry predator, who took you for a sea lion, increases several times. So it is better not to tempt fate.

A little bit about how to attack sharks

Attacks of sea predators are provoked and unprovoked. Now let us examine in more detail, although conclusions can already be drawn from the very title. The provoked shark attack is the fault of the man himself. There are such brave scuba divers who are ready to feed a predator or touch its tail.

Unprovoked attacks are often encountered by surfers. How does this happen? A man swims on a blackboard, and suddenly a sea predator swims towards him, grabs his leg and drags him under water. This is exactly the situation that was taken as the plot of the film “Jaws”. What is the reason shark attack in the sea? In all likelihood, they do it not for the sake of food. People are not very suitable food for sharks, because the human body does not have the necessary fat for sea monsters, and without it they will not be able to energize their bodies, which are of enormous size. Most likely, predators so find out what you are.Many animals, checking the object, examine it, sniff it, while sharks bite off some of it. This sounds, of course, terribly, but Mother Nature has so ordered.White Shark Attack

Unprovoked attacks can occur under different scenarios, which we now recognize.

  • Often, shark attacks on people are based on the “attack and run” principle. Such attacks are most often observed in surfer zones. Here, swimmers turn into an easy target for a killer shark. The predator does not fall into the field of view of the victim, the person will feel its closeness only when sharp teeth are stuck into his body. If a shark acts in such a scenario, then it will bite once and swim away. However, this is enough to cripple the victim.
  • Why do sea predators do this? In this way, they just found out what kind of creature is floundering in the water. The chances of staying alive with such an attack are not bad, but only if vital organs were not affected and damaged, and medical assistance was provided in a timely manner.
  • Blow followed by a bite. In this situation, the predator will first appear to the victim and only then will begin to attack. The attack of sharks in this scenario begins with the fact that the sea monster is circling around its victim, several times hitting it with its nose.So she warns the unfortunate of further trouble.
  • When the shark gets tired of scaring, it will begin to attack, and repeatedly. As a result of such an attack, serious injuries cannot be avoided, well, if you can survive at all. As a rule, sharks are attacked according to the principle: a blow and a bite at a sufficient depth, although cases were also recorded near the shore.
  • Unexpected offensive. The victim will not see the shark until it starts to attack. But, unlike the principle of "bite and flight", the predator will tear the swimmer's body until it kills.

Shark attack in Sharm el-Sheikh

What sharks attack humans?

In total there are more than 360 species of sea predators, of which only 20 attack people. However, only 4 were seen in unprovoked attacks on humans, which ended in fatal outcome. Now it's time to get acquainted with this bloody four, to continue to know who to watch out for in the water first:

  • White shark;
  • tiger;
  • reef;
  • bovine, or stupid.

The attack of the white shark is considered the most terrible and dangerous. This species lives in the open waters of the oceans, the only exception is the Arctic. The white shark belongs to one of the largest species of predatory fish.The length of an adult individual reaches 5 meters, and weighs about two tons. This monster is known to all who watched the movie "Jaws".

How do sharks attack humans?

These sea beauties can be attacked by both one person and a group of people. The crowd does not frighten them at all.

People may try to hit the fish, push them away from the prey, but all this is ineffectual, because sharks are characterized by such qualities as stubbornness or perseverance. Choosing an object to attack, she will not retreat. It is possible that, biting the first victim, the predator will switch to someone else.Killer shark

Experts are constantly exploring the behavior of sharks, analyze all attacks, but still can detect some pattern in their actions. The character of these toothy monsters is unpredictable, each new attack is special. It is for this reason that no one can say exactly how to behave when meeting with a shark. Quite often, predators appear not far from ordinary beaches that stretch along the coast. They turn up in these places suddenly and unexpectedly. After the attack, they float away, not returning here for a long time, up to several years.

Shark Attack World Statistics

The international organization ISAF is engaged in the collection and analysis of information about the attacks of sharks on people. In 2006, 96 attacks were investigated in detail.

Unprovoked shark attacks were identified in the areas set aside for diving, exploration of the underwater world, in addition, people who cleaned the coastal waters got into unpleasant situations. Most often the victims of sharks are diving swimmers. Statistics for 2006 is as follows:

  • 62 unprovoked attacks;
  • 16 provoked attacks;
  • 5 attacks on ships;
  • 9 attacks in which the exact involvement of sharks is not established;
  • two cases not counted as an attack;
  • 2 attacks on cleaners.

In 2006, sharks as prey were mainly chosen by surfers and windsurfers (42%), underwater hunters (34%) and divers (8%).

Shark attack on people

Shark attack in egypt

Sea predators have always inhabited the expanses of water in this country, but conversations about them began only in 2004. Cases of attacks in the south of the Sinai Peninsula have been widely publicized. The shark attack in Sharm el-Sheikh happened in 2010. Tourists have long been fond of this comfortable town on the Red Sea coast, consisting of several bays. It was here that the inhabitants of Russia, France and Germany suffered from toothy monsters.People with their frivolous actions themselves provoke sharks to attack. Very often, you can see how tourists feed predators, throwing food from the ship.

Incidents with nonresident campers were recorded not far from Sharm el-Sheikh, with a difference of only a few days: they attacked sharks during snorkeling. According to reports, three Russian citizens and one Ukrainian were injured, and the German woman died. Already then it was decided to close the coast for preventive purposes. Previously, nothing of the kind happened, after the tragedy a panic arose, which did not subside for quite a long time.

The shark attack in Egypt resumed after 5 years. Then a 50-year-old woman came to attack, having come to rest from France. She submerged under the water with an aqualung. Shark wounds caused death.

After a German tourist suffered in Hurghada in 2015, travelers began to find out how often sharks attacked people in Egypt. And what data could be collected.

Shark attack statistics

Date year

A place



Mediterranean Sea



Marsa Matruh



Suez Bay






Red sea



Sharm el sheikh




2 cases, 1 fatal


Park Ras Mohamed



Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab

3 attacks, 1 death


Reef dedalus



Reefs Elfinston and Dedalus



Reef st. Johns

2 attacks without fatal outcome


Sharm el sheikh

8 attacks, one of which ended in death


El kuiser


Shark attacks on humans are not uncommon today. Take, for example, Egypt. Since 1899 more than a dozen attacks have been recorded here. However, there are places on Earth where sharks attack more often.

Are there any sea predators in Turkey?

Turkish beaches have become one of the most popular and favorite vacation spots for residents of Russia. However, the widespread rumors that sharks are appearing on the coast of Turkey and attacking people, many make you wonder whether it is worth going on vacation to this beautiful country. Perhaps no normal person would want to verify the presence of sea monsters at the cost of his life. But if you firmly decided to visit Turkey, it would not hurt to get acquainted with some information.

In fact, killer sharks really live in the seas adjacent to this hospitable country.A completely different question: where in Turkey can one encounter a sea predator? The fact is that this type of fish prefers the silence of the sea, therefore, near the beaches, where there is a lot of rest, they, as a rule, do not exist. Thus, sharks swim to shore in Turkey very rarely. It is also worth noting that cruel beauties cannot live all year round in the sea waters of this country, they only migrate to find food, and people are not included in their diet.

Nevertheless, the shark attack in Turkey was recorded in one of the resort cities - Antalya. Then a resident of Chelyabinsk suffered, who decided to spend her vacation on the Turkish coast. Russian woman lost hands on both hands. Over the past decade, this case was the only one, but the reputation of the resorts in Turkey has been seriously undermined. How did it all happen?

A 27-year-old resident of Russia, together with her husband, decided to rest on her honeymoon in a 5-star hotel in Antalya. Comfortably seated in a lounge chair that was located on the pier, the woman simply lowered one hand down. She lost her brush after being bitten by a shark that suddenly jumped out of the water.The girl was so shocked by what was happening that she didn’t understand what she was doing - the only way to explain the fact that the victim rushed after the predator sailing under the pier. After the second attack, the tourist lost her second hand.

In the Mediterranean, one shark attack is recorded about once every 3 years, and, fortunately, not all of them are fatal. The chances of drowning are much greater than the death from the huge sharp teeth of a predator.

Shark attack in turkey

Do sharks attack today?

Currently the situation has not changed. Predators still attack people, and attacks are recorded not in open waters, but near the coast. According to statistics, in 50% of cases sharks fought with a man in shallow water, where the depth did not exceed 1.5 meters. People, entering the water on the chest, can become a victim of a predator, rapidly, but imperceptibly swimming up. As a rule, the shark attacks, and then hides. Repeated attacks are extremely rare.

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