Sergey Pavlov: biography and creativity

Many believe that it is impossible to achieve success without large capital. Sergei Pavlov is not the first year to refute this assertion. He writes albums for his money and sells them at a symbolic price. In addition, this singer often receives offers from clubs and concert halls, where Chuvash pop stars perform. He chose a rather conservative direction of creativity, and this brought him success.

Family and Biography

Sergey PavlovSergei Pavlov was born in the Yalchik district, where he successfully graduated from school and received his first musical skills. After graduation, he went to Cheboksary, where he successfully overcame the entrance examinations of the music school. After receiving the profession, he became a cultural worker and gave Cheboksary TYuZ for 16 years.

As for the personal life, it has developed successfully for the singer. Sergey Pavlov is the happy father of Marina’s adult daughter, who often performs on the same stage with him. The girl shares the views of her father and promotes Chuvash songs. The artist’s wife is an excellent organizer - she agrees on solo and international concerts.The singer himself is not engaged in administration, as he is completely immersed in creativity.


Sergey Pavlov burns a candleOne of the most popular songs that Sergei Pavlov has released is Candle Light. She glorified him not only among music lovers. About this composition, one of the few posted on the Internet, is known today not only by people who worship the Chuvash variety art. Perhaps, thanks to this particular track, Sergey Pavlov will soon be on the big stage or will be in the rotation of music channels.
For today the singer has released only three albums in which he sings love and beauty. His songs are understandable and soulful. They are suitable for a feast, and for a long journey. Many fans listen to Sergey's tracks in the car, since it is on the way that they can be alone with their thoughts and listen to beautiful music. Sergey's hits recorded on discs can be purchased after concerts.

Where performer concerts are held

Sergey Pavlov songsToday, the singer has prepared an extensive concert program that allows him to give solo performances and participate in festivals. He is not one of the most recognizable performers in Russia, but often collects fairly large halls.This contributes to the Chuvash fraternity.

Often he visits Cheboksary, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the capital cities there are a lot of businessmen and officials from Chuvashia who promote their own culture. An indispensable participant of the majority of concerts of the Chuvash variety is Sergey Pavlov. His songs become the best advertising for performances.

In order not to miss Sergey’s performance in Chuvashia or at the metropolitan venues, it is worth keeping in touch with fellow countrymen or joining one of the thematic communities in social networks. Be sure to take money with you to the concert, because after the performance of Sergey you will not remain indifferent, you will definitely want to get a CD with his songs. It is recorded on professional equipment in Cheboksary. The recording takes a significant part of Sergey's fees, the second part he spends on concert costumes.

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Sergey Pavlov: biography and creativity 43

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Sergey Pavlov: biography and creativity 8

Sergey Pavlov: biography and creativity 43

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