Sergey Mikhalkov: biography and personal life

Perhaps there is no person in Russia who would not know Mikhalkov. This outstanding writer was born at the beginning of the last century. At that time, our country was called the Russian Empire. Since then, Sergei Mikhalkov has gone a long way. The writer died in 2009. He was 96 years old.

Representative of a noble family

Sergei Mikhalkov, whose biography can serve as an example of a long career, was born in a noble family. He is a direct descendant of the princes Golitsyn, Ukhtomsky and other famous noble families.

Why, after the revolution of 1917, the Mikhalkovs family did not go abroad, but stayed in Russia? The writer says so. Father Vladimir Alexandrovich, a lawyer by education, decided to serve the people under the new government of the Bolsheviks. He turned into a poultry farmer and even published a number of books on his new specialty. However, despite the fact that Mikhalkov Sr. found his place in the Soviet country, the family was forced to move from Moscow to Pyatigorsk.Former nobles should not have been too close to the center of power.Sergey Mikhalkov biography

Elementary education

Sergei Mikhalkov, whose biography is inextricably linked with the formation of the Soviet Union, was very fond of and respected his mother, Olga Mikhailovna. My father mastered the new profession, and on the shoulders of the mother lay care of the family. The times were hard. Not enough food, clothes. Olga Mikhailovna economically led the household, taking care of the upbringing of her three sons - Sergey, Alexander and Mikhail.

Primary education the future writer received at home. Sergey Mikhalkov, whose biography is eventful, under the guidance of a German governess and a village priest, studied mathematics, history, geography, languages ​​and much more. Mikhalkovs lived in the suburbs, the school was far away. It was thanks to his home education that the writer knew German perfectly and spoke it fluently.

Creative vocation

Sergey Mikhalkov went to the usual Soviet school much later than his peers. It was not easy for a boy brought up at home to make friends. Besides, Seryozha stuttered. The future writer was helped by a wonderful sense of humor. Cheerful character more than once rescued him.

Sergei Mikhalkov, whose biography is interesting to all lovers of literature, soon realized his vocation. In childhood, he began to write poetry. The father showed his son’s poetic experiences to the famous poet Alexander Bezymensky. The master of the word noted the unconditional talent of the young poet. When Sergey was fourteen years old, the family moved to Pyatigorsk.Mikhalkov Sergey Biography

Thorny beginning of the road

Mikhalkov began to print very early - he was not yet twenty years old. Around the same time, the writer returns to Moscow. The father supported the aspiration of his son to become a poet.

Independent life in the capital was not easy. However, at this time, features of the future Soviet genius by the name of Mikhalkov were outlined. Sergey Vladimirovich, whose biography is full of adventures, could not immediately provide for himself with the help of literary work. So he got a job at the factory. Over the next few years, the writer worked in various places, particularly in geological exploration. However, he never stopped on the way to the goal.

First successes

Recognition of poetic talent was not long in coming. In the early thirties Mikhalkov's poems appear on the pages of central publications.The writer gets a job in the newspaper "Izvestia". This is evidenced by the biography of Mikhalkov. Sergey Vladimirovich took literary Moscow. His friend becomes a wonderful Soviet writer Leo Kassil.

Mikhalkov tried very hard to bring his poems to the children's audience. At that time, poetic compositions were often heard on the radio. One of the leading masters of reading children's poetry was actress Rina Zelenaya. The young writer found the opportunity to meet her and pass on a notebook with his experiences. The actress was delighted with his work. So Soviet children heard Sergey Vladimirovich’s poems. At the same time, Stalin met his work.Biography of Mikhalkov Sergey Vladimirovich


Sergei Mikhalkov, whose brief biography is described in many literary publications, became famous at the age of twenty-two. The great popularity of the young man brought the poem "Uncle Stepa". This fun and witty essay appealed to Marshak himself, the main children's writer of that time. It was Samuil Yakovlevich who opened Mikhalkov the main secret of poetry for kids. It must be genuine art - lyrical and sincere.But a real children's author can only be a person who, to old age, has retained a serious attitude to the game.

A brief biography of Sergei Mikhalkov will be of interest to the children, the main readers of his books. Uncle Styopa has been a favorite character of children for decades. This character is somewhat reminiscent of epic heroes. He is unusually tall, has fabulous power. In addition, Uncle Styopa - a man of incredible kindness. He is always ready to help not only people, but also animals. Therefore, everyone loves Uncle Stepa.

Drawing true pictures of children's life, Mikhalkov not only entertains, but also brings up kids. And he does it without the slightest precept. Today, not everyone knows that the famous poem "Uncle Stepa" was first published in 1935. Modern parents read it to their growing children. Great writings are relevant in all eras.Sergey Mikhalkov brief biography

Family happiness

In the mid-thirties, Mikhalkov, at the height of his fame, celebrates another happy event. He marries Natalia Konchalovsky. The bride was ten years older than the groom, so her family did not react favorably to this marriage.Natalya Petrovna respected the opinion of her relatives. Her father was a famous artist Konchalovsky, and his grandfather on the mother’s side was the great Russian painter Surikov. However, Natalya Petrovna, who had a daughter from her first marriage, decided on a new marriage.

The children of Sergei Mikhalkov, whose biography resembles the life course of their father, always spoke of their mother with deep respect. Natalya Petrovna had a pre-revolutionary upbringing, a European education and was the main critic of her husband’s poems. In 1937, the son Andrei was born in the family.

short biography of Sergey Mikhalkov

The author of the anthem of the Soviet Union

With the beginning of the war in the life of Mikhalkov opens a new page. He goes to the front as a correspondent. For many months the writer lived among the soldiers on the front line. During the war years, Mikhalkov took part in a competition to create a hymn. Sergey Vladimirovich sent his text for familiarization to the composer Dmitry Shostakovich. Mikhalkov did not hope to win the competition, because he was a children's poet. The writer continued his difficult work at the front. However, he was unexpectedly summoned to Moscow. Stalin chose the text of Mikhalkov for the anthem.

Satirist, fabulist, editor and playwright

At the end of the war, the second son of Sergey Vladimirovich was born. He was named Nikita. And again, an important event in family life coincides with a creative milestone. The writer Alexey Tolstoy advises Mikhalkov to try his hand at adult poetry. Sergey Vladimirovich chose the genre associated with laughter. After all, humor always helped out in life. So Mikhalkov became a fabulist. In this hypostasis, he waited for a resounding success.Sergey Mikhalkov brief biography

Sergey Vladimirovich is considered the “father” of the Soviet film period. He was the chief editor of the wicked satirical magazine, which was shown on television screens. Mikhalkov never rested on his laurels. He always looked for new ways in art. Having tried his hand as an editor of a newsreel, Sergey Vladimirovich becomes a playwright. His children's plays with great success were put on many stages of the country.children Sergey Mikhalkov biography

Natalia Konchalovskaya died in 1988. After almost ten years, Mikhalkov married Yulia Subbotina. The writer deeply understood child psychology. It is no coincidence that his books today are loved by kids. The sons of Sergei Vladimirovich Andrei and Nikita became outstanding directors of our time.

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